12.31.03 - Some of the Holiday Angels from NYSD.

12.30.03 - The sun shines, New Yorker profiles, and dinner at Donohue's with friends.

12.29.03 - The life and times of one of the last of the breed, the late Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe.

12.22.03 - Winter Solstice. It was a cold, crisp weekend in New York.

12.18.03 - It was cold in New York yesterday. And it rained cats and dogs.

12.15.03 - Bill Reilly held his annual holiday cocktail party last night; Another snowstorm comes and goes.

12.12.03 - Something for everyone in today's Social Diary.

12.10.03 - There was a most unusual book signing last night at Robert Rauschenberg's down on Lafayette for Sidney Felsen.

12.9.03 - Paris sizzles. The sun came out on Monday in New York and melted away.

12.8.03 - New York had its first snowstorm of the season.

12.3.03 - Last night was a busy one, whew!

12.2.03 - Palm Beach was filled to capacity with New Yorkers over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

12.1.03 - The Week Just Past: Beginning of the holiday season.

11.26.03 - It was time-for-the-overcoat cold last night in New York as the NYC Ballet held its opening night in honor of the 100th anniversary of George Balanchine's birth.

11.25.03 - Reflections on the end of an era.

11.24.03 - Last week, the the social calendar was running on overload.

11.21.03 - A cocktail preview celebrating the opening of Alberto and Stefania Sabbadini's jewelry exhibition; Dinner at Ann Jones' including an encounter with Stanford White and Evelyn Nesbit.

11.20.03 - Katharine Hepburn's old stomping ground is for sale.

11.19.03 - New York Days; New York Nights.

11.17.03 - Remembering a Friend of Many.

11.13.03 - New Yorkers got one of their first looks at the towers of AOL/TimeWarner for an evening to benefit Americans For the Arts.

11.11.03 - Monday night was Retrospective night in New York: Down at the National Arts Club they honored Francesco Scavullo, and up at The Guggenheim Museum they honored James Rosenquist.

11.10.03 - Autumn in Central Park; The current chapter of the Saga of the British Royal Family; The passing of a New York Grande Dame.

11.6.03 - Last night the New York Landmarks Conservancy held its 10th annual Living Landmarks Celebration; A luncheon at The Pierre for the World Monuments Fund.

11.5.03 - A busy Tuesday night in Manhattan.

11.4.03 - Yesterday we had record high temperatures for November in New York.

11.3.03 - A warm-as-early-September early November autumn weekend in New York; bright and sunny and dry. And Halloween.

10.31.03 - The Angel Ball to benefit The G & P Foundation for Cancer Research; The Central Park Conservancy's Halloween Ball, "Mystery & Masquerade."

10.29.03 - The Royals and the Royal Pains; Liz Smith hosted a screening of "The Human Stain."

10.28.03 - NYSD takes a trip to London for Liz Ward's birthday party.

10.27.03 - Remembering the most famous woman in the world; Rooms With A View Of Central Park at One Central Park Condominiums at Time Warner Center.

10.23.03 - Coast-to-Coast: Sand in their shoes.

10.22.03 - Balmy breezy autumn nights in Manhattan. All kinds of stuff going on.

10.20.03 - An overcast autumn weekend in the City.

10.17.03 - Somers Farkas and Jessie Araskog's Dejeuner de l'Automne at Restaurant Daniel.

10.14.03 - New York, New York; Bringing ideas to life.

10.13.03 - Went with Peter Rogers, Liz Smith and Ann Richards to see Bill Irwin off-Broadway in "The Harlequin Studies."

10.9.03 - The French-American Foundation held its annual gala dinner last night in the pool room at the Four Seasons Restaurant.

10.8.03 - A busy one in New York; A loss of a great lady; and a musical celebration of an amazing life.

10.6.03 - A weekend drive to Litchfield County for the 17th annual Washington (Connecticut) Antiques Show.

10.3.03 - On Tuesday night, a hundred New Yorkers celebrated the 20th wedding anniversary of Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen.

10.2.03 - All about France and U.S. and some things being French.

10.1.03 - Last night at Capitale for the Municipal Art Society's annual gala.

9.30.03 - Monday night was museum night in Manhattan.

9.29.03 - Remembering George Plimpton; Thursday night past at The Frick and Tiffany & Co.

9.25.03 - A wrapup of Monday night at Doubles to honor seven "New Yorkers Who Make A Difference" and Tuesday night at The Waldorf for the Animal Medical Center Top Dog Gala.

