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Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part CXXI

Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

December, 1967.
My illustration representative, Pema Browne gave a birthday party for her son, Brian.

He was 2 years old.

Several of his contemporaries were invited — and it's difficult to imagine that they are all now well into middle age.  Coming into the world at such a creative but turbulent time I wonder now what their lives had been like and how they'd adjusted to everything. For them, of course, this was all normal!
Pema and her husband Perry were very loving parents and Brian was a very active child.
Mary-Robin Redd and I met with Katia Aubry at The Stage Delicatessen.

We'd all been at UCLA at the same time, Katia having come from Paris and being married to Daniel Aubry, a graduate film student.

Katia and I had immediately bonded in a swamp in Corona, California during the tediously prolonged filming of a student film project. It was a lifetime friendship and the inspiration (and invitation) of my initially going to Paris. Over pastrami and dill pickles we shared anecdotes with Robin.
I met Cynthia Conroy at la Brochetteria and we talked about having a photography session.
She needed a photograph and I was always happy to have an excuse to take pictures — especially if someone needed them.
And then the following Friday it was Barbara Dromgool's birthday and there was a party. Barbara shared an apartment with Susan Craven and their friend Barbara Propp had written a birthday song which she sang while accompanying herself on the guitar.
On Saturday there was a party at Janet Coates' apartment.
Janet was engaged to marry Bernard Bossom.
After most of the guests had left, we started talking about Vietnam, the political turmoil and eventually ice cream — and since The Flick, a new and very trendy ice cream parlor was not far away, we took a Checker cab there.
Fortified, we continued the conversation until being notified that it was 2:00 a.m. and the Flick had to close so we decamped for the Brasserie in the Seagram Building.

It was open 24 hours!
Another week of political turmoil, birthdays and as a palliative, sugar!
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