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Schulenberg's Page: New York, Part CXXXVII

Text and Illustrations by ©Bob Schulenberg

January, 1968. Paul Bartel was working at Hearst Metrotone News and I stopped by to see if there were any developments in promoting The Secret Cinema. There was nothing new.

We went to The Museum of Modern Art to see the Yugoslavian animated films which were revolutionary in concepts totally different from what was happening in the US.

The next day I met Howdy Hoeffding for dinner at the Finale.
On Wednesday we went to the Helen Hayes Theater to see The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, with the actress Zoe Caldwell in the title role. A year later it was made into a film starring Maggie Smith as Miss Jean Brodie. After the play we went for dinner to Forno’s Restaurant.
We’d been to the museum earlier for more Zagreb animation.  We couldn’t get enough of it. The films were usually without any dialogue since they were aiming for a larger audience (and market) than Yugoslavia but the scope of the ideas they were able to convey along with the creativity involved was eye opening!
We had a lot to talk about!

The next day Butch Clancy was back in New York.  He was one of my first friends from my earliest Manhattan days living in Greenwich Village.
We met for dinner with Barbara Dromgool at my neighborhood Kis Little Hungarian Restaurant that Paul called "The Cheap-a-teria" because a three course dinner could cost under $5.00!

That included a marvelous Hungarian dessert, palacsinta, a pancake-like crepe filled with jam and finely ground nuts.

The next day I went to ABC and met with Julie Tarachow who was now married to George Hoover, an office romance with a happy ending.
And then on Saturday, more animation from Zagreb at MOMA.
This pressed flower was in the sketchbook, a preserved special memory of an event or an evening or a person worth remembering. A happening 49 years ago.
Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the story or the event was although it would be criminal to not leave it in the pages of the sketchbook!
Going home from the Museum on the E train.
The following Tuesday I met Katia Aubry at her apartment on East 64th Street and we went downtown to see the new studio that Daniel, her now ex-husband, had set up.  He was establishing himself as a photographer with a focus on architectural and interior design.
On Thursday evening, Pema Browne, my illustration rep, and her husband Perry invited me to their apartment to meet some art directors and advertising people.
I met Linda Harris and Anne Rieger , who subsequently would become a very close friend. She had a very ready sense of humor and a giggle that couldn’t help but unmask any pomposity.  There was a lot of pomposity in the advertising world!
The next day, a Friday, I was back making rounds.
I was going to ad agencies — frankly trying to cash in on the doors that Pema Browne was opening for me.
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