9.24.03 - Last night in New York they held the Animal Medical Center Top Dog Gala; We also paid a visit to Bill Dugan and Nancy North at his Studio.

9.23.03 - Last night at Doubles to honor seven "New Yorkers Who Make A Difference.

9.22.03 - Window Shopping along Fifth Avenue and the opening of The New York Philharmonic's 162nd season.

9.19.03 - End of Fashion Week: The Wuddoo I Know? Dept.

9.17.03 - Yesterday's debut of the "new" Bill Blass collection by Michael Vollbracht.

9.16.03 - Yesterday at Bryant Park for the Oscar de la Renta show; The big event in New York last night was the "150 Dinners on the Park" (we hit 4).

9.15.03 - Fair weather, warm late summer days, cool nights.

9.12.03 - More from the reception for Alzheimer's Association's Rita Hayworth Gala; Audubon celebrated the opening of the Kimberlin Nature Education Center.

9.11.03 - Life goes on in New York City.

9.10.03 - Burberry's and Safe Horizon at Bloomies.

9.9.03 - It was a beautiful late summer day.

9.8.03 - A quiet September weekend; A busy September week.

9.5.03 - Friday morning Guessing Game. Marriage-type Love.

9.3.03 - L.A. Social Diary, cont'd. Last day in L.A.

9.2.03 - L.A. Social Diary, cont'd. Sudden Death; the Sequel.

8.29.03 - A late morning visit to the Hollywood Hills with Wagner & Ko; Sights in the course of a day's drive.

8.27.03 - Our sixth day; L.A. plays itself.

8.26.03 - A rundown of our fifth day in Los Angeles.

8.25.03 - Hollywood Ghost stories and a trip to the beach.

8.22.03 - Our first day in Los Angeles.

8.20.03 - There were a thousand guests at the annual Red Cross Ball in Monte Carlo.

8.19.03 - Christian Dior sponsors Dior Dance for Life in honor of Aaliyah to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation.

8.18.03 - The great blackout of 2003.

8.13.03 - There was a book party for Gov. Ann Richards last night at Jean-Luc restaurant.

8.12.03 - A hot summer day in the city; Eleanor Lambert becomes a centenarian.

8.11.03 - A summer weekend in the City, mostly overcast; The 100th birthday of Eleanor Lambert; Our downtown correspondent checks in.

8.7.03 - Yesterday we went up to Bedford/Katonah, NY to visit with the legendary photographer Slim Aarons.

8.6.03 - Last night at Cartier; Out in the Hamptons, the natives are restless and the houses are selling.

8.5.03 - Last Saturday night's party at the Watermill Center and The Southampton Hospital's annual summer gala.

8.4.03 - Friday, Saturday in the Hamptons; Sunday in Manhattan along the Hudson.

7.31.03 - Jacqueline Goddard, who has died aged 91, was a favorite model of Man Ray in Paris during the 1930s.

7.30.03 - Last night's book party for The New Anti-Semitism; the Current Crisis and What We Must Do About It; A screening of Seabiscuit at Lighthouse International.

7.29.03 - A look downriver; The Bone Marrow Foundation dinner at The Plaza; The grand opening of the new Audemars Piaget flagship boutique.

7.28.03 - DPC reviews Scott Berg's Kate Remembered.

7.25.03 - News from our man who was at the scene(s) in Monte Carlo ...

7.24.03 - Down to the Tribeca Grand to participate in a forum on the subject of "gossip."

7.22.03 - In response to Page Six — THE Hamptons have gone gay.

7.21.03 - Central Park celebrates its 150th anniversary.

7.18.03 - More than two hundred turned out the other night for one of the first, if not the first screening of the movie version of the best-selling book Seabiscuit.

7.17.03 - Yesterday at the Michael Jordan Steakhouse, THE WEEK magazine held another panel discussion luncheon.

7.16.03 - A rundown of this past weekend in the Hamptons.

7.15.03 - Last night's screening of of "Seabiscuit" at the Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center.

7.14.03 - Recollections of Franco Zeffirelli; The launch of Tiffany's "Singular Sensations"; Dance at Sunset Beach on Shelter Island.

7.9.03 - Another hot summer day in Manhattan; A visit to Dr. Gerald Imber's office.

7.8.03 - Venetian Heritage held their annual benefit gala, a Biennale Weekend in Venice.

7.7.03 - Nice long hot holiday weekend in Manhattan; Brouhaha in the Hamptons re Kennedy/Cuomo marital fracture.

