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Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part CXIII

Party at 20th Century Fox sound stage, September 29, 1967.
Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

My mother was still enjoying her visit. There was something happening every minute — even after the film festival. And having our film shown, we were included in all those festivities connected with the festival.

There was a big disco party given on a sound stage at Twentieth Century Fox with a few people wearing electrified outfits with built-in lights blinking in patterns! A lot of men were wearing velvet and satin and everyone was dressed in hallucinatory colors and designs!
My mother loved to dance. So she did!

The following day we had lunch at the Museum of Modern Art with my neighbor and friend, Bjarne Buchtrup, who was performing in a show on Broadway.
He was from Scandinavia and my mother, who loved to travel, asked him a thousand questions. She was planning a cruise on the S.S. Kungsholm for the next year, 1968, and was thrilled to get some inside inspiration.
After Bjarne left us to get ready for the evening's performance, mother decided it was time to write the social editor of The Fresno Bee and tell her all about her New York visit.
That evening we'd been invited to dinner at the apartment of my friend Feliciano, who was an architectural photographer for House & Garden, Architectural Digest and other shelter publications.

Maria Smith and her friend, Bruce and Gary Van Kirk were also there.
Mother, Maria, and Bruce at Feliciano's.
The photos I'd taken of DPC, which visually redefined his image as an actor, were ready at the lab the next day and so I picked them up.
His previous photos had made him look like The Boy Next Door and I didn't see him like that. I'd even asked him if he had an audition or were invited to a party in the Hamptons which one would he have chosen?

Shortly after that he changed his goals.
That night we met Blair and Paul and went to a screening of Chappaqua at MCA's screening room, a film that was so hallucinogenic that I have no memory if there was even a plot to it. After, we went to dinner at l'Étoile. The movie was easy to forget.
At dinner the following night at Soerabaja I introduced mother to Eve Tibby, who I'd originally known when she was working at Condé Nast in Paris. Now she was at Diplomat and giving me illustration work and even occasionally a writing assignment!
We again visited Cousin Lillian and her husband Isadore Edelstein at their home and my mother and Lil shared East and West Coast family stories. I brought a tape recorder along and recorded some of their conversation.
I wanted my mother to meet Janet Hautau, an art director who patiently befriended me when I first arrived to work at the advertising agency seven years earlier. I was introducing mother to the different people I'd met since leaving California, Eve from Paris and now Janet from my earliest days in New York.

She was, of course, now surrounded by my current life!
As we trekked through the city the next day we passed Beck's, a shoe store, and my mother thought of buying an inexpensive pair of walking shoes saying that she couldn't remember ever having walked as much as she was now doing!
And that evening we went to Max's Kansas City along with Maria Smith (wearing her new short wig). My mother was fond of Maria and kept saying how beautiful she was. She was also inspired by the fact that Beautiful Maria was only four feet eleven and a half inches tall, my mother's exact height!

My mother used to say that she couldn't wear so-called high fashion because she was too short. Maria showed her the opposite.

Years later I met Gloria Swanson, who in the 1920s was called a "clothes horse." Swanson told me that she was in fact only four feet eleven inches tall herself!
Mother was going home soon and we had a late lunch with my friend and upstairs neighbor, Eileen (not-the-actress) Brennan. We met at Yellowfinger's for one last people-watching experience, had dinner again at Elaine's and went back to the Croydon Hotel.
There was a morning flight to California leaving from Newark so after more conversation at the hotel I left her and went home.
The next morning came too soon and we arrived at Newark where I saw her off, knowing that she had had a good time but knowing that she was also happy to be going back to her house and garden.

I also knew that she couldn't wait to tell her friends about her time in New York!
And I was going back to my regular life, which I now realized was pretty irregular compared to what it had previously been in California!
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