Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shopping Safari: Southampton

By Jamee Gregory

Finished playing tennis, bored with the beach? Join me for a stroll down Jobs Lane, Southampton’s chicest shopping street. Parking is easy! Bentley’s, Porsches, and colorful Mini-Coopers fill the slots on both sides of the street.

Begin your visit with a stop at the Parrish Museum, taking advantage of the café tables that dot its terrace to compose your thoughts. Visit J. McLaughlin for brightly –colored, well-tailored, affordable preppy clothes. Take your time, the traffic police are gentler than in East Hampton where your car is instantly marked with chalk!

Visit Stubbs’s and Wooton for needle pointed shoes that mark you as a native. This summer’s popular models have lobsters and skull and bones on the toes in all the colorful shades in the rainbow. (My husband opted for denim with red lobsters and I fell for hot pink with yellow skulls.) There are mules, flats, and heels, handbags and belts to match.
Clockwise from top left: A view of the charming shops on Jobs Lane; McLaughlin's cheery menswear; A gaily striped ottoman covered with shoes at Stubbs and Wootton; Coral walls and flowered chintz, a fireplace mantel covered in slippers all makes Stubbs and Wootton a wonderful place to pause and shop; A crescent table covered with Stubbs and Wootton's colorful collection of shoes; The welcoming terrace in front of the Parrish Art Museum, the heart of Southampton's art scene.
If you like country French, try P.W. Zak. If your summer wardrobe lacks gypsy- like skirts, large totes, sexy bathing suits or gauzy tops, don’t miss Calypso.

For bold accessories, both costume and real, try Jennifer Miller’s cheery store. You’ll leave with rings on your fingers, chains round your neck, and dangling earrings galore. Jennifer is often in her shop, making your selection more fun.

Need more Jack Rogers flats? Jildor is the place to go. This shoe store has the best selection of shoes for your everyday needs.

Ann Madonia, right next door, is the place for antiques. When houses change hands, precious contents often end up in this beautiful store. Daughter Susan Madonia’s expertise will guide your purchase. Don’t miss her outdoor terrace for wrought iron and unusual planters. Her antique furniture and art work will tempt the most discerning shopper.
Clockwise from top left: This summer at Calypso turqoise is hot!; P.W. ZAK ANTIQUES, the place for country french linens, soaps, dishes, tolie-covered photo albums, all straight from Provence; Jildor's window filled with floating totes and Jack Roger's famous Navajo sandal in every color combination imaginable; A rustic bench filled Provencal cushions welcomes visitors P.W. ZAK; The acqua door of Ann Madonia's shop, artwork on display in this charming house filled to the brim with treasures for your home. Window boxes and planters filled with flowers and an American flag add to the charm; Jewels in Jennifer Miller's enticing window.
Harmont & Blaine, an Italian menswear shop that features a dachshund as its logo will tempt even the most difficult men. Buy your boyfriend or husband cotton polo with a crisp striped collar or a pastel-striped linen shirt. He won’t see himself coming and going wearing togs from this exclusive shop.

Don’t forget to explore the courtyard or you’ll miss Tracy Feith’s gem of a store. It’s where the cool girls find their shortest, brightest, chicest little dresses along with sexy shawls and tiny beaded bags.

Have a little boy? Stop in Vilbrequin to buy him bathing trunks to match his dad’s! The fabulous prints look very St. Tropez, just the thing for surfing on Little Plains beach.

Get slim Lacoste polo’s and sexy jeans for your teen or yourself at Twist.

Stop in Rags for cute tees, embroidered skirts and beautiful print shifts.

Need cashmere for a cool night? Christopher Fisher is the place, and there’s a sale going on. Want a sequined tee or a sexy black mini?
Clockwise from top left: Harmont & Blaine's window with striped shirts and sweaters, dotted with dachsunds; Tracy Feith's bold prints, just right for sunny Southmpton; Trendy stuff at Twist-for teens of all ages!; Christopher Fischer's tabletop display, a bold array of cashmere and cotton tees, sweaters and bags; Racks at Rags-spaghetti-strapped dresses for hot summer nights; Rags' inviting windows and blooming window boxes; Vilbrequin's printed trunks, flanked by conservative denim styles for the more conservative customer.
Alice and Olivia, the new shop in town, will dress you to the nines, ready for a night on the town.

Want the best-fitting pants in the world? Be sure and check out Theory. I couldn’t live without their well cut trousers and jeans! They run long and narrow.

Need something quirky and special, a little gift or a sweet card? Visit Victoria’ Mother and find what you need.
Clockwise from top left: Alice and Olivia's glamorous window-Black is beautiful!; Dazzle with dresses from Alice and Olivia, stop to sample a jelly bean; Theory's display, everything you need for work and play; Theory's perfect dark-washed jeans. I left with a pair!
Whatever you do, don’t miss Stevenson’s, the best toy store in the Hampton’s! Arts and crafts, games, toys, dolls, anything you need, dispatched with good cheer, wrapped beautifully, and selected with care. What do six year olds like? The Stevenson’s are experts, guiding you to the perfect, age-appropriate gift.

Need a new tape or DVD to keep you company for the ride home? Hit Long Island Sound’s great selection of music and time will fly by. New tunes will keep you singing along after a hard day’s shopping.
Clockwise from top left: Stevenson's window bursts with toy planes, stuffed animals, doll house name it!; Temptations at Stevenson's-A paradise for children of all ages!; Bikes, rocking horses, Barbies. Madame Alexander dolls, stickers and kites all cry for attention; Long Island Sound-step inside to hear what's hot and what's not.