Monday, August 27, 2007

Shopping Safari: Westhampton

By Jamee Gregory

A gloomy day in the Hampton’s is a good day for shopping! I head off to Westhampton with my friend Lisa. Suddenly we see an intriguing window display on the side of the highway. Tires screech and we stop and park at the new Bev Cardo lifestyle and home fashions store.

The attractive shop, surrounded by colorful plantings is too good to miss! This is the newest, chicest home design destination; its window filled with brightly colored cushions, embroidered in white, some with beads and borders, just the thing to liven up an all-white room or your porch furniture. Each pillow is an art work with wonderful patterns. Coral rectangles, hot pink squares, lime green European squares, piled high on a lattice-work day bed literally stop traffic.
Clockwise from top left: Lisa, about to enter the free-standing store we found on the Montauk Highway (inset: Adorable Martini and wine glasses with colored beads in their stems beside plastic trays, cutlery, toothpicks and bowls, sett off by the cheery yellow walls); Beautiful pillows at Bev Cardo deck the day bed; My favorite turquoise cushion under an antique map. Everything is for sale!; More pillows...It's so hard to choose!; Fabric samples, chic garbage bins, candies, all beautifully displayed.
Inside Bev Cardo there are books, celadon serving trays, lamps, linens, colorful plastic cutlery, glasses, earrings, and hand bags…a little bit of everything for summer fun. We leave, filling the back of the car with cushions, trays, and a green-leafed cache pot encircled in the arms of a porcelain chimp, just the thing for my terrace!

Calypso's sorbet colores silk dresses are just perfect for the dog days of summer.
On to Westhampton we go, stopping at our favorite, O’Suzanna, on Main Street, first. Where else can you find pottery and porcelain from the Mediterranean? An exceptional array of ceramic table tops, platters, dishes, and planters tempts even the most jaded shopper.

I discover a Lazy Susan, a spinning round top, for my breakfast table, covered in a painted pink- and -yellow flower collage, perfect for holding bowls of berries, jars of jam and pitchers of milk. Peonies, poppies and passion flowers will brighten my mornings all winter long.

Lisa finds a terrific selection of Caspari paper cocktail napkins and a butter dish topped by an elegant butterfly. I can’t resist a small platter with a refined pink and green woven border, just right for cheese and two celadon jam jars topped with oranges and strawberries.
Clockwise from top left: The fountain and colorful plantings in front of O'Suzanna, just like Italy!; Table tops to the left, platters, plates, pitchers to the right, chandeliers above; Sea shells, planters, napkin rings-everything to decorate your table top; Lucille's Beach Barn full of rustic objects for casual summer homes.
Our next stop is Lucille’s Beach Barn filled with whimsical wooden signs, painted furniture and flowered rugs. Garcia’s shop is a treasure trove of costume and vintage jewelry. Why resist small clip on earrings in turquoise or pink that resemble Van Cleef’s flowers or seashells that channel Seaman Schepps? We love Imrie’s clothes and Excentricities, chock-a-block with stripped cotton rugs, hand painted cushions, interesting animal-printed stools and lovely mirrors.

We stroll through the racks at Mustique, a chic boutique and continue on to Jimmy’s where the newest fall fashions have arrived. Crested sweaters, intarsia cashmeres, leopard printed Michael Kors coats and Marchesa party dresses catch our eye.
Clockwise from top left: Here I am, ready to pause for a charming lunch, al fresco, at DeeAngelo's Pleasant Avenue Cafe; Try the selection of sweaters , tees and bathing trunks from vineyard Vines; Don't forget to come home with something for your children! Stop at the Little Red Wagon; The fabulous selection of beads, bracelets and earrings at Garcia's; Garcia's striped awning. Check out the gingham sandals inside as well as the bijoux; Hit Main Street for birthday cards, gift wrap, and colored pens.
Exhausted, we pause for lunch at the charming DeeAngelo’s Pleasant Avenue Café, savoring Virgin Mary’s at an outdoor, umbrella-covered table. Grilled shrimp salad revives my spirits, while Lisa’s beet salad hits the spot. We continue to cover all the shops, stopping up and down the street.

Our last destination, The Beach Bakery, has the best iced Cappuccino’s. We each grab one for the road and return to Southampton, armed with the spoils of our trip.
Clockwise from top left: Stop by Shoe-In's sale and pick up another pair orf Tory Burch flats; Beautiful planting of yellow Hibiscus lead the way to Excentricities; Lisa studying the elegant pillows; Darn it! Rags was closed and we couldn't get in; Why not bring home an elf for your garden? Pine Cone has quite a selection of garden ornaments; Bikini's at Mint.