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Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part LXX

Anne de Zogheb and Paul Anka, 1970.
Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

New York, 1965. Carole Gister and I went wandering around the city and stopped at the Enrico Caruso Boutique. There, we met Anne de Zogheb, the beautiful wife of singer Paul Anka.
She was a familiar face, a Ford model, and was trying on a shift dress of a vivid shade of red with an all over arrangement of large amber-colored flowers. As was the new trend, it ended three inches above the knee.
She left the store and the manager asked if Carole would like to try on this custom made dress — which she did. It looked fantastic on her and I persuaded Carole that it was worth every penny of the extravagantly expensive price. It was $75!

Carole bought it. Unfortunately, she was leery of the three-inch shortness and ordered it to be knee length. It lost some of the daring style but the silk fabric was so beautiful that it was still good. Not great and as fabulous as Anne Anka's, but good.

Then we met Barre for drinks at The Russian Tea Room.
Afterwards, I dropped Carole off at work where she continued working on her projects with SNCC, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The organization had played a major role in the 1963 March on Washington and sit-ins and voter registration in the South.
A few days later, we met with Tom John for drinks at La Fonda Del Sol in the Time Life Building and went on to dinner at the Benihana Restaurant.
Newhart and Burnett with a photo of Valente, 1964.
I had met Tom when he was designing "The Entertainers" TV show.

It starred Bob Newhart, Caterina Valente and Carol Burnett and my old Duplex pals, Dom DeLuise and Ruth Buzzi, were regulars. It was one of the first really big writing jobs for Treva Silverman.

Tom had completed working on "The Entertainers" and had designed Barbra's first TV special, "My Name is Barbra," which had aired in April. He won an Emmy for it.

I was remembering when Barbra had first heard the recording of Danny Kaye singing Leonard Bernstein's Children's Songs.

When he sang "My Name Is Barbara," her eyes lit up and she said, "I could sing that!" We were at Paul Bartel's family home in Montclair, New Jersey and now, everyone would hear her sing it — without the second "a"!
Set design for "My Name is Barbra," 1965.
Barbra performing on the set.
Wasn't it amazing that all these people from my earliest days in New York had all ended up working together on projects seen by the whole country — if not the world!

This is what I'd hoped for when I returned to New York from Paris!

Being surrounded and involved with friends doing projects that were worthwhile and recognized for their worth by the world!
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