Thursday, April 20, 2017

Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part CVIII

Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

Leaving the wet chaotic atmosphere of Fire Island for the
wet chaos of Manhattan, on the train back to Manhattan I was now dreading the weekends!
There was the familiar haven of Elaine's where everyone could get away from anti-war conversations and demonstrations — and the shock of what was going on in the South concerning civil rights!
Here was a place which appeared to have the old values, gossip, prestige and privilege!
And then there was Fire Island again with what were apparently the new values, escapism, promiscuity and ego gratification. And even more lurid gossip!
And a lot of dancing!
Maria Smith, as beautiful and chic as ever, was always present.
With Maria was her friend, Kevin Higgins.
With the rain, my housemate Gary Van Kirk decided to spend a lot of time cooking. He was the friend who persuaded me to come on this Fire Island adventure and being a sun lover was as disappointed as I was by the weather.
Peter Pace was a friend of Maria and Kevin's, whose name Pace, Maria laughingly, always pronounced as if it were Italian — "Pah-chay" to make it sound more exotic!
And after the weekend, as usual I was back running around in the city.
An old friend from Paris had come to town and we met for lunch.
Bob Tuske was 16, played the guitar and had a rock band. He was the boyfriend of the baby sitter for my friends Dale and Tom Krumwiede's two young boys.
Bob's band ended up in our movie The Secret Cinema playing a song, I Wanna Take Your Picture! written by Richard Heller, who was Buddy Felio's boss at Hamburg Heaven!
My cousin June Hibdon, her husband Milt, and son Dennis also arrived in town from Honolulu where they lived. I visited them at their hotel and made plans for what to show them.
As they went about, doing the business things they'd come for, I continued doing my own business things, going to Columbia Records and having lunch with John McClure at the Madison Cafeteria near the ad agency where I'd initially worked years before, a newcomer to Manhattan. Now I was blasé enough to be giving tours to visitors!
John had obliged me by wearing a Secret Cinema button!
And I met Patty Sauers for dinner. She was enjoying her role as Ernestina Money in Hello Dolly.
Finally, I decided to take the Hibdons to Max's Kansas City to show them a part of New York City they couldn't have ever imagined!
I still wonder what they were thinking.
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