Thursday, April 13, 2017

Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part CVII

Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

We returned to the city after another wet Fire Island weekend.
And just as we grew accustomed to the rain on Fire Island, we could always count on the city to greet us with exactly the kind of news we would spend the weekend trying to get away from!
Paul Bartel arranged a screening of The Secret Cinema using it as a trial audition for an organization that considered booking it for a short run.
After the screening we went for dinner at Costello's on Third Avenue.
The next day I was back making the rounds seeing art directors and taking a break for lunch.
The following day I saw the same woman on the bus! She was wearing a different headdress, but it was just as impressive.
I visited Bobby Waddell and met her relative, Elizabeth "Tibi" Karaman.
"Tibi" was beautiful and glamorous and very much in the moment!
It occurred to me that the "Youth Quake" that Diana Vreeland had named and written about might have been inspired by the appearance of young girls. With short miniskirts, Mary Jane-style flat shoes with knee socks and hair expanded with the aid of hairpieces, a woman's proportions could more approximate the proportions of a pre-teen.


You can't look fashionable younger than a pre-teen!
I was thinking that the social "message" of a Jazz Age flapper was very similar with bobbed hair, cloche hats resembling the berets that young French school girls wore, short dresses that disguised a woman's shape and again, Mary Jane-referenced shoes! Women also rolled the tops of their silk stockings below the knees which was similar to knee socks!

In the post World War I period it was also about youth! Since so many young men had been killed and then the plague of Spanish Flu had killed millions, it was as if people wanted to start over. Young children seem to be innocently liberated — something else the two periods had in common.

Soerabaja was a new restaurant on the Upper East Side and Steve Jones was involved.
Steve and a date had been at The Plaza for our movie and after the crowd of friends (who'd been "atmosphere") had gone home, Steve and his date and their bottle of scotch stayed and stayed at their table behind the action.
Watching the film I can see them becoming more and more tipsy as the scene progresses!
Then it was again the weekend and beginning to dread it, I headed out to Fire Island again.
The train.
Then the ferry boat.
Then the Botel.
Then the rain!
At least it was always fun to see what Kristine Karam and Maria Smith would be wearing.
It was never disappointing!
Guy Burgos was there for the summer. He was married to Lady Sarah Churchill, the granddaughter of Consuelo Vanderbilt who'd married the Duke of Marlborough at the turn of the century. Guy and Sarah had The Churchill Gallery in the city.
The Burgos/Churchill marriage was not to last; Guy left Sarah and joined up with Philip Farron.
Two decades later, Sarah became a close friend of mine and one evening, sitting in her Beverly Hills kitchen, she told me and DPC the sad tale. She and Guy, however remained close for the rest of their lives.

So after another damp weekend, I was going back to the city.

The world of the rest of Long Island, the so called Real World, was so different from Fire Island.

At least from the outside!
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