Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bewitchingly Dezia: May 2016

by Dezia Restivo

To arrive at your “key number,” add each digit of the month and the day of your birth; this gives you your number unless it comes to more than 9. If this is the case, add the two remaining digits together. This is now your number. For example, if you were born on November 17th, then add the following digits: 11 and 17 (1+1+1+7=10). Because 10 must be reduced to arrive at one digit, add 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore your “key number” would be 1.
#1 People

Many will be marrying, reproducing, or making commitments this month. Changes to the home can be made to great advantage. Opportunity knocks on your door from many directions. The best for pursuing your professional desires; make it known what you want to know. Family and health also need your attention, and though there is little time for either consideration; make it. By the last week you will find yourself with new hopes and accomplishments. Wear sapphires and pearls.

#2 People

If any of your relationships, business or personal, have proven very mixed of late, this is not the time to test the mettle of that bond; be detached and impartial. The months finds you approaching something that needs your attention; refuse to get agitated even in difficult and trying times. The month has your patience on trial. Remember that if you can sit it out observing the antics of people and events in a monk-like manner, you will get by swimmingly. Wear amethyst.

#3 People

I'm sure that many of you are very relieved that April is over. May is a month to rally the courage to do all the things you most want to do. Especially things related to promoting your own career or finding the ideal mate. Be on the circuit and take care of finances. The month proves health in the money department, and a social whirl. The month also finds you hard at work in a positive financial atmosphere. The last portion of the month should be devoted to yourself and to relaxation. Wear rose quartz.

#4 People

May is a time to toe the line and to get down to hard work. Much of what you achieve this month can improve your life in the long term. A female of the species proves trying; don't overact. The month is the best for striving after all you desire. Take a few days in the country. But remember anything you want to initiate can be tackled. All of May proves advantageous, but eliminate the dead wood from your work. If you utilize your time, you will be very satisfied with your achievements. Wear opals and all gems.

#5 People

Much will be initiated this May that comes to fruition. The whole year finds you desiring changes and now you can affect them successfully. The second week has you juggling appointments from morning to night; just be sure to check the details before setting out. Simplify and you will be able to accomplish everything. Time wasting and being accident prone are the things to guard against-impose order. Wear rubies.

#6 People

The emphasis will be on the home front this month. Use the first week to get necessities done at your own speed. Lists prove indispensable all month. Take time out for yourself and horizontal with an uplifting piece of literature. Not a time to be weepy this month. You will find yourself involved with chores at home and concern over somebody's health; it will probably be a female. But do something nice for yourself like getting a relaxing massage. Wear onyx or black diamonds.

#7 People

There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself this month. The year is good for those in the creative field, especially the literary one. This could be a most productive time and it is important that you utilize it to the fullest, in spite of distractions. If there has been a multitude of strings pulling on your heart this is not a month when ultimatums and tears prove beneficial; appear secure. This month people will listen to you and you have the power to get what you want. Wear yellow diamonds.

#8 People

By now it should be clear that this is a year of labor for you. Devote the month to finishing, and the results will be most gratifying. Because it is such a hardworking month for you, reserve the third week as an interval for escape. Some of you may have to travel for business, but at least make things easier and a little removed from the normal routine. The end of the month finds you back at work putting finishing touches on projects that will further your career. Wear emeralds.

#9 People

This whole year has you feeling the desire for change, and in May this feeling is very strong and prominent. The past few months have found you incapable of sitting still. The beginning of the month, duty calls for your attention on the home front. It is a time when much will be coming to a close. Towards the end of the month, all of you mortals should take another vacation.

Even when out of town, there are ample opportunities for you to use your initiative. Exercise caution where tempers are concerned. Wear turquoise.

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