Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bewitchingly Dezia: July 2016

by Dezia Restivo

To arrive at your “key number,” add each digit of the month and the day of your birth; this gives you your number unless it comes to more than 9. If this is the case, add the two remaining digits together. This is now your number. For example, if you were born on November 17th, then add the following digits: 11 and 17 (1+1+1+7=10). Because 10 must be reduced to arrive at one digit, add 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore your “key number” would be 1.
# 1 People

If you harbored the suspicion last month that life is grossly unfair then you would have been right. July casts things in a different light for you. Your ENERGY reserves are seemingly endless, and you can almost laugh at the doldrums you found yourself drifting in during June. Utilize all this energy well as you have the power to make all those grand plans a reality. Financial institutions could contact you with some welcome news; all is not gloom where the purse strings are concerned.

Play your cards right and you will find yourself one of the lucky ones, a category you previously thought yourself exempt from. Don’t sell yourself short by missing the considerable advantages that come your way. Don’t squander money, and use a firm hand when in a business mode. Seek advice from your elders — yes, there are advantages in doing so, believe it or not. You control the power sources  in all aspects of your life: domestic, romantic, and business.

# 2 People

MAKE NO WAVES. The month as a whole has the potential to be one of ease and calm if you can refrain from plotting against yourself. Early in the month sees you a little frantic in an attempt to tackle all the dull but essential chores of daily life. Approach the task with as much composure as you can muster and things will prove considerable simpler. Those of you fortunate enough to have a country abode should retreat to it and spend some time devoting to it the care and attention it deserves.

Those business deals that have been hanging fire since the end of last year now miraculously come together; even the ones you had completely despaired of. Be cautious in your romantic life: tread on nobody’s dreams, and insist on smiling even if things seem to be taking a turn for the worse in the love stakes.

# 3 People

PURSUE YOUR DREAMS. This year is undoubtedly one of the best for you, and this month stands out for its abundance of opportunities. Waste not a minute, and don’t blink for fear of missing an advantage. You could even find yourself selling that house in spite of all the gloomy odds everyone is so fond of reiterating.

Spend an unconscionable amount of time getting ready for all social events attended: you should be dressed to live, and be sporting endless amounts of finery. Money is forthcoming, especially if you can focus the attention at gathering on yourself. Be the bell of beau of the ball and rake in the baubles while you are at it.  Stop giving yourself a hard time and try to banish those suspicions that the sky will fall on your head if things go right for you.

# 4 People

THINGS GO YOUR WAY. After a rough start in June the end of the month saw a change of mood and a lighter touch in your life. Look to the details in work and conclude all business deals. Your mind may feel terminally hazy, but sort through things slowly and persistently to discover something good that you have overlooked. Go with the flow rather than forcing the pace to an unbearably hectic one; you will not hold up under the strain. There is something jittery afoot; counteract it with calm and poise. Avoid telephonic communication with prophets of doom. Keep in low gear and clear the path for easier maneuvering. Mix widely and well. Do everything with patience and alleviate tension by being quick to laugh.

# 5 People

A ROMANTIC AND SOCIAL whirl gets up about you all this month. Though the year has you perpetually on the go, be sure to plan plenty of romantic activities, or at least make provision to be with the one you love. If your partner seems unaware of the meaning of the work romance take time out of a crash course and insist on getting your own way. Comb the stores and you could come up with a real treasure. Seek out the more humorous of your friends.

Drag yourself to the gym as often and for as long as your schedule allows — no slacking here. Get out in the evenings and put on your dancing shoes before emerging. This is the month to knock on doors and get what you want. You find yourself handing your phone number out on several occasions for both romantic and business purposes. Put your best foot forward and shimmy into the limelight.

# 6 People

CONCENTRATION AND LABOR are the order of the day. Chores seem to have a way of propagating every time you turn your back on them; don’t despair, keep your head down and the end of the month sees light at the end of that tunnel. Plan your method of attack from home each day before setting out.

In the home, reorganize your closets and generally simplify your life. If hiring, be sure to establish that your future employee is actually capable of performing the tasks required for him or her: there are many skilled people to be had, it just involves a little effort on your part. If your work alone, you will find yourself being the best of assistants. A month to build your health: get to that much neglected dentist now. You could be experiencing some blues around 4 p.m. each day, so indulge in a little tea and cake rituals to help you through; you can work off the effects in June. Results are there for the taking all month.

# 7 People

SOAR LIKE A BIRD. That earth-bound feeling that pervaded last month is now replaced with a long-absent feeling of ease and jollity. There are, however, many chores to be tackled in the early part of the month, notable those that were studiously ignored in June. In the flurry that ensues be extra cautious, as you could find yourself a little accident-prone. A new social life evolves for you, and many original thoughts on how to pass that precious leisure time are forthcoming; be on the attack when out and about.

Avoid those around you with excessive natures; this includes boozers and compulsive shoppers. Be determined to sidestep any potential problem areas in your life; you will find yourself exceptionally free if you adopt this approach. If planning a vacation, be open to the idea of new places and people. Generally a wonderful month that reminds you of the lighter side of life.

# 8 People

Concentrate of responsibilities, however unappealing they may be. The hectic pace of June has left you with an endless list of things to be caught up on. Make your home and place of work comfortable and efficient places to operate in. Take heart; this mind finds you considerably freer. Things appear from out of the blue; there are people to see and places to visit, and both will provide new territory for you to roam in. Really insist on being upbeat about all aspects of your life. Overlook nothing; there are endless opportunities out there for you, and all that’s required is a decision a little tenacity. The month will be far from carefree, but much can be achieved. Those of you with aching backs should take yourselves without delay to a chiropractor.

# 9 People

Choose the QUIETER options when it comes to making decisions; opt for the desert island over Las Vegas if you are planning a vacation. This is a fast-paced year for you, so take any opportunity to slow it down early on. That love interest logged in your hair should not be catered to; focus on other things rather than launching a full-scale revenge. Fences can be mended here if you stop manufacturing obstacles. The end of the month could find you lolling in that idyllic location unable to comprehend the notion of problems. You could find yourself barreling down the slopes and wondering why you don’t do this more often. Make a promise to yourself to go back to that haven of your choice. Do avoid eating or drinking too much, as you could end up looking more pneumatic than is currently acceptable.

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