Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dianne Brill Gets Skin Deep

by Anita Sarko

Dianne Brill, the legendary 80’s Queen of the Night, did not slip quietly into it. The va-va-voom Diva of Curves married the equally gorgeous Peter Völkle, moved to Germany, then Switzerland and produced three stunning kinder (Keenan, Eden and Celan). Though being a wife and mother of three is a full-time job for most energetic women, Dianne has always been a working girl (in the BEST sense of the term). She was a menswear designer (whose creations were sported by Prince, the Stones, Duran Duran and Springsteen), a runway model and muse for Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood and the author of the indispensable guide Boobs, Boys and High Heels: Or How to Get Dressed in Just Under Six Hours. When it came to Brill, there was no rest for the wicked (again ... in the BEST sense of the term).

Just as I was writing this, I received the following Facebook message from a mutual pal, the adorable Holly Johnson, former lead singer of the infamous Frankie Goes to Hollywood (All together now ... ”Relax don’t do it ,,,”):

“I (did) a bit of shopping to cheer myself up. Lo and behold, there appeared before me a new make-up line in Harvey Nichols by the one and only DIANNE BRILL! I was gob-smacked! All girlie packaging and everything ...
Still and Fill Skincare Collectiion ($26-$118).
It really is never too late to start something new. Go Dianne Go!”

Which she does, leaving all the other little energizer bunnies in the dust. The vivacious vixen has re-invented herself as the creator of a luxurious cosmetic and body product line that’s as womanly, sexy and obsessively well thought out as the lady herself. Called DIANNE BRILL (what else?) and bearing her likeness and signature on each piece, the packaging is in shades of baby pink and soft aqua with images of lace, pearls (a pearl curtain even opens up her web site) and pink ribbons (a satin one even entwines the shopping bags).

Even the names of each treasure are all very hubba-hubba, but don’t for a moment think that it’s all dazzle and no depth. Ms. Brill has become love-blinded by science, tapping into the most fabulous ingredients, minds and noses throughout Europe. When she decided to create a skin care line, dear Di was hardly content with just the typical glop. Instead, she and her experts concocted a cocktail of ... of all things .. simulated snake venom and apples. How very Garden of ... well, a daughter IS named Eden ...
Panties in a Bunch Lip Gloss Pots Package ($46).
Brushes for eyes, lips, cheeks and full coverage ($27-$64). 10.  Eye Lingerie.  From front to back:  Individual Eye Lingerie Eye Shadows ($27); Eye Shadow Trios ($36.50); Eye Jewelry Liquid Eyeliners ($24).
Eye Shadow Trios ($36.50) and  Eye Jewelry Liquid Eyeliner  ($24).
“Snake Venom (derived from a paralyzing poison of the temple snake) stills the little lines topically: A kind of Botox effect. It relaxes the lines enough for me to fill up what's left of the line with a chemistry cocktail of apple seeds, stems and skin, the inside pulp of desert cactus and vitamins.

My ''Still'' and ''Fill'' skincare with apple and snake venom works in a similar way as Botox and Restylane or any other injectables. MY way is not invasive, doesn’t hurt and gets better as the months pass, instead of wearing off, as injectables do. You never have Spock Eyebrows. Your face looks healthy and fresh right away and more-so over time. Your friends will absolutely notice how good you look. Even I think it’s remarkable.” Dianne explains, then chastises me for not using all her green-hued concoctions IMMEDIATELY.
Smoothing Coverage Foundation ($60), closed package; Smoothing Coverage Foundation. Opened Package "like a pearl."
Eau de Parfum: Exposed! ($96).
Dianne was always a teacher of womanly ways. She would instruct me on how to pose for photos (slightly twisted body to decrease and increase whatever should be for the best effect), how to sit (something to do with ankles) and how to gaze seductively (slowly raise your eyes from down to up), etc. I was a dismal failure.

The only tip that did me well was using eating utensils (knives were best, but, in a pinch, spoons were fine) to apply lipstick or check makeup without having to leave the table. People are forever tickled when I do this. However, now that Dianne has installed tiny mirrors into the inside of her lip gloss pots’ tops, problem solved! (Bless her)
Lash Lingerie Lash Extensions (Set of 3: $42)  Sparkly Lashes for "glimmering" in "candlelight"; Corner Lashes for "fluttering" in "moonlight; Full Lashes for "party light cat eyes." "Smoky Eyes" Eye Shadow Trio ($36.50) Contains "Smoke," "Blue Flame," and "Black" shades.
Eau de Parfum Body Cream ($75) and Bath & Shower Milk ($46).
The attention to detail hardly ends with the tiny mirrors or the snake venom, fruit, cactus and vitamin voodoo. She’s begun to insert tiny brushes inside some of her products “... just to see if women like the little surprise inside. Very Cracker Jacks!” Dianne stresses that women appreciate that the glosses are 20% vitamins, humectants, antioxidants, plus a plumper, so they tend to use every last bit to highlight cheeks and eyes, as well.

Speaking of eyes and lips, Dianne adapted the 3-D flip-flop effect of pigments used in automobile paints in order to create hints of “neon sparkle” and “twinkles of violet” to call attention to facial parts, even when they’re still. Needless to say, the make-up colors ROCK.
LITTLE NOTHINGS sheer lip stains: "Pailette Panties," "Heart Shape String," "Diamante Negligee," "French Maid Garter," "Fishnet Corselet" ($28) Lip gloss in a stick "so you don't have to create a mess."
Stormy Rainbows Collection ("A look ... a color story Dianne puts together").
What is also ingenious about Dianne’s line is the presentation. Only second to the sexy girly doodads is the cigar theme: Lip and eye pencils are encased in cigar tubes, shadows nestle in matchboxes and her eau de parfum is in an actual cigar box! Dianne explains that these men’s world accoutrements are empowering to Babes. Then again, her parents did meet in Cuba (where her English Cuban-raised mom was teaching the cha-cha around the Raleigh Hotel’s pool), so maybe this is actually another version of the snake and apple motif and what THAT all naturally led to ...

If you’re looking for a PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift for your honey or yourself, look no further. Everything in this line screams SEX (in the BEST sense of the term): Many of the items must be literally undressed in order to reveal them, the shapes are either usually curvy or phallic (cigars?!?!) and, oh, those NAMES!
Lip Lingerie Full-Size Gloss Pots ($27).
"Panties in a Bunch," Lip Gloss Pots (Set of 6 for $46). Top row, l. to r.:  "Pearly Panty," "Jeweled G-String," "Frilly Thong"; Bottom row, l. to r.: "Vinyl V-String," "Satin Hipster," "Sheer String."
Take a look at the pictures to get a hint of what my longtime friend has conjured up. Please understand that the prices are approximate. Then, check out her site ( for everything else you need to know, including where you can procure these treasures throughout the world.

Viva la coquette!