Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bewitchingly Dezia: November 2016

by Dezia Restivo

To arrive at your “key number,” add each digit of the month and the day of your birth; this gives you your number unless it comes to more than 9. If this is the case, add the two remaining digits together. This is now your number. For example, if you were born on November 17th, then add the following digits: 11 and 17 (1+1+1+7=10). Because 10 must be reduced to arrive at one digit, add 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore your “key number” would be 1.
# 1 People

Build a future. Social, professional and personal matters can be fully developed along positive lines utilizing the freedom, good judgment and common sense that have been the driving forces of your year. This month, attract rather than force things. Green lights abound. Have the courage of your financial convictions; the end of the month is social and highly charged emotionally. Round matters off. Do business where you can. Play the diplomat when folks seem intent in lodging themselves firmly in your new hairdo. Business and pleasure should be mixed. Be decisive and fearless when tackling the many tasks that come to hand. The family becomes involved in your newer projects; be patient with older members, for intolerance will leave you feeling guilty. Plant something new with an idea to future growth.

# 2 People

Attend to leftover details with patience. Mark time rather than continuing the new responsibilities that October ushered in. When in doubt, don’t. Business should be pursued with quiet diligence; old efforts rather than new angles are the most productive. Energy should be expended on harmonizing home health and your social life. A trip furthers old plans. Be aware of stress created by the hordes that surround you, especially in the last week.

Use the quiet interludes to plan for the future. Overestimate the time tasks take, as schedules are a little awry. Be patient and scrutinize all details. Steer clear of crazed entanglements caused through hazy thinking and a general air of excitement. It could be a socially interesting month if you would let your hair (which has been so firmly trussed up of late) down.

# 3 People

After a year filled with changes and a hectic two months, your step is suddenly lighter. Things that were bursting with promise until the screaming halt which September provided can now be pursued again. Most pleasure arises from the companionship that friends provide. There is a multitude of ships passing in the night.

Thanksgiving and other festive occasions are an unmitigated joy contrary to your usual experience. Postpone decision-making until next month; this does not preclude pondering on matters, though. Promises should be made with extreme caution. There are emotional peaks and troughs; smile through it all. Love comes with relative ease. Be reserved with that diffident lover. Those of you blessed with enthusiastic romancers should delay making any major commitments until next year. Go with that compulsion to round things off. You are your most charming self this month, so get out and ooze.

# 4 People

With concentrated effort this could be a most productive month, a welcome possibility after the chaos of preceding weeks. Be an inspirational force and avoid, like the proverbial plague, any despondency. Thus you get things done. Start those things you circumlocuted in October. Professional response make a welcome appearance. No need for neurosis, but a little bit of order would facilitate speedier progress on all fronts. Utilize that energy now or you will be left feeling cheated when you find it gone. The pace of life speeds up, financial strains lessen and money feels a little more like it might grow on trees. You are feeling serious about love, a reluctance to be courted by the monsters of circle is justified; hold out for the perfect one. Last month started a trend which continues into November; there is hope on the horizon and a wonderful new year is yours for the taking.

# 5 People

Get up and go. Your social diary has you in a whirl, and in foreign parts, too. Give yourself time, but do say yes to those invites. Sleep late and seek out pleasant diversions. Look for new jobs, assignments or expand your business. Don’t get embroiled in any one project, it’s O.K. to spread yourself a little thin at this point. You find yourself involved in community projects and educational pursuits. You are feeling uncommonly desirable, and other tend to agree with you. Look to your health; now is the time to minimize potential ill effects caused by neglect. This is a month when you can give in to all those neurotic tendencies; make those lists and get priorities right. Much can be accomplished if you remember to take the shortest route. Thanksgiving will probably be spent out of town; your trip will leave you feeling more fortunate.

# 6 People

Home is where your heart is, and it is where you should be making it a more orderly haven than it has been of late. Rebuild and refurnish where your purse permits. Youth, romance and dependable companionship become a burden; live with a little faith, and harmony will be restored. Adjustments in all areas leave things with a more settled feeling. Avoid getting exhausted and store a little patience to deal with those you live with. Many and varied persons seek you out; receive them graciously. Responsible, conservative and studious types afford you the most pleasure; firm friendships can be formed. Mix with the young when in need of light relief; their energy provides succor after a month of hard and successful work. Loyalty saves dying relationships and friendships. Exude some of that warmth that is rising to the surface.

#7 People

Work, creativity and social trends take precedence over anything commercial. It would be beneficial all round to move a little more like the snail after a year of frenetic activity. There are distinct similarities between this month and March for you. The changes occurring now should provide hope for the coming year. A nervous edge is present, notably in the second and last weeks. Concentrated world should be reserved for the and first and third weeks. Noisy environments and irritating people should be left behind; so until December. Your mind is wandering; be wary as mishaps are likely. The whole month feels a little like a Sunday; give in and enjoy it. November is a time to balance rest, relaxation and a need confront matters squarely. Be poised. Listen to some Brahms.

# 8 People

October saw you cowering in your apartment; November will be a month for a little social exposure. Be seen and heard; don’t be afraid to take your place in the pulpit along with all those other vociferous types. Seek reward for previous efforts. If you crave escape, do so.  Deal with the unexpected and dividends will be paid. Guard against loss, as papers have a tendency to take on a life of their own. Romance, youth and a general feeling of freedom fill the month. Now is the time to insist on the salary you feel worthy of. Treat hysterical associates with an unfaltering calm. Your mind centers on the family and on the necessity of building better health for all. You have had to wait for the penultimate month of the year for the sweetest fruits, but it was worth it. Enjoy them.

# 9 People

Spend time alone, thinking positive thoughts. They years as a whole, and September in particular, proved to be somewhat less than idyllic. Have faith; it’s an end, and, perhaps unbeknownst to yourself you have grown considerably and perfected your power of real thinking. Believe in your own counsel and keep your lips firmly sealed during November; bide time until the start of what will be a truly inspirational year. Choose to be places where you are loved and where you can feel  serene. Take stock; clean up and terminate matters. Think in general terms, for scrutiny of the self will prove to be too painful. Practice self-control when anger, resentment or jealousy rear their ugly heads. If relationships have reached a denouement, let your partner end the matter, and cooperate with grace.  By December all that nasty will have taken leave of your days.

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