Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bewitchingly Dezia: January 2016

by Dezia Restivo

For the next Step, the personal year,
just add the digits in the year in which we are living, say calendar year 2016. They total 9 and to this add the total of your month and day of birth.

In a 6 year, there will be more responsibility than the year before (5). The individual cannot take things too personally as he will be called upon to make many adjustments. It is not a year for hustle and bustle, but for easing things into place. A good year for marriage, and home conditions, but not a year for big achievements.
No. 1 Year
Ruby-red stone
Means individualization, independence, changes you have been contemplating, the turn in the road, opportunity, the height of your power.
No. 2  Year
Is the year when the seeds planted in the 1 year will germinate. Keep an open mind, study, plan, keep calm, cool and pleasant. Do small things and wait.
No.  3 Year
Is the year to make new friends, see old ones, plan entertainment, accept invitations, be cheerful and optimistic. Some of the seeds planted 3 years ago will sprout.
No. 4 Year
The year for work. Don’t be easy on yourself. Keep busy.
No. 5 Year
Should now make you feel free as the air, to go where you please and by all means go somewhere. Release old things, make way for new ones. It is a year of progress, of new angles, of advertising. Get out of the rut.
No. 6 Year
Narrow yourself down a bit and enjoy your home life.  You’ll be surrounded by contentment and love, if you will allow it.
No. 7 Year
Is a year for your spirit. Don’t plan to spend too much time in crowds and with groups. Get acquainted with yourself, but don’t brood over your past. Take things easy. Wait for developments.
No. 8 Year
Rose-Black Diamond
Is the Power Year. Get going now and don’t worry, because you are on the track and the lights are with you. Go ahead.
No. 9 Year
Pink=all colors
Is for weeding the garden, settling things up, taking inventory, getting ready for a new cycle, and cultivating the arts, nature, people, and all personal relationships. It may not be easy. Old sores may be reopened but get everything done.
No. 11 Year
Black & white
Like the 7 year, is for yourself — study – learn anew.
No. 22 Year
Sea green
Is the year for putting your dreams to practical use. Don’t let them stop you for you may be able to do people some good, even the whole world. This year doesn’t come as often as the others, nor does the 11 year, so make use of both.
To arrive at your “key number,” add each digit of the month and the day of your birth; this gives you your number unless it comes to more than 9. If this is the case, add the two remaining digits together. This is now your number. For example, if you were born on November 17th, then add the following digits: 11 and 17 (1+1+1+7=10). Because 10 must be reduced to arrive at one digit add 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore your “key number” would be 1.

#1 People

Be still. A quiet, relaxed attitude will be conducive to clearer inner knowing. Mentally plan future actions. Catch up on some sleep. Lock the liquor cabinet. 2016 Outlook: GOOD FOLLOWS THE DIFFICULTIES of last year. Decisions and good judgments are required of you now; seek counsel. Opportunities are forthcoming. Business and pleasure blend well. Relationships are more important. Many are in new relationships. Last year you planned; now is the time to live and go with the changes that are being wrought.

# 2 People

Anything started this month is better directed to projects that can be brought to fruition this year. Clear the desk of old debris. 2016 Outlook: A year of FULLFILLMENT. Marriage, babies, and romance are on hand. Religious and philosophical views are expanded radically. If there was a break in your life last year, now pick up the pieces. Motivation is the key; muster enthusiasm for a highly powered year; many persistent ills can be eradicated. Take the helm; projects grow by leaps and bounds.

# 3 People

Be cooperative and use tact in new directions. Listening pays dividends; you may catch valuable ideas “just listening.” A closed mouth never lost an argument. 2015 Outlook: CHANGES must be made now. Don’t hesitate to completely overhaul your lifestyle. File and sort all ideas or chaos results. Ideas, opportunities abound; don’t be timid.  The calendar fills quickly. Social whirls are not uncommon. But be aware of mixing friendship and love. Build new business and set up new projects.

# 4 People

Take a vacation, be self expressive. This is your personality plus month. Feed romantic, too. Youth, children, and new friends appear. 2016 Outlook: Put FINISHING TOUCHES to all the matters commenced last year. Company will be plentiful, but beware of undesirable alliances. Be aware that surface conditions could hide vital facts notably in new projects. Love comes with unprecedented ease, and existing ties are cemented into a comforting permanence. Collect information and expand on flashes of brilliance.

#5 People

Work, plan and concentrate on new trends in home and health. Enjoy some massages. See a dentist. Arise early and work late. 2016 Outlook: you are SEEN AND HEARD to your best advantage. Your creative talents boot business and personal life. New projects should be avoided; concentrate on the old faithful. Matters you shelved last year, however can be tackled with confidence. Have faith in your judgment and take advantage of all the opportunities that bring commercial and artistic success.

#6 People

Go places! Not quite the acceptable time to buckle down to the work of the year. Be resourceful, and adaptable to meeting surprises. Beware of accidents! 2016 Outlook: It has a feeling of the DAY AFTER THE PARTY. Now reality and hard press in; you feel on firmer ground where finances are concerned. Health is abundant. Home improvement is a possibility. Altars and babies loom large. Exercise caution, for accidents threaten. If feeling out of your depth, fall back on your old friends, personality and charm.

#7 People

Adjust and settle conditions pertaining to health, home, and work. You could be asked to lend a shoulder to cry on. If there is a little one at home, night duty might be called for.  2016 Outlook: Changes is in the air. You have been biting at it since October, you want change, new places, the further away from home the better. Forge ahead with any new ideas. Be elastic to cope with the surprising and unexpected, which may just alter your outlook. The year is live-wired and peppy. Opportunity is where you find it.

#8 People

Wind up affairs, take a trip; it may offer opportunities for financial and business gains. Be diplomatic. It is a bit emotional. Rocky relationships are still rocky. 2016 Outlook: Health has to be a priority. You become a home bird, and home is expanding and shrinking. Conditions in general are much improved. You may be anxious to pull the wool over your eyes, so exercise a little skepticism. Babies make their debut. Rest, read, and meditate. Be with those who appreciate you. Write the best seller you have dreamed of.

#9 People

Expect gains from previous efforts. Be business like in daily affairs. Don’t strain for gain; over aggressiveness could affect your health. 2016 Outlook: all action must be done WITHOUT AGGRESSION. It is time to sort, sift, and check everything. Energy is not over abundant; schedule plenty of sleep. Keep pen and paper by your pillow and record those dreams; they will be of great import. Perfect your powers of thought. You will be thinking rather than acting. It is a year to prepare for the year after.

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