Thursday, September 29, 2016

Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part LXXIX

Broadway at 46th Street; November 5th, 1966.
Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

New York, 1966.
Lots of running around, lots of appointments. And a quick lunch on the run.
More running.
Pattie Finley was an actress who was "Mrs. Malloy" in "HELLO DOLLY"; I gave her a "SECRET CINEMA" button, one of many that Paul Bartel had given me to distribute.
And even while distributing more buttons, Paul never met a photo booth he didn't love!
And another time, with Bob Stone.
More appointments — more running. Busses.
Sometimes taxis.
A Broadway appointment demanded a visit to my favorite portrait source, Hector's Cafeteria.
After a busy but not too consequential or eventful week, a visit with my new friend, David Columbia.
And another visit with a friend from UCLA whom I'd also known in Paris, Harald "Howdy" Hoeffding (also wearing a "SECRET CINEMA" button). He'd been nicknamed "Howdy" because he always said "howdy" when greeting people.  He looked like a professional ball player but in reality designed children's clothes.
Years later, I became a close friend of his mother. She told me that the summer in Paris while I was passing time with Howdy, she was also living there with his father and going through a crisis in her marriage that would end in divorce! She had felt trapped and wished she could've run around with us!
So the busy week ended with a conversation with David Columbia that has continued ever since! 50 years and counting!
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