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Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part LX

Paul Bartel.
Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

Spring, 1965. During the time of the New York World Fair the Mayor's Office tried to clean up the city so as not to discomfit the family visitors from places far away; places where people weren't used to seeing some of the things that New Yorkers took for granted. It was like the young couple expecting a visit from parents and having to hide the pornographic stuff (along with possible illicit drugs)!

There were "Raided Premises" signs in establishments all over town.

Paul Bartel had decided that our chic discotheque in our movie, "The Secret Cinema," would be named "The Raided Premise."

The theme of the movie was a strange premise in itself, a plan to secretly film all the events in a young woman's life (Amy as "plain Jane") without her knowledge and then screen the film at an underground "secret" theater. She, of course becomes an unknowing super star to the very fashionable "in crowd!" She is not a member of the "in crowd."
Paul called it "a paranoid fantasy" and I think it was his own personal paranoid fantasy yearning as he did for some of the cinematic notoriety that Andy Warhol was enjoying with his films.

Preparing to make our film, I photographed a posted "Raided Premise" sign in a Village bar window and at Paul's father's ad agency had it blown up to be used at whatever discotheque we could use.

Fortunately, Barre had a neighbor friend, Tiger Curtis, who was the manager of Arthur, the most famous New York disco owned by Sybil (ex-Mrs. Richard) Burton and her younger husband, Jordan Christopher. And to our delighted amazement, he let us use it on a Saturday morning to late afternoon!
Tiger Curtis, Paul, and me. Paul is holding our blown-up "The Raided Premise" logo to show Tiger.
Art Director Elissa Querze at the agency.
Annie Chirico, the agency Art Buyer.
Agency Art Director Tom Krumwiede, who was the one who fell through the front window at Elaine's and with whom I dined with Harper Lee at Elaine's.
Eric Baus-Valton at the agency.
We'd decided we'd use the ad agency on a Sunday as the location for Jane's office where Buddy Felio is her scheming boss, Mr. Troppogrosso.
Meanwhile, I was also making the rounds with my portfolio ...
And my friends Daisy and Harry Lange — whom I'd known from my Alabama days at Redstone Arsenal and who were now living in London — arrived for a visit. Harry was now an art director for movies and was just beginning work on the movie, "2001, A Space Odyssey." With his background working with Dr. Hermann Oberth on rockets, he was the perfect one to work with Stanley Kubrick.
One night after dinner at La Bourgogne we went to the small club Ondine on 59th Street on the Upper East Side where I seem to recall a new band playing, Californians, with a lead singer from UCLA ... Jim Morrison and the Doors!
It was an exciting time!

All of it.
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