Friday, April 1, 2016

Bewitchingly Dezia: April 2016

by Dezia Restivo

To arrive at your “key number,” add each digit of the month and the day of your birth; this gives you your number unless it comes to more than 9. If this is the case, add the two remaining digits together. This is now your number. For example, if you were born on November 17th, then add the following digits: 11 and 17 (1+1+1+7=10). Because 10 must be reduced to arrive at one digit, add 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore your “key number” would be 1.
April 1st Birthday:
This is a year that radically changes, not just this year but your future. Don't scatter away your life chasing your own tail, make sure that all that is detrimental to your dreams is eradicated or at least put into motion. The changes that are happening this year are important enough: your work, your abode, your relationships now and the coming year. It's a year to free yourself from any habits or obligations that have held you back from the life you want.

#1 People

This is a time when you begin to feel a CHANGE; the pressure and that feeling of paralysis now lift. The year is yours for the taking. April will illustrate to you the path your life is going to take; use the month well. Don't wait for others to initiate matters; the moves are yours to make. Sit back in the third week and play passive watching the boomerang effect of efforts in early April.

By the end of the month you should be convinced that the change has arrived. You worked hard last year and will this year, but there is a liberty in 2016 that makes it all see simpler. Make lists to avoid losing opportunities. Much of your month will be spent on the move.
# 2 People

In this year that proved challenging (SITTING STILL and waiting for the universe to bring it all to you is the test), home and health prove the exception now and can be dealt with. A good month to discover the comforts of home. Sit back and do as little as possible, though you may have to deal with another's health.

April brings cause for celebration for a loved one; you prove to be the best of organizers. Say yes to all invites. Examine the terrain closest to you, any help you will require for next month, professionally or personally, should be put in place now.

# 3 People

In a year that promises all things, if you can SMILE OFTEN and insist on feeling wonderful, April is not a time for marching out old grievances or insisting on dear old you being the center of the universe as we know it. Take care of chores and get to bed early. You should be jumping with social activities, especially those with a romantic tinge. If romance has been blowing hot and cold, this is not the juncture to issue ultimatums. Spend time outdoors; garden, walk, move your gym to the park. Exercise caution. The end of the month finds you in the starting blocks feeling well and secure if you have used the time well.

# 4 People

April reveals more of the nature of the rewards that will be forthcoming in this labor oriented year. Tend to all that requires your attention and INITIATE things especially in the professional field. Introduce new ideas and new people into the arena of your work. Keep the work going but do take some time to rest and gather ideas.  The last part of the month finds you feeling conflicted, insecure and worried about the follow through. Relax, the work is done, just resist being pulled in either of the directions presented and the equation will work itself out.

# 5 People

Our old friend CHANGE is knocking at your door; just don't burn all your boats at this juncture and take off to the antipodes with someone you met through the personals. Caution and duty are, contrary to April's urges, the stations you must man. This proves easy at the beginning of the month, but it proves impossible later, satisfy craving with minor alterations do daily life. The third week will find many unable to resist the winds of change and on their way to a new home. The last week may find you inviting people to a housewarming or a farewell party. Don't promise help to all and sundry; get on with your own life-now.

#6 People

TAKE CHARGE. In a year when fate appears the leading role, you are given a little breathing space. This is a month to be used to your advantage; Use it its utmost. The month finds you dealing with that demanding family, but at least you are in charge here. Bar all entrances to your hair, which family and close friends seem intent on getting into; schedule extra time to do things and avoid stress. The month is not over burdened with rest periods, try to get horizontal. The last part of the month finds you still at work, but with a new approach making things work on a more practical basis at home. Work on yourself and for yourself.

# 7 People

What must have felt like a very slow and confusing start to the year, with only brief flashes of hope, now ALTERS RADICALLY. It is not a time to dig too deeply or try too hard; sleep on things. Attempt to tackle the backlog of work that has accumulated. It is a time to watch your words as well as your food and alcohol intake; napping proves to be your best ally. Things pick up later in the month. Let opportunities discover you rather than searching for them. The end of the month could find you traveling. There will be an added lightness and an originality about your activities. Just guard against excess and making mistakes with medicines.

# 8 People

You were promised something for this year and April will restore your hope in that PROMISE.  Present yourself and your ideas in their most alluring light. If entertaining, mix business with pleasure and make networking your middle name. Tackle necessities; procrastination is just not acceptable. Try not to make too many promises to all and sundry. Though there is jollity and frivolity this April, don't blow this opportunity for placing yourself in a most favorable position for future projects. Live it up but stay close to home towards the end of the month.

# 9 People

A very PRACTICAL month when self-preservation is emphasized; a month for action. Get ideas and self-expression moving. Future business gains accrue if you can let down the dour outlook that has afflicted you recently. It is essential that you remember to laugh, giggle and generally appreciate the lighter side of life. Used wisely and with a positive outlook April will be productive; just be cautious with relationships that seem bent on floating toward the rocks.

Harsh words could result in you finding yourself alone. Decide to work hard enabling you to seek out serenity at the end of the month.

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