12.30.05 - DPC reports on the last Diary day of the old year and has a look back at the last day of the Diary five years ago.

12.28.05 - A letter From Aspen; Jeanne Lawrence reports from San Francisco.

12.27.05 - The obit of Clementine, Lady Beit, courtesy of The Daily Telegraph.

12.26.05 - We decided to look through our archives from years past for something to re-run: Bright Holiday Lights/Childhood Memories.

12.23.05 - On this last day before Christmas Eve, we are running some of the annual holiday greetings that we’ve received from friends and readers.

12.21.05 - Road rage at ten bucks a pop.

12.20.05 - It was icy cold last night in New York.

12.19.05 - Dinner at the Rosenthals with General Barry McCaffrey; Cocktails at Darren Walker's; All about Somers.

12.15.05 - A book party for Bruce Weber, holiday party hosted by Arthur Altschul and Patricia Duff, and window shopping at Barney's.

12.14.05 - Fuh-reezing in New York last night. Winter’s here, a week early but with musicales and holiday parties.

12.13.05 - We’re closing in on Christmas and Hanukah in New York and now comes the onslaught of drinks parties.

12.12.05 - Remembering Frank; All about Debbie.

12.9.05 - We hit three cocktail soirees last night, ending the week on a strong note.

12.8.05 - DPC around the town.

12.7.05 - Last night Anne Bass held a book party for Carolyne Roehm while Graff held an intimate dinner party for magazine editors.

12.6.05 - Last night: cocktails with Bunny Williams/John Rosselli and Geoffrey Bradfield.

12.5.05 - The Municipal Arts Society Gala and a portfolio of Tinsley Mortimer.

12.1.05 - Jeanne Lawrence's San Francisco Social Diary; The launch of R. Couri Hay's Social Safari.

11.30.05 - Very warm for late November in New York with grey skies overhead promising rain.

11.29.05 - A Royal Monday night in New York.

11.28.05 - Thanksgiving Weekend in New York.

11.23.05 - Last night's New York City Ballet “Opening Night 2005; An American Musical Celebration.”

11.22.05 - A Tiffany lunch at Le Bernardin; Dinner at Cipriani 42nd Street for Women’s Voices for Change.

11.21.05 - Beautiful, sunny, autumn weekend in New York. Horrible traffic.

11.18.05 - Another mega-night in NY.

11.15.05 - Last night the New York Public Library held its annual Literary Lions gala.

11.14.05 - Let the games begin.

11.11.05 - Street Scene.

11.10.05 - Anglo/Franco/American relations: Lunch with David Linley; Dinner with the French Ambassador.

11.9.05 - A rundown of last night in the city; Lately we’ve been deluged with beautiful books, coffee-table size, having to do with decorating and design. We've reviewed a stack of them for you in today's diary.

11.8.05 - Last night the town was out, spreading its largesse and gallivanting around.

11.7.05 - The first weekend in November. Autumn in New York. Thursday night last.

11.3.05 - Last night in NY: A kick-off party for the 52nd annual Winter Antiques show; And on to a dinner for His Excellency Jan Eliasson.

11.2.05 - Hulaween and Royal Hullabaloo.

11.1.05 - An Unholy Halloween last night in NY and last Friday's World Monuments Fund annual luncheon.

10.27.05 - Last night in NY: A book party for Julie Baumgold's The Diamond and on to the Central Park Conservancy’s 10th annual Halloween Ball.

10.26.05 - NYSD made four stopovers just last night, ending the evening with a sumptuous dinner for Valentino at Daniel.

10.24.05 - A big birthday bash last night in New York.

10.20.05 - Books and the ballet light up the New York night.

10.19.05 - Yesterday was a day worthy of a phonecall or two. For the full rundown, go check out today's Social Diary.

10.18.05 - Autumn in New York. A full moon over Manhattan, streets freshly cleaned from the week of the rains. Busy, last night in Manhattan.

10.17.05 - Paris dateline/Geneology.

10.13.05 - San Francisco Social Diary does Napa, offering a tasting of some summer do’s, by Jeanne Lawrence.

10.12.05 - And New York was busy from one end of town to the other.

10.10.05 - Catching up with days past.

10.7.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood

10.6.05 - The Passing Parade at Michael’s.

