Monday, February 6, 2017

Jill Krementz covers Shara Hughes at Gallery Met

Artist Shara Hughes at her opening reception. On the wall: Looking Out.

"I decided to title the show 'Lamenting, Sighing, Weeping' because those are the first words the character of Ježibaba sings in the opera, and I feel like they're the theme for the whole story — how it all begins and ends with Rusalka and the prince," Hughes said. "The whole story is about wanting something you can't have and the pain of love that can't exist."
Lamenting, Sighing, Weeping
A New Solo Show by Shara Hughes
Gallery Met; February 2-May 13, 2017

The Met's new production of Dvořák's Rusalka with Kristine Opolais received a rave review from Anthony Tommasini in the New York Times
The Metropolitan Opera has a ravishing new production of Dvořák’s Rusalka — conducted by Sir Mark Elder and directed by Mary Zimmerman starring Kristine Opolais in the title role of a water nymph who longs for love with a human prince. 

To celebrate this new production, Gallery Met is presenting an exhibition of new works, Lamenting, Sighing, Weeping, by acclaimed visual artist Shara Hughes and
organized by Gallery Met director Dodie Kazanjian.

There was an opening on Friday evening honoring the artist and her many friends. 

Those toasting with flutes of prosecco included artists Aliza Nisenbaum, Anne Gilman, Kristin Baker, Julian Lethbridge, Peter Saul, and Austin Eddy.  Also on hand were many luminaries of the art world including Calvin Tomkins, Randy Kennedy, Peter Schjeldahl, Christopher Lew, Adam Weinberg, and Isabelle Dervaux.
Shara Hughes with a bouquet of red roses that was presented to her upon her arrival. Dodie Kazanjian with Peter Gelb, General Manager of the Met.

Gallerist Rachel Uffner, whose gallery will be presenting a solo show by Shara Hughes in May. Ježibaba is displayed on the Grand Tier wall.

Adam Weinberg, Director of the Whitney Museum, who came early and had to rush off to another event. He is standing just outside the gallery in front of the exhibition poster.
Nicole Masucci, Christine Masucci (Dodie's assistant), and Benjamin Wagner (Christine's boyfriend). Nicole and Christine are sisters.
Artist Anne Gilman and her husband novelist David Unger. Gilman is a Brooklyn- based artist who does large-scale drawings and multi-panel projects. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Swamp is the name of Shara's painting.
Nathalie de Gunzburg (Chairman of the Board at DIA), Dodie Kazanjian, Shara Hughes, Rachel Uffner, Anne Gilman, and David Unger.
Chill Pill. Stranger through the Reeds.

Dodie Kazanjian: "Shara Hughes' intensely vivid fantasy landscapes struck me as the perfect
counterpart for Dvořák's ultra-romantic Rusalka. They both exist in the extended reality of the fairy
Randy Kennedy covers art for The New York Times.
Shara Hughes, Anne Gilman, Carol Vogel, and Randy Kennedy. Dana Buckley with her husband, Spencer Tomkins, an independent art dealer.
Artist Peter Saul's work was exhibited at Gallery Met in 2014 to coincide with the production of Figaro.
Sally and Peter Saul.
Art Collector Sheryl Sorbaro. Bill Powers owns Half Gallery. His artist, Genieve Figgis, had a solo show at Galley Met this past December for Romeo and Juliet.
Ivan Shaw and his wife Lisa von Weise. Mr. Shaw is Corporate Photography Director at Condé Nast; his wife is a personal stylist.
Sam Kusack and his wife, Kristin Baker. Mr. Kusack owns an architectural and metal fabrication company. Ms. Baker is a painter whose large scale abstractions have been exhibited by Jeffrey Deitch. Baker's work was on display at Gallery Met in 2013 for Parsifal.

Artist Aliza Nisenbaum was just profiled by Dodie in the February issue of Vogue.

Nisenbaum, 39, grew up in Mexico City, and teaches undergraduate painting and drawing at Columbia. She lives and works in Harlem where she has been painting portraits of immigrant families.

Her work will be included in next month's Whitney Biennial.
John Elderfield and Randy Kennedy. Mr. Elderfield has recently curated an exhibition of Cézanne portraits which will go on view at the Musée d'Orsay in June before traveling to the National Portrait Gallery in London and The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Alex Poots with Calvin Tomkins, known as Tad. Mr. Tomkins profiled Poots in The New Yorker.
Anne Gilman and Isabelle Dervaux, curator of Modern and Contemporary Drawings at The Morgan Library & Museum.
Artist Julian Lethbridge, whose exhibition of new work opens at Paula Cooper Gallery in Chelsea on Thursday, February 16.
Julian Lethbridge and Randy Kennedy.
Elena Fedorkova covers art and opera for Radio International based in Slovenska.
Shara Hughes with Peter Schjeldahl and his wife Brooke Alderson. Mr. Schjeldahl is the longtime art critic for The New Yorker. Biographer Edmund Morris with Tad Tomkins.

Dodie with Dr. Vijay Anand and his wife Nanda.

Dr. Anand is a renowned surgeon with Weill Cornell Medical Center specializing in Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery. He is particularly skilled at removing small brain tumors endoscopically through the patient's nose with the neurosurgeons.

Nanda Anand is a film-maker who directed a feature Return to Rajapur, and is currently working on a film about the caste system in India.

Dr. Anand is on the board of the World Monuments Fund and Freer|Sackler, while Nanda is on the board of Win (Women in Need) and Citymeals on Wheels.
Lilly Lampe is a fashion designer and writer. Her line, Blluemade, comprises clothing made from the finest Belgian linen in New York City's garment district. She also writes about art and artists for various publications.
Christopher Lew and Shara Hughes. Mr. Lew is the co-curator of the upcoming Whitney Biennial which will include work by Ms. Hughes.
An ebullient artist at the end of the evening with her boyfriend, artist Austin Eddy.

No slouch himself, Mr. Eddy has a solo show opening on February 28th at Taymour Grahne Gallery (157 Hudson Street).

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