Friday, February 5, 2016

Bewitchingly Dezia: February 2016

by Dezia Restivo

February is a significant month when it comes to love and romance
because of Valentine's Day, and Presidential holidays, thanks to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Dezia Restivo, NYSD's lady of the numbers, can give you a look at what February may be like for you, no matter your birthdate. Follow her simple instructions to find your "number" if you don't already know how ...

For the next Step, the personal year, just add the digits in the year in which we are living, say calendar year 2016. They total 9 and to this add the total of your month and day of birth.

To arrive at your “key number,” add each digit of the month and the day of your birth; this gives you your number unless it comes to more than 9. If this is the case, add the two remaining digits together. This is now your number. For example, if you were born on November 17th, then add the following digits: 11 and 17 (1+1+1+7=10). Because 10 must be reduced to arrive at one digit, add 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore your “key number” would be 1.
# 1 People

February should be a month devoted to the practical. Ideas can take on a concrete form: speak, write and inspire. Self-preservation is what's really going on. Examine your personal appearance carefully, and bring all your charms to the fore. Chop fat, trim thighs and purchase new threads. Entertain and be entertained. Mix with those you normally consider a little dangerous.

The heaviness that has characterized much of the year so far now starts to lift. Laugh, it is as they say a tonic. This is your year. Devote some time to those youths around you that are in quandaries. Throw caution to the wind in between serious dealings, and sport with youth and the grape. Optimism and self-expression should be your allies. Your personality extends opportunities for you if you can avoid being overly selfish.

# 2 People

Work, even after hours. Get into the habit of being efficient in your business dealings. February will sparkle for you with the exception of a couple of days on which it would be better to incarcerate yourself in the nearest monastery. Slow the pace in the second week and check on such mundane matters as tax and insurance. Settle misunderstandings and the harmonies of daily life in the third week. Be your most sympathetic, especially with lovers.

The fourth week accents the heaviest obligations of the month and of the year. If you can close February feeling content with achievements, the next months, and the future in general, will be lighter. You solve the problems of others on the 23rd. Have faith in yourself. Haste will only cause problems. Don't be too demanding of others, and give the benefit of the doubt where you had previously condemned.

# 3 People

Home and health must be your priorities. Rest weary bones and meditate, even if it is on the future. Lurk in the ample bosom of Mother Nature, be far from the madding crowd. Cooperate with those elders in need of support. Handle the emotions of others with designer kid gloves, a spontaneous combustion of the emotions is lurking in the wings. Welcome gains could emerge out of the blue. Responsibility, duty and acceptance must be your new middle names. End the month with optimism and hope, determined to adapt to chameleon like situations. Discard much, and inject new life into the head and the home. Utilize new freedoms wisely and postpone the minutiae of daily living until March. Old ides can be decked out in new finery and paraded with success once more. People you suspected thought differently from you, are in fact traveling on the same less than luxury liner.

#4 People

The physical and practical, underlie all of February. In spite of a quickening of the arteries, the month has a matter of fact quality about it. Conscientiousness replaces the frenetic January activity. Exacting work of detailed nature and family affairs fill your platter. Make home and work the main backdrop of your days. Recognition comes at last from those chilly associates.

Vent all thoughts in the first week; harvests are made in the second; the third provides a minor social whirl wherein business and pleasure can be combined. Elders make their presences ease with which they are cleared. Matters that require cooperation give the best results. Practical affairs can be settled if harmony, as opposed to bullying, is employed.

# 5 People

Press the snooze button and pause. Frenetic external activity contradicts an inner longing for peace. Reign in that tongue, as many are busy translating your every work into outrageous statements. The value of the month lies in quiet preparation. See, quiet pastures, and indulge in only the healthiest of fodder there. Checks may behave like basketballs, your hand may hover too often over a charge card form; control is required. You and that lover need to escape from the metropolis as tempers take on explosive qualities and energy is depleted by tension. Refuse to be ruffled at work and make a gargantuan effort to banish fears, be they real or imagined. The approaching calm of March will be a welcome surprise; make sure to congratulate yourself on your diplomacy during the minor panics of February.

# 6 People

Business is the card to play during February. Feel driven to adjust, settle and advance the self through logic and reason rather than sentiment. Business and pleasure can be mixed to a heady cocktail of mutual advantage. The first week could bring change and a business related trip. Clear the old skull for clear sightedness during the second week. The male of the species can be of assistance at this point. The third week demands that adjustments and settlements be make; meet obligations head on. Work done will create freedom. Social matters involving close friends and family will be the most enjoyable. The frivolous is taboo during this month, a level head will get you loved. Keep those straining emotions on the straight and narrow, and dominate situations without being merely domineering.

# 7 People

Duty must be your anthem, and don't be confused if this leads you into both the practical and the pleasurable. Deal with this apparent contractions by doing a bit here and there, lop off loose ends. In the first week adjust those old dependable situations. The second week has a social angle during which details can also be attended to. Beware of nervous types, that could include yourself. Gains and business dealings fill the third week. Much demands doing in the fourth week; it can be done incidentally. Wind up the old with a steadfast optimism, and don't allow emotions to bully your better judgment. Words, more than ever, now reveal rather than conceal your true attitude to people and to work related matters. You could be surprised at the satisfaction that results from a job, or many minor tasks, well done.

# 8 People

Decision can no longer be avoided like the plague. Responsibilities and the practical must be tackled with determination, especially in the third week. Ponder on new surroundings, new people or projects commenced in the past nine months. In the first and last weeks, get down to making a blueprint. Eliminate that fear that stymies your self-confidence. Display unabashedly your talent and skills. Slow things to just short of a standstill in the first and last weeks; this will present misunderstandings that your outspokenness could cause. Physically energy is low so do not allow this to let others sway your mind. There is more sewing than reaping going on. Be prepared to have your courage tested; particularly be the male. This is a year of changes for you and this is the month when it is imperative that you take a fearless position in the ranks so don't vacillate.

# 9 People

Observe it all from a reclining chair. Stop knitting your brow over those dollars that refuse to be teletransported into your bank account. Postpone striving for new advantages, it is a time to dally with happy plans for an office-free future. Ponder on next year, a time when all the elements of the universe are packed into your corner.

Now is the time to prepare, plan, check details and weigh financial judgments. Avoid rows about any joint finances as it will only serve to threaten your health. There is an invitation to a romantic getaway ... go and drag that loved one along with you. Be prepared however to have your passion tampered with, in the end though those tickled loins may serve to drive you to your writing desk. Harmony will ensure, eventually. Any impetuous decisions will be regretted. The female of the race makes a better friend in March. A time to store ideas and feel secure.

A # 7 PROVES TO BE AN INSPIRATIONAL YEAR IN YOUR DEVELOPMENT. It presents "THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES YOU," it is intended to strengthen and perfect your powers of real thinking, provided the best time to consider how you can improve your work, attitude and talents. While you may be unable to plan as positively as you may like to, owing to many interruptions which test the quality of your patience, force should have no place in your program.

Good things may drop into your lap and without effort on your part. Impulsiveness can stymie your gains. Where faith, optimism and attraction become part of your thinking and acting, one could be fed by the ravens. Hopeful expectation can attract some worthwhile benefits, especially from previous efforts set in motion. Much depends on how you handle people and your reaction to events. If a relationship gets tense and arguments become too often, and relationships seem to be in danger, try to keep it together unless you want it to break because this a year when most separations happen.

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