10.5.05 - San Francisco Social Diary: Oscar de la Renta’s fashion show at Lake Tahoe, by Jeanne Lawrence for NYSD.

10.4.05 - The Root of All Evil and Home Sweet Home: A review of 740 Park, by Michael Gross.

10.3.05 - An excursion to Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate on the Hudson as part of American Friends of Versailles week in New York.

9.30.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood

9.29.05 - A mid-day excursion to Chinatown and Tribeca.

9.28.05 - Yesterday was a day in New York so gorgeous it almost seemed as if the world was all right once again.

9.27.05 - They held the second annual Fete de Swifty, the largest, sexiest, chicest block party in New York held in a big white tent on East 73rd.

9.26.05 - Memorial Service for Nan Kempner; Lunch with Lucie Arnaz; “New Yorkers Who Make A Difference.”

9.23.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

9.22.05 - Last night New Yorkers for Children held its annual benefit gala at Cipriani 42nd Street.

9.21.05 - A sunny, muggy Tuesday in New York. The weatherman predicted thundershowers. Not. New Yorkers were out last night.

9.20.05 - Love Among the Ruins.

9.19.05 - Wrapping up Fashion Week in NY with a “kick-off” for The Black Ball at Cain and an afterparty for Zac Posen at Home.

9.16.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

9.15.05 - Last night at Elaine’s they held a memorial for Tommy Corcoran; Katie Zorn's 2006 Spring/Summer collection.

9.14.05 - On to the shows. Made it just in the nick of time to Michael Vollbracht’s Bill Blass show.

9.13.05 - Lots and lots of pics from the Oscar de la Renta show; Massimo Ferragamo and Patrick McMullan hosted an exhibition from Ron Galella’s new book ron galella exclusive diary.

9.12.05 - Friday night at Yankee Stadium to see the first of a Yankees/Red Sox three-game weekend series.

9.11.05 - A reprint from New York Social Diary of September 12, 2001, about the day before. The fateful day before. We will never forget.

9.7.05 - An interview with Patsy Tarr, who has devoted an entire issue of 2wice to Geoffrey Beene and his creations.

9.6.05 - Summer’s end. Beautiful Labor Day weekend in the city. This weekend also marked the end of the Hamptons summer season.

9.2.05 - San Francisco Social Diary — The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's first biennale spring gala, The Modern Ball; L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

8.29.05 - Who Killed Society?; Weddings, we have weddings; Mother & Daughter Afternoon Tea at Alex Kramer’s Bridgehampton home; Annual Foodie and Chef's Potluck Party in Bridgehampton.

8.26.05 - Lunching in Brooklyn; A reception and a special presentation lecture on Alzheimer’s disease in Southampton; L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood

8.24.05 - The luxurious residence of Robert A.M. Stern.

8.23.05 - Lunch with Jonathan Capehart; A reception for Eve Rachel Markewich at the McGraths'; Newport's third annual Carnegie Ball; A summer evening concert in Greenwich for The Russian National Orchestra Wind Quintet.

8.22.05 - Summertime in Biarritz, Marbella, and Tangier ...

8.19.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

8.18.05 - Last night Ivana Trump introduced the world to her latest project; Lunch in Southampton to celebrate the Juilliard School’s upcoming Centennial Gala.

8.17.05 - Final Chapter of a three-part series: Hollywood Lives, The Sisters final installment.

8.16.05 - Part II of a three-part series on Hollywood's most famous sibling rivarly: Lioness of Hollywood.

8.15.05 - Lion of Hollywood: First of a three-part series on Hollywood's most famous sibling rivarly.

8.12.05 - The Guild Board of Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago's first annual Lawn Ball Gala; A Summer Nautical Picnic in honor of Douglas Hannant; The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

8.10.05 - A luncheon for Bill Maher at Michael's to celebrate his new book, New Rules: Polite Musings from a Timid Observer; Fitch's Corner Horse Trials celebrated its 11th anniversary this past weekend in Millbrook, NY.

8.9.05 - Punchin' Judy: Arianna Huffington's reporting on the New York Times' Judy Miller.

8.8.05 - Hamptons Weekend: Late afternoon fund-raiser for Senator Hillary Clinton; Picnic for ParentCorps, a dinner for the NYU Child Study Center.

