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Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part LV

Rose Cumming's own bedroom.
Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

October 1965. So many friends of mine from Europe had moved to New York, further reminding me that New York in the 1960s was the place to be! Ground Zero Central. BINGO!

While San Francisco had the Summer of Love in 1967, the streets of New York were festivals all the time!

Harrison Cultra,
a young designer I'd known as a playboy driving around Paris in his light blue Austin Healey sports car with his Arizona license plates from his days as a student at Arizona State, arrived with his companion/partner, Dick, and was working at the glamorous Rose Cumming showroom on Park Avenue.
Harrison started his own business as a decorator with Georgina Fairholme, and one of his clients was Jacqueline Onassis. He later purchased and restored Teviotdale, the historic home of Robert Fulton in Germantown on the Hudson River.
And Buddy Felio had also left Paris and became the unlikely manager of Hamburger Heaven!
It was always fun to drop in and visit and watch Buddy being a charming and capable business person, such a far cry from his ever-present boulevardier persona in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. There he was frequently thought to be a reincarnation of Oscar Wilde. Or someone.
He carried his considerable weight very impressively. One night, while dining with him at the Brasserie Lipp in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, he ordered two servings of everything and the waiter prepared to leave until I piped up saying, "And I'll have ..."
Brasserie Lipp, Boulevard St. Germain, Paris.
Buddy knew everyone and people he didn't know certainly knew of him as he was hard to miss!
He'd grown up in India and was an expert on all the rituals of Indian cooking and dining.

He'd introduced me to Harrison.

Someone I'd also met in Paris through him was another American, Charles Buffum, and with Charles, his consort, Louise Deutchman (LouLou) who seemed to always be longing for some sort of commitment from Charles, a commitment that, as far as I know, never came.
Paris: At the Cafe Flore, Charles Buffum is the bald man with LouLou to his right facing forward. Buddy is on the left.
Charles frequently spoke of his "Aunt Buff" and much later I learned that she was Dorothy (Buffum) Chandler (Mrs. Norman Chandler) of the family owning The Los Angeles Times and the woman responsible for the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at the Los Angeles Music Center.
Dorothy Chandler or "Aunt Buff" to Charles.
The last I'd heard of Charles was that he'd been pursued by the police down Fifth Avenue after bathing seminude in the fountain of the Steuben Building. I don't know if it was true (and I hope it wasn't), but again I don't think Louise ever had her wish fulfilled!

So Buddy was now affiliated with Hamburger Heaven and commissioned me to come and do drawings, which for years were hanging in the restaurant.

Bud also introduced me to Roberta (Bobby) Waddell whose husband Richard owned The Waddell Gallery on the Upper East Side, a gallery that focused on known contemporary artists.
Bobby became a good friend and there were many fun nights meeting new people, talking long into the night and frequently ending up at the new hot discotheque, Arthur, owned by the recently divorced Sybil, ex-Mrs. Richard Burton and her new young husband, Jordan Christopher.
Jordan and Sybil Christopher, 1967.
The gang at Bud's on a busy night in January, 1966 ...
Much wine was consumed at Bud's over the course of the evening, but into the night at Arthur ... we danced it away!
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