7.4.03 - Marital fireworks among the rich and famous on this famous holiday.

7.1.03 - Saturday night at the House & Garden dinner hosted by John Barman and Kelly Graham.

6.26.03 - In Palermo for the Grand Galà at Teatro Massimo and the Saharan Party at Torre Ciachea.

6.24.03 - We went to two book parties last night: One for Anne Ford, the other for Candace Bushnell.

6.23.03 - Rainy Sunday summer afternoon; the end of the King's Mistress.

6.19.03 - The obituary of The 14th Duke of Bedford, from the London Daily Telegraph.

6.18.03 - Last night The Society for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center had a cocktail party at Graff, and Geoffrey Thomas celebrated his 60th birthday.

6.17.03 - I love New York in June; How about you?

6.16.03 - A week of rainy days just passed; Leila Luce and Amy Fine Collins gave a dinner for Larry Ashmead.

6.11.03 - Last night over at Petrossian we were treated to Goodie Bags galore.

6.10.03 - The new Quest is out.

6.9.03 - Last week there was a stellar black tie evening at the Rainbow Room when Pratt Institute held its annual fundraising gala.

6.6.03 - George Trescher died yesterday noon here in New York.

6.5.03 - The United States District Court, Southern District of New York handed down an indictment yesterday against Martha Stewart and her former stockbroker Peter Bacanovic ...

6.2.03 - Another rainy weekend in New York; A look at Robert Dallek's new biography of John F. Kennedy.

5.30.03 - Last night in the Central Park Zoo for the Wildlife Conservation Society's Tiger Time Gala.

5.29.03 - Last night at Cipriani 42nd Street for Dennis Basso's annual Fur Fashion show.

5.28.03 - Restaurants/Connections: A birthday gift from the cosmos.

5.26.03 - At Gracie Mansion for the marriage of Mayor Giuliani and Judi Nathan.

5.23.03 - A benefit luncheon and a dance performance at the new Martha Graham studio.

5.22.03 - At the top of Rockefeller Center where the Alliance for the Arts was hosting its third annual benefit.

5.21.03 - Over to Sotheby's where the MacDowell Colony was having a dinner for their patrons and interested guests.

5.19.03 - The scandal du jour; Last week in the Duchin residence, out lunching with Ann Nitze, and at a reception for the Little Baby Face Foundation.

5.16.03 - Some serious bird watching with birding experts from the Audubon Society; Larry Ashmead says goodbye to HarperCollins.

5.12.03 - A rundown of last week: Safe Horizon's luncheon; Central Park Conservancy's luncheon; The publication of Anne Ford's Laughing Allegra; The Third annual Henry Grunwald luncheon for the Lighthouse.

5.8.03 - Yesterday, The Women's Committee of the Central Park Conservancy presented their 21st annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards; On to The Four Seaons for a book reception for Anne Ford's Laughing Allegra.

5.6.03 - It was a busy night in New York last night and three of the biggest social events took place at Lincoln Center. We could only make it the Literacy Partner's annual gala.

5.5.03 - Last Thursday night the Associates Committee of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center held their gala, called "Indecent Proposal."

5.1.03 - Yesterday was another beautiful spring day in New York. Uptown, downtown. Too beautiful for words.

4.30.03 - Lunch at The New York Public Library and dinner at The Pierre for City Harvest's annual gala.

4.29.03 - Last night's American Cancer Society annual gala at the Pierre; Last Friday's Metropolitan Opera Guild luncheon.

4.28.03 - Last night at The Four Seasons restaurant for the Irvington Institute's annual "Through the Kitchen Dinner."

4.24.03 - Today is Barbra Streisand's 61st birthday; Last night Randy and Connie Jones' held a reception for Simon de Pury; And Henry Street Settlement held its annual soiree, "Glamorama."

4.23.03 - Last night was the annual PEN Literary Gala, held this year at The Pierre; Also the Horticultural Society of New Yorks held its annual gala.

4.21.03 - The promise of warmer spring days returned over the weekend; Tonight's benefit preview for The Frick's new exhibition, Whistler, Women and Fashion.

4.15.03 - Evelyn Lauder and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation held this year's black tie "Soiree Bouquet."

4.14.03 - It turned into Spring Saturday morning in New York; Last week was Prince Edward/Earl of Wessex on the

4.10.03 - Last night Chris Meigher and DPC hosted a cocktail party at Doubles to celebrate the Quest 400; then onto the Carlyle Hotel.