8.5.05 - The latest installment of L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

8.3.05 - The 10th anniversary celebration of Mickey Boardman and his column “Ask Mr. Mickey” in Paper Magazine; Lunch with the photographer Tim Street-Porter; Robert Wilson's Watermill Center/Byrd Hoffman Foundation’s annual fund-raising gala.

8.1.05 - NYSD took a day trip up to Nantucket on a Gulfstream IVSP with Talon Air.

7.29.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood; Nikki Haskell hosted a party for Ivana Trump at her apartment in the hills; Dozens of stars joined Norm Crosby to celebrate his 40th anniversary in show business.

7.28.05 - Birthdays, celebrations, conversations all wrapped into one diary.

7.27.05 - Elle Décor’s Dining by Design Hamptons in East Hampton; Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Young Friends of Film's 6th annual Young Friends of Film Honors; Nazee and Joe Moinian's annual Crystal Ball evening at their oceanfront estate in Quoque.

7.26.05 - These are dog days; Peggy Siegal's birthday bash; Chris Obetz's book party for Classic Golf Instruction; Letter of Emergency.

7.22.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

7.22.05 - NYSD took a drive out to Tarrytown to visit the Lyndhurst estate.

7.21.05 - Cocktails at Dunhill for 350 Young Friends of the New York Philharmonic, followed by dinner at "21"; Tribute to Harlem Week at Gracie Mansion.

7.20.05 - THE WEEK magazine and The Conference Board held a panel forum at The Four Seasons; Lew Miano held a birthday party for several July birthdays; Elizabeth Fondaras' annual Bastille Day party; Sale Johnson threw a party at the Tavern featuring Elvis White and his band.

7.18.05 - Summertime reading: Remembering Truman Capote.

7.15.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

7.14.05 - San Francisco Social Diary: San Francisco meets Manhattan, by Jeanne Lawrence.

7.12.05 - Geoffrey Bradfield hosted a cocktail reception for Kristina Stewart and Arthur Ward; The annual Mashomack International Polo Challenge.

7.11.05 - Sunday in the Park; An artist's memories of first meeting Barbra Streisand.

7.8.05 - The week in review; The DuPont Twins in Hollywood; An update from the Lake Placid Horse Shows.

7.6.05 - A tribute to Nan Kempner, who passed away on Sunday three weeks before her 75th birthday.

7.5.05 - Up to Litchfield County for the weekend to visit Peter Rogers; Remembering Nan Kempner, who passed away on Sunday night.

7.1.05 - L.A. Social Diary: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood; The real Hollywood tragedy of Domino Harvey.

6.30.05 - Hot in New York. Torrid. Heavy humidity; Parties in the form of fundraisers for political candidates.

6.28.05 - Two dispatches from our correspondents: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood for L.A. Social Diary, and Jeanne Lawrence for Washington Social Diary.

6.27.05 - Dick Ebersol, Bill Rollnick, and Mike Wallace hosted a screening of “Ithuteng,” a documentary film made by Charlie Ebersol, Willie Ebersol, and Kip Kroeger.

6.24.05 - Every Friday on NYSD's West Coast edition, beginning today, Los Angeles Social Diary will feature a new column: The DuPont Twins in Hollywood.

6.23.05 - The Honorable Peter Ward and Elizabeth Ward held a black tie dinner dance for their son Jeremy and his wife Amelia to celebrate their first wedding anniversary at Cornwall Manor; Venetian Heritage held its annual weekend of receptions, concerts, dinners, cocktail parties, tours and lectures and luncheons and lectures and tours at its Biennale Week 2005.

6.22.05 - Last night Andrea and John Stark gave a viewing party for the debut of Kathy and Rick Hilton’s “I Want To Be A Hilton” on NBC.

6.20.05 - Last days in London all around the town.

6.17.05 - A private visit to Blenheim Palace, the ancestral home of the dukes of Marlborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

6.16.05 - Last night at Buckingham Palace for the 60th anniversary of the Philharmonia Orchestra; Plus a rundown of our days in London.

6.14.05 - A Sunday night cocktail and buffet reception for Ambassador Loeb at the house of the Earl of Dartmouth.

