Friday, August 4, 2017

What to Wear Where: The Hampton Cup

Delfina Blaquier at last year's Hampton Cup.
by Karen Klopp & Hilary Dick

Galloping right alongside the The Hampton Classic, The Hampton Cup, presented by Cartier and benefiting the Robin Hood Foundation, is an equestrian extravaganza of enormous social and sports appeal. It features a late afternoon polo match featuring dreamboat Argentine polo star Nacho Figueras and the world's top-rated polo players, followed by a dinner fieldside in the setting sun. This takes place on Sunday, August 6th, 2017, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Equuleus Polo Club in Watermill.

It is an extraordinary fact that of the $100 million the organization raises in a year ($54 million at the Annual Gala!), not one penny is spent on overhead. The brilliant, power-packed Board of Directors funds the entire expense of running Robin Hood from their own pockets, donating $90 million dollars in 2016. That is the kind of commitment that is the hallmark of this generous institution. RH was the first of its kind to develop metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs it funds, leading the wunderkinds of Wall Street to open their wallets as well as their hearts.
Nacho riding tall.
The match begins.
Last year's winners.
The match is held on the farm of Joe and Diana DiMenna in Watermill and we asked the hostess her style advice. "The Hamptons cup to benefit Robin Hood is quintessential "Hamptons chic" for a great cause. The men turn out in pastel shirts and linen or seersucker jackets. The women all look lovely and cool in flowing dresses, thin straps, and sensible but fabulous wedges and flats. The event is elegant yet casual, in a way that reminds everyone of by-gone ways of entertaining. The main thing, as always, is the amount of heart and generosity the attendees bring to support Robin Hood in the fight against poverty. Generosity and caring is the chicest thing of all!”
Thomas Bouillonnec, Diana DiMenna, Nacho Figueras, and David Saltzman.
Jessica Seinfeld. Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy.
Michael B. Jordan.
Christine Mack, Richard Evans, and Kim Heirston-Evans. Quincy and Sonja Morgan.
Nacho Figueras, Delfine Blaquier, Diana DiMenna, and Joe DiMenna.
Gabby Karan de Felice and Delfina Blaquier.
Rodger Berman and Rachel Zoe.
Co-chair Mary Snow commented on the day, “It is fitting that the Sport of Kings is being played by the current Kings of the Sport who generously give their time for such an incredible cause. People love this event — Nacho and the other high-goal players add a great deal of excitement. And Cartier’s involvement adds an international, glamourous flair. As they relaunch the Cartier Panthère, it feels like a moment in time.”

And what will Hilary be wearing to this elegant equestrian extravananza?
Hilary with Valesca Gerrand-Hermes. Photo by Peter Michaelis
From Newport to Watermill, Karen and I are certainly hitting the summer hot spots. The Hamptons Cup comes at the perfect time of year, when you want to be outside enjoying a warm mid-summer day in a beautiful setting. Not to mention the excitement of watching the world's most skillfull polo players galloping across the field. Robin Hood always attracts the best and brightest to its events and every one will be dressed for the occasion. I will keep it simple and airy with this off-the-shoulder dress. As we have said in a previous post, wedges are a must on the grass and I think a hat with some flair adds just the right touch to any look. Simple jewelry and a tote for a sweater and sunscreen plus the requisite chic sunnies and you are good to go. Let the match begin!
Nacho's lovely wife, Delfina Blaquier, will be there to cheer for her husband and for the charity. She is accomplished in her own right as self taught photographer and Founder of the eponymous lifestyle blog,
Delphina and Nacho in Ralph Lauren's Romance campaign.
And lest you think that the day is a playground for adults, Committee Member and Philanthropist Dee Dee Ricks talks about the family experience. “The Hampton Cup is my favorite social event of the summer and I am thrilled to be a part of the benefit committee this year. What’s unique to me is that Robin Hood supporters are the most beautiful, INSIDE and out. I love that it centers around the family. My sons and I will of course wear Robin Hood’s signature green, the perfect color for a summer day in the Hamptons. They will be sporting only 2BB T-Shirts to support our favorite Two Blind Brothers, Brad and Bryan Manning.
Dee Dee and her boys.
Fun for the whole family ...
KK: For me there is only one color that captures the month of August — WHITE! I try to wear it every day. While I don’t subscribe strictly to the “no white after Labor Day” fashion edict, I do retire my lightweight cottons and linens shortly thereafter. There is that “back to school” mentality of September that speaks to a need for a change of wardrobe. I leave the long and mid-calf dresses to the tallers girls, and shopped Bergdorf for two fun and flirty frocks, then found this fab chapeau to add a little flair. Hilary’s daughter Sophie works for ASHA and I love their casual, well priced jewelry for summer flings. And Chloe’s new line of “bracelet bags” really struck my fancy.
Karen with her Dom at last year's Hampton Classic.
“The commitment this community makes year after year to New York City’s most vulnerable residents is inspiring,” said David Saltzman, Co-Founder and Board Member. “We’re deeply appreciative of Diana, Joe, Nacho and Delfina’s leadership and support. Their efforts help to educate, feed, train and house New Yorkers in need.”

For more information, contact Nathalie Kaplan at or call 212.650.0007 or go to Robin Hood.

As if you didn't already know, Robin Hood’s Board is a Who’s Who in finance, entertainment and industry.
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