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Bewitchingly Dezia: July 2015

Bewitchingly Dezia: July 2015

I met Dezia Restivo back in the late 70s just before I was making a major move in my life out to Los Angeles. I was told that she read the tarot and did numerology as well. If it should sound like I have knowledge of such: I didn't and I don't.

Numerologist Dezia Restivo.
Some friends of mine had given me a "reading" by Dezia as a going-away present. I went to her apartment on the appointed day with no expectations. Dezia is a diminutive lady with a jolly personality and an easy charm. We sat down immediately face to face across a small table, and she shuffled a deck of cards, spread them out in a row face down and told me to pick out five and hand them over to her. Which I did.

Then she began talking to me about myself in a very casual way. She did know I was making this major move out West. She began with comments about my likes and dislikes, as if she knew me. Then she said:

"You're going to meet a royal lady who wears rose-colored glasses and has houses on three oceans ..."

Perfect: "You're going to meet ..." in this strange land I was headed to. Frankly, I can't remember much more of that reading, although she taped it so I could listen again later (I never did). I remembered the bit about the lady with rose-colored glasses and houses on three oceans because it sounded like a scene from a novel. I don't recall her telling me much more about it except to comment that "she'll be very good for you."

Soon after I moved to Los Angeles and began a new life-changing adventure. I forgot about Dezia's reading entirely until one night several months later, I was invited to a cocktail party in Beverly Hills at the home of a woman named Lady Sarah Churchill.

Lady Sarah Churchill, the "royal lady who wears rose-colored glasses and has houses on three oceans." This photo was taken about a year before Sarah died.
When I arrived she was standing by the door greeting people as they entered. I'm not sure if Dezia's "prediction" occurred to me at that moment (probably not) although I can still remember our first encounter vividly: Lady Sarah who was a tall, imposing woman. She was wearing rose-tinted glasses as was often her habit I later learned; and over her shoulder, in the distance, I could see the Pacific Ocean.

I later learned that Sarah (who was not royal although she was the daughter of a Duke) did indeed own three houses overlooking two other oceans as well as the Pacific – the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Indeed that casual meeting, as casual as Dezia's delivery, was the beginning of a very important friendship in my life that also had a profound effect on my career.

When I returned to New York in late 1992, I learned that Dezia wrote a numerological column in Quest magazine where I started the New York Social Diary. Recently we ran into each other at a reception and I asked her if she'd be interested in doing something for NYSD readers. Today is her first monthly contribution.
Each month we bring you this alternative to the more traditional horoscope. In our version, numerological predictions are arrived at through your “key number,” which is computed with the month and day of your birth. This number never alters. The number establishes your “eccentric angle,” which reveals how you operate in the world.

To arrive at your “key number,” add each digit of the month and the day of your birth; this gives you your number unless it comes to more than 9. If this is the case, add the two remaining digits together. This is now your number. For example, if you were born on November 17th, then add the following digits: 11 and 17 (1+1+1+7=10). Because 10 must be reduced to arrive at one digit add 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore your “key number” would be 1.


1 People: All month could find you walking a LITTLE DEPRESSED. Early mornings will not be the best, and there is an undercurrent of bewilderment about your life at this juncture. Don’t add fuel to the fire; sidestep arguments and avoid being stubborn. If you are in the throes of an unrequited love affair, make a supreme effort to forget it. If there is any vestige of hope, and be honest with yourself here, you can make it a little less one-sided by being quiet and tactful and oozing confidence.

Certainly don't bring things to a head, as regrets are likely to be the only thing gained, unless, of course, you want out of it. If your tongue has a tendency to run away with you, avoid situations where waffling it becomes irresistible. A vacation would be ideal. Check all the small print in legal affairs. Try and get out more towards the end of the month; seek out those you are compatible with.

2 People: If you are all SIGHING WITH RELIEF after the difficulties of last month you can now get off to a great star with the power on your side. An ideal time to cement business deals or relationship. Check finances and you could be pleasantly surprised. The social aspect is highlighted. Increased freedom in the areas of health and finance can be gained by mixing business and pleasure.

In many ways a very encouraging month, presenting new opportunities in unexpected directions, and bringing to ahead projects that have been under way for the last few months. Put your best foot forward and summon all your logic and authority. Don’t under estimate yourself; others will be only too ready to do it for you. If traveling, you may find the phone brings helpful information. Look the part, as you will be noticed. Romantically you are on the top of the pile.