6.13.05 - A birthday party at Blenheim Palace organized by Sharon Handler for her great and longtime friend and companion, Ambassador John Loeb.

6.10.05 - Made it to London, three hours later than expected ...

6.9.05 - Book party for Israel In the World; Changing Lives Through Innovation with Rupert Murdoch; a dinner party at the Inghams in honor of Adam and Penny Bianchi.

6.8.05 - Three books for your summer reading, and the girls who wrote them: Jane Stanton Hitchcock, Jennet Conant, and Liz Smith.

6.7.05 - Last night in NY: Jazz at Lincoln Center's fourth annual Spring Gala “That’s Entertainment”; The SAB’s workshop performance benefit.

6.3.05 - JH's final letter from Berlin.

6.3.05 - New York’s cooling off with the social season winding down.

6.2.05 - The latest Berlin diary, courtesy of JH.

6.2.05 - NYSD gossips about Tom Cruise; Alberto Vilar — Can’t buy love.

6.1.05 - More from JH in Berlin with the Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

5.31.05 - It was a beautiful and quiet Memorial Day Weekend here in New York; JH, who's in Berlin with the Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, is keeping a diary for us.

5.30.05 - Ancient History. Memorial Day.

5.27.05 - JH's second update from Berlin.

5.26.05 - JH's first letter from Berlin; The Wildlife Conservation Society's Safari! in the Central Park Zoo; Audubon BirdWalk and Breakfast at the Boathouse.

5.24.05 - All aboard the New York Social Diary: We made 5 stops last night in NY.

5.23.05 - Tonight’s Calendar: a Night of Boldfaced Names in the Big Town.

5.20.05 - Nancy Reagan was in town yesterday lunching at Michael's; Last night we went over to the USS Intrepid on the occasion of the 2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge.

5.19.05 - Oh, the things you hear at dinner; Last night's Spring Gala for the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Central Park Zoo; The American Cancer Society's annual spring gala; Safe Horizon's 10th annual Champion Awards luncheon.

5.18.05 - A not-so-pleasant walk in the Park.

5.17.05 - More than 600 turned out for the 21st annual Literacy Partners Evening of Readings with Lauren Bacall, Renee Fleming, Edward P. Jones, and Sue Monk Kidd.

5.16.05 - Last night the Irvington Institute for Immunological Research held its annual Sunday night buffet dinner; A reception for Princess Ira von Furstenberg at The Porcelain Company.

5.13.05 - Jonas Mekas, Harry Stendhal, David Patrick Columbia and Jeffrey Hirsch hosted "Warhol Happenings" at Maya Stendhal Gallery.

5.12.05 - The New York Public Library's annual Spring Literary Luncheon; The 12th annual Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America Woman of Distinction Luncheon; A book party for Dr. Gerald Imber; A Spring Gala to honor the Miller Theatre; American Museum of Natural History's 13th Annual Corporate Dinner.

5.11.05 - Last night the Alliance For the Arts held its 5th Annual Benefit honoring Beth Rudin DeWoody and William C. Rudin; From across the sea (via Paris Match) comes big news; Remembering Louise Westergaard O’Neill.

5.10.05 - Last night in NY: Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel's book signing at The Four Seasons for The Landmarks of New York; an Illustrated Record of the City’s Historic Buildings; A reception and dedication for Gerry Schoenfeld of the Shubert Organization.

5.9.05 - Rewind: Last Tuesday at Carnegie Hall for the New York Festival of Songs’ “A Prince of a Fella”; Last Wednesday the New York City Ballet held its 2005 Spring Gala.

5.6.05 - A beautiful cool and sunny Spring day in New York.

5.5.05 - Amongst a sea of hats at the 23rd annual Conservancy Luncheon at the Conservancy Garden, which raised a total of $2.3 million!

5.3.05 - This week is the Impressionist/Modern sales. Both at Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

5.2.05 - A story of motherly and daughterly love.

4.29.05 - New Yorkers were out and about last night.

4.28.05 - An intimate talk with Flora Fraser, author of Princesses: The Six Daughters of George III.

4.27.05 - Glimmerglass Opera's Spring Gala “L’Affaire Francaise”; Lunch with two German princes, father and son; Tables galore from The Horticultural Society of New York's Flowers & Design.

