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Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part CXXXIX

Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

June 1968. Bob Smith, an American friend from Paris, had arrived in New York and we met for lunch at Daly’s Dandelion. Bob was a very successful model and because he looked so All-American he worked a lot all over Europe.  The day before I left Paris for New York in 1964, he and photographer Eddie Brofferio invited me to a going-away brunch at their home in The Marais, which was at that time still being discovered!

To my surprise they’d also invited Nena von Schlebrügge, one of  the most beautiful models in the world and one that I particularly admired!
Nena was brighter and more intelligent than I could have ever imagined!  She would eventually move to New York and marry LSD guru, Timothy Leary, before moving with him to Millbrook, New York.
When Paul Bartel and I were making our movie, The Secret Cinema, I wanted Nena to be in our sequence at Arthur Discotheque as one of the beautiful people of the “In Crowd”!

I called the telephone number in Millbrook that she’d given me and a man answered.  I asked to speak with Nena and the man, sounding agitated, said that she was unable to come to the phone at the moment. So I thanked him and thought I’d call later.

The next day, the newspapers and radio were full of reports that Dr. Timothy Leary’s house in Millbrook had been raided by the police the night before. LSD I guess.

In any event, I didn’t have the nerve to call back and thought that Nena might be occupied with something else that would prevent her from attending anyway.

After her marriage to Leary ended she married the brilliant, spiritual intellectual, Robert Thurman.
Nina and Robert in 2007. Photo: Patrick McMullan
They had a daughter to whom they gave the name, UMA!

That evening, Annie Rieger and I were invited for drinks at Dick Barsam’s apartment not far from my own.
Barsam was a professor and author of books on film.  Afterwards, some of us went for dinner at the Brochetteria.
Then I went home to begin my work “day.”

On Monday I had lunch with George and Julie (Tarachow) Hoover who were now married.  I was still doing illustrations for ABC TV newspaper promotions for George.
The next day I had lunch with Butch Clancy and his friend Jack at The Bavarian Inn in Yorkville on East 86th Street just up from my apartment.
And Gary Van Kirk had returned to New York from living in Paris. His friends there had suggested he leave as the Parisian students’ demonstrations were becoming more violent every day.  He told me about the trees along the boulevards that were being cut down and used as barricades against the police and the students attacking and burning police cars!
We had anti-war demonstrations and protests all over New York but not quite as militant as the French. Not yet at least!

Bernard Sabatier had also come to New York.  His trip was for business but he was glad to have avoided the mess that was happening in Paris.
On the following Saturday I met Patrizia Pierangeli for lunch.  She was the young sister of the actress twins Marisa Pavane and the other sister whom the studio renamed “Pier Angeli.” “Pier” had had a romantic involvement with James Dean but it was strongly discouraged by Mama Pierangeli.
Mrs. Pierangeli had told me once about James Dean’s rudeness to her. She was the manager of the careers of her daughters and she said that one night she couldn’t get Dean to leave so “Pier” could go to bed to be rested for her next morning’s 5:00 a.m. call for work at the studio!

She told me that he said, “She’s the one (“Pier”) making the money and she wants me to stay!”

I’d heard that when “Pier” finally married Vic Damone, Dean sat on a motorcycle in front of the church, loudly revving the motor.  I asked her if that was true and she said, “Yes!! You couldn’t hear anything — it ruined the ceremony!”

That evening I met Howard Blechman for dinner at the Brochetteria (again) and he brought along a young Danish designer named Jesper Nyeboe.
On Sunday evening I went to have dinner with David Zucker and Abbey Manburg at the Orchidia restaurant on Second Avenue.
Monday, I took a break for coffee in Greenwich Village with Peter O’Rourke who’d just moved into New York. We walked through several anti war protests but found a haven at the White Horse Tavern.
A good thing about the Village was that it was full of activity even on a Monday night!
On the way home, I stopped at a White Castle for one of their funny and strange little square hamburgers!  Then at home, an all-night work session for a Tuesday deadline.

A typical disciplined work schedule!
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