Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I started at Saks. The lines were long. New York is packed right now.
by Tracey Jackson

Midtown Manhattan is not the cheeriest of spots these days since it has turned into Trumpville. So, I decided to stop being grinchey and I went off in search of some Christmas cheer.

Saks has the most spectacular lights this year. The windows are pretty, but better at night. In fact the whole thing is better at night. Though they really do a wonderful job. But it was daytime and I was in the hood so I made my way down six blocks of Fifth Avenue.

I have to admit there is not as much Christmas as one normally sees this time of year, but I got what I could. This page captures part of the magic of New York at Christmas and how Donald Trump stole the rest.
I don't love lines but I decided to get in to see the windows and take photos. One lady ... oh never mind ... let's keep in the Christmas spirit.
Saks has the best windows this year. They really went all out. The doors are all covered in candy. Not real candy!
Another angle. I just love this.
Lights everywhere. And at night the whole place is lit up. It's amazing!
One of the windows. Truth be told, the wait to see the windows up close was a crawl and I didn't have the patience or the time (plus that one lady was so rude, so I left).
This is what it looks like at night. Not my shot. Getty. See the watermark!
On the side of Saks. Way too much of this this holiday.
On my way up Fifth I decided to stop into St. Patrick's. Christmas and all. Thought I might get a few shots, sit a few minutes, and absorb some of that Wiseman wisdom.
Talk about crowds. No solitude there. Grabbed this and ran.
Across the street is Rockefeller Center. I did not want to venture into that crowd!
So I zoomed in.
This is looking down Fifth Avenue towards 57th Street. Normally a sea of lights and decorations and the big Star and all sorts of pretties. This year not so much. Trump Tower always had trees on the higher floors. Guess the Secret Service didn't think it was safe anymore. You never know who might be lurking amongst the trees these days.
Sadly most stores look like Valentino. Note to Valentino, next year decorate your A Game.
Thank you Tommy Hilfiger for making a big effort. Your store looks beautiful and it made me smile.
Atlas Wreathed.
Then there was him. People with dogs always get money from me.
You can always count on Cartier for some sparkle.
The panther crawling up the side.
Some bling.
Some more bling.
Ferragamo tried. Not in a big way, but they made more of an effort than most.
Once you hit 56th Street it still looks like this. Well, I guess it's going to look like this forever.
Barney's does nice windows. This one plays The Love Boat and is supposed to be The Love Boat. It's also five blocks away from Trump Tower.
The Peninsula Hotel always does a great job of dressing up for the holidays.
These are the decorations near my office.
To end on a happy Christmas note ... I found this this photo in my files. I think it's at Doubles Club in The Sherry-Netherland.