3 People: This is the month to DOT THE I’S AND CROSS THE T’S of your life, especially on matters initiated last month. A time when you encounter people from your past. If it happens to be a romantic resurgence play it safe, and sprinkle the affair with a generous dose of salt until this old flame proves they are not going to just fizzle out on you again.

Try to be thorough and serious when dealing with aspects that may not be a whole barrel of laughs. Letters written now will be memorable epistles. Attend to all health matters during the second week, and do take stock of that increasingly stocky profile you are sporting.

Rewards are forthcoming and great dividends can be received from past efforts. In the last part of the month things flow freely again; you can be both idealistic and practical. The wise will work and play hard.

4 People: This is the time to TAKE ACTION. The male of the species plays a leading role in all of your lives. Although your thoughts may be on distant climes, and you could get there briefly, don’t stir too far from the obligations at hand. A little bit of pushing will go a long way. Make arrangements that enable you to handle all affairs more efficiently. Take the plunge and start something brand new.

There is no doubt that opportunity will be knocking on your door, but do get up to greet it; no sitting in a heap, please. Don’t overdo it however; it’s a time also to get out and about. Those eligible single people among you find yourselves with at least one admirer. Those involved in relationships find life getting fuller again after a minor-slump. In your career you should be enjoying yourself and counting your lucky stars. Follow that desire to get on but remember that there are places where even angels fear to tread.

5 People: If you overstepped the mark last month and trod on a few toes STRAIGHTEN OUT EXISTING PROBLEMS before proceeding. A month to get away from it all, leave the madding crowd to their own devices and find a calm retreat in nature. Try and be with a loved one if traveling; you solo voyagers won’t be alone for long, however. You may find your views clashing with those in authority; try and bypass these matters, for it is not a month to pontificate, and subtle suggestions are more effective. Watch your nerves; you could be feeling torn between what you want to do, what you can do and the pressures of others’ expectations. Make up your mind to let nothing interfere with you; rest on your laurels and ponder on the supreme efforts made last month.

6 People: STRUT YOUR STUFF and respond in the affirmative to all those invitations. It is high time to give that party you have been promising for so long. The month is warm and entertaining. Even the most monogamous types find temptation coming their way; that irresistible character may make more than just a passing entrance.

Watch the purse strings and the plastic, as you will be battling with an irresistible urge to spend that fortune you may not have. Do indulge in one new item, however. Don’t apologize to a lover for something you didn’t do, seek them out in person (no telephones, please) looking your best, preferably in a place you know others will notice you, too. In the creative field speak to anyone capable of furthering your career. Salespeople can really make a killing. A great month; just put a stop to any weeping or whining.

7 People: Although the last thing you feel like doing is getting down to those dreaded BRASS RACKS, this is what must be done. Just decide to take a break in the middle or at the end of the month. Do all practical matters early in the month, so you can indulge yourself in something a little more interesting and physical later on. Climb a mountain, run a marathon or just get off your posterior. Stop postponing trips to the dentist or doctor; be in that waiting room before the end of the month. If your love life was sweet last month, chances are the mood continues, with added bonuses. You can accomplish much, so stem the urge to behave like a three-toed sloth.

8 People: There is a CONFLICTING NOTE this month between a need to be practical (which slows up the tempo) and a desire to pursue every last one of your wildest dreams. You must reconcile this dilemma by dividing your time equally between work and recreation. Whatever happens, if you can escape from the usual round of chores, do so.

A high social month and one that aids you in the dissemination of your ideas outside of the normal channels. You must be broad and generous in your approach, and ready for many surprises. You find yourself on strange territory with quite a mixture of people. Watch for accidents and vague behavior. Don’t take to the bottle or any other little vice you may periodically indulge in.

9 People: You may be BURSTING TO ESCAPE from the routine of home life; if this is impossible, liven up the mood by throwing Gatsby-like parties all month long. Many are in the throes of celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, and very jolly it is, too. If you do manage to get away you will most likely be in the bosom of your family, or with old friends. Try and reserve the early part of the month for traveling; the latter half should be devoted to those long-neglected necessities.

The underlying tone of the month is labor, you may be sorry to hear; what is more, it is so far the whole year. Those of you journeying by car should drive with extra caution. Check on all business and finances with a fine tooth comb. Love nests will be fuller than usual with the delights of romance. The single among you will not be so very much longer.

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