4.9.03 - A wet, chilly, almost-wintry day in New York with the snow, albeit a busy one. DPC takes in a preview of "Nine."

4.7.03 - Dominick Dunne, Truman Capote and the Black and White Ball.

4.3.03 - Last night, yesterday, and the night before last.

4.2.03 - A Trip Downtown to a Past Unknown.

4.1.03 - Recollections of Past Present Future: Debbie Reynolds celebrates her seventy-first birthday today.

3.31.03 - Fair weather on Saturday, rain and cold on Sunday. Off to the theater.

3.27.03 - It was a warm day in New York; on to Le Cirque on Madison between 50th and 51st for a kick-off cocktail party for Literacy Partners.

3.25.03 - A Monday night email from a friend burning the midnight oil.

3.24.03 - Last night Entertainment Weekly held its 9th annual Academy Awards Viewing party at Elaine's; A look around Manhattan on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

3.20.03 - Elizabeth Fondaras celebrated her birthday on Tuesday night.

3.19.03 - Pam Lazor took Cynthia Lufkin, Grace Hightower, and Karen LeFrak (accompanied by JH) to the closest thing we could find to Italy — downtown New York City.

3.18.03 - St. Patrick's Day in New York. Another warm spring-like day with temperatures in the upper 60s.

3.17.03 - Spring made its bow yesterday morning in Manhattan, four days ahead of schedule.

3.13.03 - Tuesday night over at Lincoln Center the New York City Opera honored Stephen Sondheim.

3.12.03 - On Monday night, there were 16 dinners around town for the Women's Campaign Fund.

3.10.03 - A brief promise of spring in the air yesterday morning.

3.5.03 - Last night at The Plaza for the 3rd Annual Global Leadership Awards dinner.

3.3.03 - On Friday night at The Waldorf, they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Double Helix.

2.27.03 - The introduction of a new occasional column "Night Flight" to the New York Social Diary — musings on the club scene.

2.26.03 - Yesterday at the St. Regis for Mother of the Year luncheon.

2.25.03 - The Drama League presented its annual Musical Celebration of Broadway last night in the Grand Ballroom of the Pierre where they honored Jerry Orbach. With lots of pics.

2.24.03 - It rained and poured in New York and most of the northeast over the weekend, beginning on Friday.

2.19.03 - Nancy Holmes, Editor-at-Large of Worth Magazine, has written a very thorough article on the wills of Randolph Apperson Hearst and of Russell Barnett Aitken.

2.18.03 - The fourth biggest snow storm in New York History and we got it all right here for you.

2.17.03 - Art Basel Miami Beach was a huge success, putting Miami (and South Beach) solidly on the map as a global center for International Art. Photographer Jill Lynne was there and tells us all about it.

2.12.03 - Two tales to tell: in Palm Beach and New York.

2.11.03 - Fashion week in New York kicks off with loads of pictures from yesterday's Oscar de la Renta show.

2.10.03 - A quiet weekend in New York. Last Thursday night was a different story as The Young Fellows of The Frick held their annual evening, this year called "Nouveau Glamour."

2.6.03 - Last night at The Waldorf-Astoria, the Museum of TV and Radio honored Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett.

2.5.03 - A dinner party in a big triplex apartment on Park Avenue; and a birthday celebration in Palm Beach.

2.4.03 - A foggy day in New York; A look at the history of a great contemporary art collection. 

2.3.03 - Last night's surprise birthday dinner at Le Cirque for the real Mary Elizabeth Smith.

1.29.03 - Nancy Davis was in town to promote her new line of "Peace and Love" jewelry.

1.28.03 - Very cold in New York in January, 2003. Not so, last year at the same time.

1.27.03 - From across the Atlantic come reports that several weeks ago Queen Elizabeth II ordered an in-house inquiry into the household of her heir, Prince Charles.

1.24.03 - The last will and testament of John Galliher: reflection of the man.

1.23.03 - Lunch with Harry Benson and a look at his Fifty Years in Pictures.

1.21.03 -A quiet Martin Luther King Day in New York; Some fine examples from the 49th annual Winter Antiques Show.

1.16.03 - Liz Smith's birthday wish for the benefit of the New York City; along with the Jewelry Information Center's Inaugural Gem Awards Gala.

1.13.03 - New York cityscapes; The new Quest is out.

1.8.03 - John Galliher: A rarefied life.

1.7.03 - John Galliher: A Remarkable Life.

1.6.03 - It's been a very quiet past two weeks in New York.


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