Monday, July 8, 2013

Jill Krementz covers Tom Dash at Mark Borghi Fine Art

The Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery has been in Bridgehampton for eight years and in the current location for 5 years. It used to be located down the street.
One Night Stand Forever
Tom Dash at Mark Borghi Fine Art
2426 Main Street, Bridgehampton
July 5-July 25th, 2012

Tom Dash (b.1975) is an artist whose work reflects contemporary themes working with pop iconography, mainly in post-production painting, photography, sculpture, murals, and installation.

Hollywood Babylon (Pink), 2013 by Tom Dash; Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas.
While in high school, Dash was accepted in a summer art programs at the Rhode Island School of Design and he subsequently took classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Since 1998 Dash has had numerous solo and group shows throughout the country. He has also exhibited his work at a gallery he created, the Dos Mil Gallery in Portland Oregon, where he lived for several years. Following an affiliation with Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, which also produced group shows, Tom was invited in 2003 to be part of a group show at the Art Center in Pasadena, California.

In 2004 Dash returned to Long Island where he where now lives and works in Greenport. The East End artist has historically been involved in the art community, both in promoting his own work and collaborating with others. 

For seven years (2005-2011) Dash was a lead assistant and fabricator for Richard Prince and it was during this tenure that he developed his skills in contemporary art.  Like his mentor, he uses a variety of techniques and a wide array of materials to comment on societal issues, music, and popular cultural themes.

This is the artist's first solo show. The exhibition shifts Wednesday, July 10 to ArtHamptons, then back to the gallery for the next two weeks.
Front desk with gallery invitation and the arts section of The Southampton Press featuring a full-page ad announcing Tom Dash's exhibition.
I dropped by the gallery in the morning while the work was being installed by Mark Borghi's assistants, Sarah Kennedy and Diego Chalaco.
Sarah Kennedy ran next door to Thayer's Hardware & Patio and bought every picture hook in stock.

Behind her is Hollywood Babylon (Red), 2013.
Chloe Berkowitz, Gallery Assistant at Mark Borghi Fine Art. Chloe fills in on Sarah's
day off.
Diego Chalaco adjusts the hanging wires on which the work will be suspended.
Mark and Sarah start hanging.
The Opening Night reception was at 6 PM.
Exhibiting artist Tom Dash was the first to arrive.

On the wall behind him is Awesomer, 2013; Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas.
Proud mother, Sheila Abrams, with her son Tom.
The artist and his mother greet friends (left to right): Anna Hagen, Jennifer McLauchlen (wearing the short red skirt), and Jennifer's husband Christian Ragnarsson (dark glasses), a builder, are Tom's close friends.
Mark Borghi standing in front of his gallery opening night.
Sarah Kennedy: "This is my third year working with Mark. I graduated from Pratt Institute with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Art History in 2009."
Ashley Goeller is the daughter of Tom and Sharon — Tom Dash's half sister.

On the wall: Race for the Prize (Black Flag), 2013.
Ashley Goeller, 20, with her girlfriend, Lola Martinez, also 20. They are BFA students at Parsons Fine Arts where they are going into their junior year. Ashley is concentrating on painting and drawing; Lola on video, photography, and performance.
Proud parents.
Tom and Sharon Goeller. Mr. Goeller is Tom Dash's father and he is now married to Sharon. Mrs. Goeller is a fabric artist and a teacher at BOCES. Mr. Goeller is a house painter (contractor).
Miss World (Pink)
Miss World (Red)
Miss World (Blue)

Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas
Untitled, 2013
Mixed media on paper
Detail of Untitled, 2013
Mixed media on paper
Four digital C prints:

Top left: Wish Fulfillment, 2013; Right: Bull in the Heather, 2013

Bottom Left: Born in the USA, 2013; Right: Kick Out the Jams, 2013
Miss World (Blue), 2013
Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas
Billy Martin, a musician and an artist, with his girlfriend Kristina Majdisova, who is from Slovakia. She works in a coffee shop in Shelter Island where they met. "He likes his coffee with a side of soy."

Mr. Martin and his punk rock band, Weird and Pissed Off, play all over Manhattan and in Brooklyn.
Untitled, 2013
Mixed media on canvas
Mickey, 2013
Acrylic and silkscreen on T-shirt
Chanel No. 5, 2013
Acrylic, silkscreen and resin on birch plywood
Tom with Hollywood Babylon (Pink), 2013
Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas
Sarah Kennedy and Tom Goeller. A Peconic Seabreeze.
Sonia Koncelik is six years old.
Sonia, up close, and with her younger sister, Anya, and little brother Jesse (eight and a half months). Their mother Anna Hagen (from the Czech Republic) is a hair stylist at Xavier Salon in Sag Harbor.

