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LIZ SMITH: What The Stars Tell Us

Morley with Liz's godson in Connecticut. He loved children — his own and everybody else's.
by Liz Smith

Remembering My Friend, The Great Morley Safer. Also, What Do The Stars Tell Us about Hillary, Bernie and Trump?

"WE DO not remember days, we remember moments," said Cesare Pavese.
THERE was no other reporter like my friend Morley Safer. My long time pal Mike Wallace, thrust me on Morley and his brilliant wife Jane though they were probably suspicious of a gossip columnist.  

Morley and Liz.
But all melded and as I lived up near Chester, Connecticut for weekend pleasure for many years, I got closer and closer to the demon all knowing reporter and his very smart wife as time went by.  Morley had both a pool table in his living rooming in Connecticut and a fast car parked inside his house in New York.  And he went on reporting valiantly, just as he had done in the Vietnam years that made him famous. But an intrepid Morley on the battlefield was also a surprising art intellect.  His cultural interviews and coverage of big brains like David McCullough showed a different side of Morley.

While watching the "60 Minutes" tribute to Morley on the occasion of his retiring, I had a real catch in my throat watching Morley and Mike spar, disagree and agreeing — showing deep love for one another.

Television or whatever it calls itself these days better get busy and create another class of reporters like Morley and Mike who were from the old Edward R. Murrow and Fred Friendly school of ethics and reporting. Who can blame these great star reporters for bowing out considering what is going on these days?
Morley and Mike.
"I DON'T believe in astrology. The only stars I can blame for my failures are those that walk about the stage," said playwright/composer/all-around genius, Noel Coward.
Shelley Ackerman.
I DON'T know how much I, myself, "believe" in astrology, but the often compelling/exotic business of the art or science or hobby of studying signs and portents in the sky; celestial objects and how they affect our earthly fate, has always interested and amused me.

Sometimes I have felt, after a chart reading, "Oh, that could be anyone." On other occasions, things were remarkably on the money — or the universe, to be more precisely lofty.

In any case, my good friend Shelley Ackerman, who searches out the meaning of things, based on the mysteries of astrology, relayed a few starry facts about, among others, Hillary and Bernie and Donald. Believe me, it will be the least stressful read about these politicians you'll get for the rest of the year. Here's Shelley:
I HAVE relished your recent tales of the so-called "tension" between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Both were born with the potent and combative combination of Sun in Aries and Scorpio rising — an astrological recipe for conquering all in one's wake (for men and women alike)

An Aries/Scorpio combo is impatient, wired for sound, and highly competitive, and in close quarters, fiery and explosive. It's a wonder they didn't kill each other — Whatever Happened to Baby Jane was the perfect vehicle to creatively channel the Dueling Diva warrior energy between them. (Gloria Steinem, Diana Ross, Elton John, Charlie Chaplin, Leonard Nimoy, Samuel Beckett, Stephen Sondheim, Aretha Franklin, and Chaka Khan all are Aries with Scorpio rising).
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.
Scorpio takes no prisoners — and as the song goes, "Still Water Runs Deep": The sign of Scorpio is famous for its mystery, depth, secrecy, and hypnotic power, and seems to be a popular sign for investigative journalists and news anchors: The late Morley Safer and Walter Cronkite, and the very alive David Muir, Dan Rather, Judy Woodruff, Megyn Kelly, and Andrea Mitchell — are all SCORPIO (Andrea Mitchell shares her October 26 birthday with Democratic front-runner HRC!)
Andrea Mitchell and HRC.
And speaking of the very Mars-y Hillary, if elected, Hillary Clinton would join the ranks of John Adams, James K. Polk, James Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt, and Warren Harding to become the 6th Scorpio President of the United States.

(there has been no shortage of Scorpio First Ladies either, including Abigail Adams, Martha Jefferson, Letitia Tyler, Mamie Eisenhower, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush)
Scorpio First Ladies Abigail Adams and Martha Jefferson.
So what DO the stars tell us about November, 8, 2016? A bit of Y2K Déjà vu — remember when two planets changed signs on Election Day in 2000? Well, we have a similar situation in 2016. So things may begin one way and end up another. Plus, many of the primary wins and delegates accrued in April and May took place with as many as FIVE retrograde planets. Heading into June, there may be some reversals.

Astrologers from all over the world will gather in Costa Mesa, California for ISAR 2016 — a Symposium presented by the International Society for Astrological Research, in which over 60 astrologers will present their best forecasting techniques and we will pow-wow about the next four years:
There will be two presidential panels one at the opening on Oct 13 (hosted by ISAR president and esteemed financial astrologer Raymond Merriman and yours truly, Shelley Ackerman) in which six renowned international astrologers will give their take on who will win the 45th presidency and a closing panel of six top American astrologers on Oct 16  will give their take. Here, Ray and I invite attendees to our TWO presidential Panels:
"Astrologers representing New York, are myself, Michael Lutin, Demetrius Bagley, Robert Corre, Anne Ortelee, Gloria Star, Samuel Reynolds, and John Marchesella. Astrology aficionados and the general public are invited and encouraged to attend. To learn more and register, visit
My workshop is "Jan 20, 2017- What Will the Next President Face- Seeing Our Way Clear to 2020" 
And here is Michael Lutin: 
With the exception of Donald Trump, who supplied his LONG FORM birth record (with time of birth-required for an accurate horoscope) after badgering President Obama about his not being born in the U.S., we have not seen a birth certificate for Hillary or Bernie Sanders. Hillary (b. Oct 26, 1947) has given out both AM and PM times so it is impossible to cast a "take it to the bank horoscope" for her.

But many astrologers refer to her bio in which her mother said something about her being born at 8 AM "in time for breakfast," which would make her a double Scorpio and that surely fits.
A staffer for Bernie in the early '80's reports that he was born at 12:27 PM on Sept 8,1941 — which would give him a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon and Scorpio rising — a few degrees away from Hillary's ascendant.

But these charts are still speculative.
The Donald, (b. June 14, 1946 @ 10:54 AM) is a Gemini with Leo rising and the Moon in Sagittarius — and on Election Day and through most of 2017, Saturn, the sobering planet of burdens is heavily aspecting his chart — Does it mean more responsibility? Or is it descriptive of a man licking his wounds? He wants to win but does he really WANT this job?

One thing is for sure: Whoever is sworn in on January 20, 2017 — while the Moon is in Scorpio that day (which bodes well for Hillary), the other aspects are so severe that it is safe to say that the honeymoon will be over before it begins.
THANK you, Shelley. I am hoping the stars are in proper alignment — as I see it — and that Hillary Clinton prevails. If not, I suppose it won't be the end of the world. Or will it? You'll have to give me the dish on Inauguration Day — will the heavens weep? Will Orion's belt unbuckle? Will Cassiopeia escape on the back of The Crab? Will the Scorpion sting the The Dove? And will those Seven Sisters stop hanging around together and get a life?

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