Thursday, March 23, 2017

Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part CIV

Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

It was the weekend and everyone was again taking
the train to Sayville, Long Island. From there, the ferry to Fire Island.

And like every other weekend over the summer of '67, it started to rain.
Ben Bagley, who was visiting, played cards the whole weekend with Tony Favello.
It continued to rain.
In the evening there was still dancing at the Botel.
Kristine Karam and Maria Smith were faithful observers.
So it was another wet weekend — and the summer was ending!
Back in town I went with Ben Bagley to the Americana Hotel where he was meeting a Hong Kong tailor, William Woo, to be fitted for a suit. I was impressed with the idea of a tailor made suit for the price of one from a department store and made an appointment for myself.
During the long hot New York summers I'd thought of how appropriate white suits were and how comfortable white bath towels were after a shower.

Before my appointment I bought yards of white terry cloth and took it with me to the Americana Hotel where I told Mr. Woo that I wanted a suit made of it.

He gave me A Look I will never forget and after a long pause, said it wouldn't be possible. Instead he quietly and patiently showed me a book of the English fabrics that were possible. I ended up with a black suit with a more traditional fabric.

I wanted a very lightweight unlined summer suit made of high quality toweling and Mr. Woo made very traditional English-style clothes.

I still think a terry cloth suit would be good for a hot, humid summer!
The next weekend I was invited to a party in Princeton, New Jersey by Claire Burns, a woman who'd become a good friend of mine.
Her sister Lin and brother-in-law Edgar Parser had come from Belgium where they lived and there was a dinner dance for them at the Nassau Inn.
There were marvelous parties in Princeton and Claire frequently invited me to them. She had a very bubbly personality and appeared to know and like everyone! Apparently, everyone liked her, too!

After, there was a house party.
Don Field.
Claudia Dignan.
Before leaving Princeton, Claire took me to meet two friends who lived in Guernsey Hall, a beautiful old house.
Bob Moyer.
And Bob Morgan.
Then I took the train back to New York.
On Sunday, some of the guys from the Fire Island "Hideaway" house and I went for a quick trip in the rain to Coney Island.
And then I met Blair Sabol!

We'd been introduced through Doreen Gehry and Rolf Nelson and immediately had a thousand things to talk about.
Blair was living in an apartment in the Carlyle Hotel which was decorated in a sort of Early Discotheque style with a large art piece, a replica Hershey Bar over a couch. Blair's mother Audrey was a collector and connoisseur of Pop Art!
Girl in White Boots (Blair) by Wayne Thibeau.
The apartment was quite a contrast to the quieter elegance of the Carlyle. Another contrast — It was from here that Blair went downtown to the Village Voice where she wrote a popular column, "Outside Fashion," a contrast to Eugenia Sheppard's "Inside Fashion" in the Herald-Tribune!

You can read Blair's posts (No Holds Barred) now in NYSD.
Of course, we first went to Max's Kansas City!
The next night we went to the Paradise Inn.
Then I was back at Reiter-Dulberg Photo Lab!
Seen on the street on my way home ...
"Summer of Love?" Maybe in San Francisco.

But in New York, "Bad News Summer" indeed!

A Bummer Summer!
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