Monday, February 27, 2017

Jill Krementz covers Julian Schnabel at Pace Gallery

Julian Schnabel.

"All of these paintings are of roses near Van Gogh's grave. There's a black wall in the cemetery just behind his gravesite so that's what is peeping through."
Julian Schnabel
New Plate Paintings
Pace Gallery: 510 West 25th Street
February 24-March 25, 2017

Rose painting (Near Van Gogh's Grave, XIII, 2016; Oil, plates and Bondo on wood.
Julian Schnabel is back!

Inspired by the roses growing near Van Gogh's grave in the cemetery in Auvers-sur-Oise, France, Schnabel has returned not only to incorporating fragments of plates into his work, but after many years at Gagosian, to Pace, his former gallery founded by his friend Arne Glimcher.

The exhibition of oil paintings opened on Thursday night.  On hand to celebrate were three of the artist's children — Vito, Stella and Olmo Schnabel; artists Joel Shapiro, Ellen Phalen, Clifford Ross and Julian Lethbridge; designer Stacey Bendet; mega collectors Mera and Don Rubell as well as Peter Brant, and old pals Jane Holzer and Bob Colacello.

There's a beautiful catalogue accompanying the show with an essay by Hilton Als.
Self-Portrait as a Blind Swordsman Searching for Louise, 2017.

This large bronze sculpture, the base painted to look like wood, is at the entrance to Pace Gallery's exhibition of Julian Schnabel's New Plate Paintings.
View of the larger of two galleries. There are a total of 13 rose paintings in the exhibition.
Julian Schnabel with Arne Glimcher, the founder of Pace Gallery. Glimcher is an American art dealer, film producer and director. He has produced and directed several films, including "The Mambo Kings" and "Gorillas in the Mist," with Sigourney Weaver starring as Dian Fossey.
Large Rose Painting near Van Gogh's Grave, 2015
Rose Painting (Near Van Gogh's Grave), 2016
Close ups of various paintings so you can see the broken crockery.

Wanda Ferreiras, actress and journalist from the Dominican Republic. "My last performance was in Mexico in a theater festival where I played the role of Maria Montez."

Behind her is Rose Painting (Near Van Gogh's Grave), 2016
Wanda studying Rose Painting (Near Van Gogh's Grave), 2016 Sioan Bethel, a financial writer, with his Dahon folding bike from China.

Michael Anthony Pegues, a fixture of the downtown art scene, wearing a necklace of scrabble tiles spelling out AMBITIOUSLY.
Julian graciously signing some memorabilia for Mr. Pegues.
Dino Rayes, a visual designer, with Laurie Mark, a nurse practitioner at NYU Hospital. Terrance Grundy, an abstract painter from California.
Clifford Ross, multi-media artist, has a show opening at the Parrish Museum in Watermill on July 15th.
Mr. Mikey, a graphic designer, and Ricky Jackson, a fashion designer. Mr. Mikey's sneakers are Vans from Barneys; Mr. Jackson is wearing Pumas. Painter Tamara Gonzales wearing a Duro Olowu skirt. Her hair color is "Voodoo" (Manic Manic).
Maddy Rojas describes herself as a propagandist. Her T-shirt is from Vim, a jeans shop.
Mia Shan, an art dealer, with Dee Jackson, fashion designer (Dee and Ricky).
Sculptor Joel Shapiro with Julian Schnabel. Shapiro has a show currently at Kunstmuseum Winterthur in Switzerland and another exhibition opening in May at Pace Gallery in London. Ellen Phelan, married to Joel Shapiro, is a painter and photographer known for her hazy, romantic landscapes.
Lea Yerpa, an artist whose "mostly figurative drawings are combined with a lot of charcoal."
Her hair: "It's supposed to be purple but it came out pink. It's an adventure when you do it yourself. You never know what you're going to get."
Stella Schnabel, "actress, model, decorator, and now screenwriter."

Her T-shirt from the '40s is from a shop on 11th between Second and Third.
Olmo Schnabel, Julian's 23-year-old son. He is a university student and aspiring film maker. He appeared with Johnny Depp and other Schnabel siblings in "Before Night Falls" a 2000 American dramatic film directed by his father.
Michelle Barish and Stacey Bendet. Ms. Barish is a political writer for The Hill, Huffpost, and The Daily Beast. Stacey Bendet, Michelle Barish, and Vito Schnabel.

Stacey Bendet, founder and designer of Alice + Olivia (there are now 38 stores), owns several Schnabels. "I was in Montauk when he was working on some of these canvasses. He painted my two older daughters, when they were 6 and 8."

On her skirt: A self portrait of the designer who has just rolled out her new 16-piece collection of glam eyewear.

Stella Schnabel is on the right with her coat over her arm.
Vanity Fair writer Bob Colacello whose recent profile of Aileen Mehle, known as Suzy, appeared in the February issue of the magazine. Bob is at work on his second book about the Reagans.
Alba Clemente with Joe Maysonet. Mr. Maysonet is a trainer whose gym along the West Side Highway is where Julian and Vito stay in shape.
Bob Colacello with Stella Schnabel.
Bill Katz with Alba Clemente. Arne Glimcher and Bill Katz. Mr. Katz designed the gallery.
Architect Pietro Cicognani and Bob Colacello.
Kendal Henry, Director, Percent for Art Program at NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, who was very happy because the city just increased his budget to four million a year.

He's wearing a TopMan jacket and Zara pants.
Julian being interviewed by Angela Wilde, who is with the Museum Studies program at Syracuse University. They are standing in the smaller of the two galleries and Julian is explaining that the three paintings on the wall were painted in the winter in Switzerland where it was snowing. The paintings in the other gallery were done in Montauk.
Scott Rothkopf, Senior Curator at the Whitney, with David Rimanelli, "a writer and art critic for Artforum and other places." Julian with Scott Rothkopf. Schnabel had a major retrospective, organized by the Whitechapel Gallery, in London, at the Whitney Museum in 1987.
Jane Holzer, previously known as Baby Jane Holzer, during the days when she was an Andy Warhol superstar. Peter Brant owns Interview magazine and is a major art collector.
Peter Brant with Don and Mera Rubell. The Rubells, who live in Miami, are major art collectors. Their collection, housed in a former DEA warehouse (45,000 square feet) includes sculptures, paintings and video installations. Their daughter Jennifer Rubell has a show at Sargent's Daughters on East Broadway.
Olmo Schnabel and Harry Brant. Harry works at Interview, which is owned by his father. He started working there when he was 12 selling subscriptions.

Don Rubell guarding his luggage (and his wife's) near the reception desk. They had just arrived by train from Washington DC where they had attended the Kusama opening — "Infinity Mirrors" — at the Hirshhorn.

I was kind of surprised that the Rubells didn't arrive on their private plane. I was even more surprised when he told me that they always fly commercial and coach using upgrades (with miles) for First Class only when they travel internationally.
8:45 PM: End of the evening. Gallery assistants Sadie Dame, Sue Xu, Davina Bhandari, Caroline Valdes, and Christina Chang, all of whom were most hospitable and helpful.

Julian, along with his family and close friends, had departed for a celebratory dinner hosted by Arne Glimcher at Indochine restaurant.

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