Monday, March 21, 2016

LIZ SMITH: Chilling out at home

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams — "How do scrambled eggs sound?"
by Liz Smith

At Home With Lois and Clark — He Cooks, She Watches The News.  Also — The Billboard Hot 100 Summer Festival at Jones Beach ... Iggy Pop's Impressive "Presence" ... Broadway's "Fiddler" Does a Good Deed ... Remembering Frank Sinatra Jr.

"I THINK they probably make a very nice home. I think he's a better cook. But they're the kind of couple who aren't exciting. They probably just chill out at home. I think Lois likes watching news ... but Superman's not interested. He's too busy making dinner. And I imagine he gives her foot rubs."

That's Amy Adams, aka Lois Lane, talking about what she imagines life with Henry Cavill's Superman might be like.
Amy Adams — every right to be giddy.
Cavill and Adams star as the famous couple in the upcoming mega-production "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." (Ben Affleck is Batman, probably the most controversial casting of the year, if you discount poor Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone in the unreleased, already-savaged bio-pic about singer Simone.)

Anyway, The Man of Steel making dinner? Please, have you seen the photos of Henry Cavill working out to stay in shape as Superman? In fact, have you seen photos of Cavill, period? (Remember him in "The Tudors"?) Any time this guy spends in the kitchen is shamefully wasted. Take-out Chinese exists for a reason!

After the ramen noodles; then, maybe a foot rub.
"Yeah, another order of scrambled eggs, please. Because your cooking skills are monumental."
P.S. But forget Henry and Amy and even Ben Affleck. The one character I'm most anxious to see in "Batman v Superman" is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. This was fairly controversial casting as well, but I think Jesse is adorable, and I loved his long hair. Too bad he had to go bald, as all other Luthors have.
SNOW IS in still an issue, but it's never too early to think of summer, I say. So, if you're not doing anything on August 20 and 21st, you might as well go to Jones Beach for the second Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival. Last year, the festival attracted the likes of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, and broke all attendance records at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater. Live Nation is partnering with Billboard, whose charts still matter, even in these rapidly altering music days. Everybody involved is promising this year's fest will be the best, the biggest, the most musical, the hottest, the works. In short, even better than 2015. Go to to keep track of the artist line-up.
IGGY POP wasn't shy when he was 25. Today he is 68 and he still isn't shy. Iggy, who has posed nude, or appeared semi-nude in photos and on stages all over the world for decades, is doing it again, this time for art. No, really, for art. The singer recently posed au natural for a group of New York Academy of Arts students. The results of Iggy's efforts will be displayed at an exhibition in the fall. The students were "very impressed with his poses and presence" said one professor.

Well, anybody who knows their Iggy Pop knows that he has plenty of "presence." (Or as Barbara Stanwyck declared in "Stella Dallas" — "I got stacks of style!")
Iggy Pop — plenty of presence.
Iggy also has a new album, "Post Pop Depression" which Rolling Stone describes as "blazing," giving it four stars. RS reviewer Will Hermes, freely admits that Iggy's survival, seems "inconceivable" after so many years of "numerous unhealthy appetites."

Some people just have good genes. And, "presence."
ALTHOUGH CONGRESS can do nothing but shake its finger and carry on in operatic, phony high dudgeon over the Flint, Michigan water crisis — before going on recess — Broadway's hit revival of "Fiddler on the Roof" took action. The show raised $30,000 for the United Way of Genesee County's Flint Water Fund. This was the result of "Fiddler's" donation of $2 from every full price ticket purchased last month. This was, as they say, a genuine "mitzvah" and everybody concerned was a great big mensch.
Danny Burstein as Tevye.
"Fiddler on the Roof" is playing at the Broadway Theater (1681 Broadway at 53rd Street) It stars Danny Burstein as Tevye and Jessica Hecht as Golde. I have yet to see this revival, but I recall the last time the beloved musical was on Broadway.

(Rosie O'Donnell played Golde, and she was very good, indeed!) We (I was accompanied by two friends) left the theater awash in tears that were more than mere sentiment — I'd forgotten how mortally moving the show is, how beautiful the songs by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick. So, I should linger longer before seeing the latest "Fiddler?" I think not.
I WAS so sad last week when the news came about the sudden death of Frank Sinatra Jr., at the rather young age of 72. I didn't know Frank Jr., but I am well-acquainted with his wonderful sisters, Nancy and Tina. I'm sure they are heartbroken, along with their indomitable mother, Nancy Sr. (Frank also left a son, Michael.) There is rarely any "good" time for death, but it has to be some small comfort that Frank died on a concert tour, doing what he loved.
Frank Sinatra with Tina, Nancy and Frank Jr. at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, 1968 (Robert Hooper/EPA)
He made a long and successful career, particularly considering the ironic "drawback" to that career — he sounded almost exactly like his fabled father, Francis Albert Sinatra. It couldn't have been easy at first, having that sound, but he seemed to make more than the best of it, and even have some fun with the similarity. (This reminds me of Liza Minnelli's amusing and pointed response, years ago, when asked about "sounding like your mother." Liza arched an eyebrow and said: "She was my mother. Who should I sound like — Peggy Lee?")

RIP, Frank Jr. You're singing with the angels now, and your dad.

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