Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LIZ SMITH: Tuesday Tsunami ...

“I’ve been a broad all my life, and now I’m a Dame!”
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
by Liz Smith

Tuesday Tsunami: Dame Angelina ... The Sandals of Diane Keaton ... The Golden Age of the Stewardess ... Peter Dinklage Survives ... Nobody's Happy For Gwyneth Paltrow ... Kardashians Crash? (Fingers Crossed.)

“I LOVE how I look!”

That’s Willem Dafoe answering Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire query: “What do you dislike most about your appearance?”
Angelina is no stranger to titles. Here she is as as Queen Olympias in "Alexander."
THERE IS nothing like a dame, and there is nothing like Angelina Jolie, who has now been named an Honorary Dame of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. This is in recognition for Jolie’s incredible humanitarian work over the past decade.

Because Angie is not British-born, she cannot use the title of Dame — she’ll just know she is one. Not that I think Miss Jolie would use the title even if she could. Quite a few Brits, such as Maggie Smith and Judi Dench tend not to “Dame it up” in their screen credits or when being introduced at an event. (I notice most of the men who have been knighted by QE2 do use their title. We’ll see if Daniel Day Lewis, now Sir Daniel, will join that pack.)

Elizabeth Taylor somewhat insisted on it, after she was made a Dame. It’s virtually the only pretentious affectation I ever knew her to have. But by that time her health was in drastic decline and she rarely appeared for anything other than AIDS benefits.

It gave her a little boost. And also, it was always an excuse for her to cackle. “I’ve been a broad all my life, and now I’m a Dame!”

Anyway, she never liked Miss Elizabeth Taylor. She always preferred to be a “Mrs.”
Diane Keaton — footloose and fancy-free.
HERE’S A tidbit from of our constant readers:

“One afternoon in 2002, I’d been in Barneys (Beverly Hills) for quite some time and sat down for a moment. I was tired, hungry, thirsty and didn’t realize I’d inadvertently drifted into the women’s shoe department.

“The woman sitting next to me was trying on a very complicated pair of shoes (I think Roman sandals with endless straps all the way up to the knees.) When she said, exasperatedly, ‘Oh, how do these go on?’ I recognized the voice at once.

Diane Keaton spoke to me for half an hour about ‘Annie Hall,’ ‘The Godfather,’ and comedy writing. While she spoke, I was transfixed; almost afraid to say a word for fear that she would stop talking. I could have listened to her talk for decades. Certainly Ms. Keaton meets thousands of people. I’m not sure she would remember that day in Barneys. I will never forget it.”

So, this reminds me, read Diane’s new book, “Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty” from Random House. It’s a knock-out, like Diane Keaton herself. But still her first book, “Then Again” was a beginner’s hit out of the ballpark!
ALISON Martino — we wrote recently about her terrific interview with “Sunset Boulevard” star Nancy Olson — has uncovered much Los Angeles history through her website, “Vintage Los Angeles.”

Incidentally, her mom Judi is a former American Airlines flight attendant and runs a FB site of her own, called "Stewardesses of the 1960s and '70s," which has more than 4,000 members. Many of them are stewardesses from that golden age of air travel who tell stories of their training, keep up with their class buddies and more.
AND LET’S toot the horn of Vincent Paterno, he runs a website called “Carole & Co." It focuses on the great screen star Carole Lombard, her life and times and people she knew and worked with as well as classic Hollywood in general. The website celebrated its seventh anniversary last week. Their latest entry was their 2,700th! I invite all of you to check this out here.
RIOTS WERE avoided when “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage escaped his dreadful father and sister with his head still firmly attached to his shoulders in the season finale of the HBO series. (He exacted fearsome revenge on at least two of the people who had done him wrong, and fans mostly concur he was within his rights.)

The epic battle between Brienne and The Hound!
Dinklage was brilliant throughout a somewhat meandering season but the 66 minute finale was satisfying for all but the pickiest — those who know the books and hate any variation.

(Dinklage is a shoo-in for a second Emmy nomination.)

The best part was an epic battle between Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and The Hound (Rory McCann). Brienne came away the victor and that’s real Girl Power; forget Lena Dunham’s “brave” nudity!

So, now the long wait for season Five of “GOT.” Ah, but there’ll be the final season of “True Blood” and the continuation of “Masters of Sex” to occupy those who haunt the cable stations.
GWYNETH PALTROW and Chris Martin might be “consciously coupling” after “uncoupling” some months back (although they have never lived apart.) Naturally, two people with children trying to make a ten year marriage work have enraged the Internet. How dare Miss Paltrow find happiness? It’s the rack and thumbscrews for her. Hey, water has feelings, and so does Gwynie! (Yes, Paltrow says water has feelings. And still she wonders why ...?)
MAYBE WE are not doomed. Ratings for the Kardashian un-reality series have tanked recently. You know what this means? Kim and Kanye have to separate. In a nightclub. In front of the paparazzi. Ratings will soar.

Oh, dear. We’re still doomed!

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