Anna and her husband own two of Dash's paintings.
Anya and Jesse. Sonia, Anya, Jesse, and Anna.
Anna Hagen with son Jesse, Jennifer McLauchlen, Christian Ragnarsson, Tom Dash, and Sheila Abrams.
Artist Steve Miller who lives in Sagaponack does collaborative projects with scientists. His most recent work "X-raying the Amazon" opens in Rio on July 13th.

Another show, "Crossing the Line," will be on view at Washington D.C.'s National Academy of Sciences from August 5th, 2013 to January 13, 2014.

Mr. Miller lives in Sagaponack "on the railroad tracks."
Tracie Sullivan teaches at The Hampton's Gym Court and manages Little Red in South Hampton. Little Red is where Sarah's Fiance, Andy Drake, bartends. Sarah and Andy will be married in October. Sandy and Linn Rosen. Sandy is a bankruptcy lawyer.
Linn is the Founder of Culture For One, a non-profit that provides access to the arts for NYC children living in foster care.
Linn Rosen shows me a photograph of one of the dozen children she and her husband have taken into foster care until they were placed for adoption by the birth mother.
Sophia Bastian is a great singer who will be performing with her band at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett.

Switching instantaneously from blues to reggae to jazz, Ms. Bastian has been hailed as "a genre all of her own."
Gallerist Mark Borghi with artist Tom Dash.
Tom's tattoo celebrates the Mexican Day of the Dead and his skateboarding crew. It honors his friend and fellow skateboarder, who died when he was 38.
Cristina Mele and Marisa Borghi.

Cristina, who lives in NYC, is an Interaction Designer at Bloomberg. She is the older sister of Marisa.

Marisa Borghi, Mark's wife, owns Joan Marie, a high-end shoe store a few doors down from her husband's gallery.

"We carry a mix of smaller brands from New York, Spain and Italy, shoes not carried by major department stores. It's our third summer."
The artist with his best friend, esthetician Gabrielle Fisher (fancy word for skin care specialist). Ms. Fisher is the lead therapist at "Naturapathico" in East Hampton.

"We've known each other since we started going to beach parties in Sagaponack. No, I don't give Tom facials, but I supply him with products."
In the back room: A work by Richard Prince, Tom Dash's mentor.
Double Army, 2013
Mixed media on canvas
Charlie Corwin, movie and TV producer, purchased Double Army.

Mr. Corwin's many films include two of my favorites, "The Squid and the Whale" and "Half Nelson." As for his more than 20 TV series, I was familiar with most of them: "Ink Master" for Spike TV, "Swamp People" on History, "Comic Book Men" on AMC, "Storm Chasers" for Discover, and "The Rachel Zoe Project" on Bravo.
Mr. Corwin with his wife Olivia Corwin, creative director of the fashion company Porcelain, and their 4-year-old son Dash ... obviously "A Very Young Ink Master" as you can see from the teardrop he created under his father's right eye.
Pin Up, 2013
Digital C print
Joe Glorioso and Rosa Perez from East Hampton caterer Cynthia Battaglia.

When I got home my pockets were full of little cocktail napkins so there was no denying how many hors d'oeuvres I found irresistible. OMG ... here goes:

Shrimp salad in croustade with dill garnish ... seared tuna on cucumber with wasabi caviar ... seared sirloin on garlic toast with horseradish cream and chive garnish ... chicken quesadilla with caramelized chipotle onions and avocado mash ... pulled pork open-faced sandwich with spicy BBQ sauce ... goat cheese tartlet with oven roasted tomato and olive with basil.
Mark Borghi and Tom Dash.
End of evening and the gallery has emptied out.
Gallery entrance as night falls.
9 PM: the artist's friends outside on the sidewalk coordinating a dinner plan. Tripoli Patterson owns Tripoli Gallery in Southampton where he is showing Lola Montes Schnabel, Vahakn Arsianian, and Dominique Rousserie. Mr. Patterson has been working with Lola for 8 years.

Detail of the Tom Dash painting in the gallery window explains the gallerist's peace symbol.
Sabra Moon Elliot is an abstract artist who shows at Ille Arts in Amagansett. Nick Cohen is a fabricator who has a studio in Sagaponack. Sculptor Kurt Gumaer, 32, (from Kentucky) also shows at Ille Arts. Mr. Gumaer, who works mostly in wood and concrete, recently sold one of his pieces to playwright and Montauk resident Edward Albee.
One last photograph as a very happy artist heads off to Sagaponack's Townline BBQ with Tripoli Patterson and Sophia Bastian.

The Sagaponack restaurant created by Executive Chef Joseph Realmuto is all the rage.

Meantime, we can all be happy that Tom Dash has dropped anchor at Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery for most of July.
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