Monday, February 15, 2016

Jill Krementz covers Elizabeth Peyton at Gallery Met

Currently displayed In front of the Met — L'ebrezza — a 54-foot banner by Elizabeth Peyton and Kristian Emdal.
Elizabeth Peyton: Manon Lescaut
Gallery Met
February 12-May 7, 2016

The Metropolitan Opera is currently presenting a new production of Manon Lescaut conducted by Met Principal Conductor Fabio Luisi, directed by Sir Richard Eyre, with Kristine Opolais and Roberto Alagna.

For many years, Dodie Kazanjian, founding Director of Gallery Met (located in the south lobby of the opera house) has curated exhibitions relating to the season's operas.  

For the winter/spring season Ms. Kazanjian has selected Elizabeth Peyton, one of the world's leading contemporary artists. Ms. Peyton is best known for paintings of artists, friends, and cultural and historical figures-and in recent years, still lifes and scenes from the opera. 

This past Thursday night, braving a polar vortex, invitees bundled up in their wintry finery to attend an opening for invited guests. Among those attending were Mercedes BassPeter Gelb, the Met's General Manager and  Barbara Gladstone whose Manhattan Gallery represents Ms. Peyton.

Kristine Opolais, who stars with Roberto Alagna in Sir Richard Eyre's new production of the fiery romance that launched Puccini's career.
In the lobby entrance — a video of Sir Richard Eyre, who has directed Manon Lescaut.
Isabelle Puckette, who assists Dodie at Gallery Met. She also works in the financial division at the Metropolitan Opera.
5 PM: Isabelle and the bartender setting up the posters near the bar.
All set.
The entire exhibition consists of eight artworks — seven in the gallery and the eighth on the Grand Tier as you ascend the majestic red stairway.

As you enter the gallery on the the North Wall are two linocuts on hahnemule 300-gram paper. Left: Manon Lescaut: Jonas Kauffmann and Kristine Opolais. Right: Manon Lescaut; Plácido Domingo and Renata Scotto.
Love (2) Jonas Kaufmann and Kristine Opolais; Monotype on handmade paper.
These three Monotypes are grouped together on the West Wall.

Left to right: O my weary beloved (ML), 2015; O my weary beloved (ML), 2015; Love (1) (Jonas Kaufman and Kristine Opelais.

Note: Two of the Monotypes are identically titled.
Love (1) (Jonas Kaufmann and Kristine
Opolais; Manon Lescaut) #2
On the Grand Tier: my love — will never die; 2016

The first guest to arrive: Mercedes Bass, a longtime trustee of the Met, who had just attended a meeting upstairs with Peter Gelb.
Mercedes Bass walking through the gallery just prior to the opening.
Although the paintings on exhibit are not for sale, Mercedes Bass is hoping to purchase one of the works through Barbara Gladstone's Gallery.

"I love Jonas so much and since I can't have him I hope to have a painting," she told me.
Artist Elizabeth Peyton and curator Dodie Kazanjian.
Calvin Tomkins with his wife Dodie Kazanjian and their son Spencer Tomkins, a private art dealer.

Elizabeth Peyton was profiled by Calvin Tomkins for The New Yorker on October 6, 2008.
Next arrival: Gallerist Barbara Gladstone with a bouquet of sweet peas for the artist. Ms. Gladstone represents Elizabeth Peyton in New York. Barbara Gladstone with a congratulatory kiss for her artist.

Bespoke Bookbinder Paul Vogel, who lives and works in East Hampton.

"I have been binding books by hand for over 35 years. Each book takes about six weeks. The pages are hand-sewn, the leather is hand-tanned and the tooling is in 24-karat gold."
Hadley Coulombe with Nate Hitchcock. Ms. Coulombe, the daughter of Paul Vogel, is an artist. She and Mr. Hitchcock are business partners in East Hampton Shed, a contemporary art space.
Art historian Olivier Berggruen and Gagosian's John Elderfield. Mr. Elderfield is currently organizing a major Cezanne portrait show which will open at the Musée d'Orsay. Bill Powers, owner of Half Gallery.
Elizabeth Peyton with Sesto Quatrini, the Assistant Conductor for Manon Lescaut, and Barbara Luisi. Mrs. Luisi's husband Fabio Luisi is conducting the Met's production of Manon Lescaut.
Corinna Durland is Elizabeth Peyton's Manager. Artist Nicole Wittenberg.

Dodie and Tad, as he is known, with Isabelle Dervaux, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Drawings at The Morgan Library & Museum.
Artist Peter Saul. The 81-year-old artist is represented in New York by Mary Boone. His paintings were displayed at Gallery Met on the occasion Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro in 2014-15.
Elizabeth Peyton and Corinna Durland.
Barbara Luisi is a talented photographer. Her work has been published in several books and been exhibited here and abroad. Helen Lee, who is on the Met's board of Young Associates, talking with Katie Lydon, an interior designer.
Musician and sound artist Jason Trammel with Lara Sturgis, who is Ms. Peyton's assistant.
Zoë Lescaze and Nick Murphy. Ms. Lescaze, a writer and art critic, is currently writing a book on paleoart for Taschen. Mr. Murphy is the Director of Thread, an artist residency and cultural center in Senegal spearheaded by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation where he also works as
Projects Director.
Artists Walton Ford and Peter Saul. Andrea Glimcher with her six-year-old son Alexander.

Peter Gelb, General Manager of the Met, with his wife Keri-Lynn Wilson, a Canadian conductor.
John Reinhold, Elizabeth Peyton, and Corinna Durland.
Tad Tomkins with John Elderfield and Mr. Elderfield's wife Jeanne Collins.
A view of the gallery.
A very happy artist at evening's end.

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