Thursday, June 28, 2007

Peggy Phipps Boegner's Jewels to Appear in a Mysterious Sale


Margaret Phipps Boegner, granddaughter of a founder of U.S. Steel, died last year at age 99. After her parents passed in the late 1950s, Mrs. Boegner established the nonprofit Old Westbury Gardens. Amongst her grandchildren are Naylor-Leylands, Nicksons and Douglases.

This weekend, June 30th, part of her jewel collection is being sold at little known South Bay auction house in East Moriches, Long Island. It is a mystery that these jewels were not sent to either Christie's or Sotheby's with a huge fanfare accompanied by champagne and  canapes. Up for sale is a magnificent Edwardian diamond tiara, a superb rare Cartier Art Deco crystal gem set basket pin and a 1920s Boucheron diamond bracelet watch with a rose cut portrait diamond covering the dial.

As well as these wonderful jewels, the sale has a real bird’s eye view of how families like the Phippses accumulated superb English Georgian silver for everyday use . No Gracious Home oven to table for this generation.

Well, the secret word got out amongst the international dealers and as usual, all will be crossing their fingers that they are the only ones who know about this secret treasure auction. Of course, prices will skyrocket as tempers fly across Long Island for these few goodies.

— James deVries