4.26.05 - Last night Bruce Levingston returned to Lincoln Center this season as soloist in the world premiere of Philip Glass’ “A Musical Portrait of Chuck Close.”

4.25.05 - New York's young lions and lionesses held their annual New York Public Library Young Lions benefit; Down to Salon where R. Couri Hay was holding a birthday celebration.

4.22.05 - When Too Much of Too Much Is Still Not Enough; Not to mention, some party pictures for your pleasure.

4.21.05 - Last night, the PEN American Center held its 2005 PEN Montblanc Literary Gala.

4.20.05 - Yesterday in Manhattan: An affectionate salute to Montserrat Caballé at the Metropolitan Opera Guild's 70th annual Membership Luncheon; The Pratt Legends 2005 Scholarship Benefit Gala Dinner.

4.19.05 - The Kips Bay Boys & Girls club held their 33rd annual Decorator Show House 2005 opening night.

4.18.05 - A going-away reception for Bruce Snyder at “21” ; The Metropolitan Opera's “On Stage At the Met”; Lenox Hill Neighborhood House's Preview of the New York International Art and Antiques Show.

4.15.05 - The 15th annual environmental lecture and luncheon at the American Museum of Natural History; Cocktails at Jill Spalding's; Over to the Preview of the New York International Art and Antiques Show benefiting the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.

4.14.05 - Last night was another busy one in the big city.

4.13.05 - John and Susan Gutfreund held a cocktail reception for Robert Emmet Long and his new book James Ivory in Conversation; A preview of the cocktail party held last night at Doubles celebrating the annual publication of the Quest Four Hundred.

4.12.05 - Last night in NY: The Benefit dinner for the Center for Arts Education; American Theatre Wing's Spring Benefit; A dinner party at McGrath's; Last Wednesday night's Versailles/Giverny Foundation's annual gala dinner honoring Queen Noor of Jordan.

4.11.05 - Bulletin: The marital status of Somers and Jonathan; The Friends of New Yorkers For Children New Years in April: A Fool's Fete.

4.7.05 - A busy night on the town: A book party for Jack Welch; City Harvest's 11th annual Practical Magic Ball; A visit with Queen Noor of Jordan; New York season gala opening of the Martha Graham Dance Company.

4.6.05 - Lunch with Luly and Tony Duke; Literacy Partners' kick-off cocktail for its upcoming annual gala; CASA's 13th Anniversary Awards Dinner.

4.5.05 - Robert Harling’s “Steel Magnolias” opened last night on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre; The New York Dog Magazine held Scout’s Spring Gala & Art Benefit at the Spike Gallery; Bob Schulenberg's Manhattan Diary.

4.4.05 - The International Asian Art Fair 2005 opened last Thursday night with a Benefit Preview Gala.

3.31.05 - The blind item, love in escrow; Last night at Sotheby's there was a big party for Lulu Guinness; The Collegiate Chorale held their annual fund-raiser; The Junior Committee at Doubles hosted a Disco Inferno party.

3.30.05 - Anatomy of a Gossip Item.

3.28.05 - Update on the murder of the mysterious Edouard Stern; Byron Janis' 73rd birthday party at Steinway Hall; Bob Schulenberg's Manhattan Diary; Notes on the New York International Auto Show; Peter Cottontail and Wendy Carduner's Easter party.

3.24.05 - East Side Settlement House’s gala preview of the 2005 New York International Auto Show; The 75th anniversary celebration of the Corviglia Ski Club; Avon Salon & Spa and Lara Hélène Bridal Atelier hosted a cocktail party.

3.23.05 - Annual Strawberry Festival Luncheon at the New-York Historical Society; Guild Hall of East Hampton hosted its 20th Annual Academy of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards Gala; First Care inaugural gala at the Breakers.

3.22.05 - Remembering Bobby Short who passed away yesterday.

3.21.05 - Last night: Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” opened at the Longacre Theatre; Saturday: A very splashy party at Gotham Hall; Friday: A reception to benefit the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill.

3.18.05 - Paul Beirne and Patrick McMullan's St. Paddy's Day parties; Bob Schulenberg's Manhattan Diary.

3.17.05 - Update: The untimely murder of Edouard Stern; Update: JH and I went to face charges in court for “Unlawful Ice Activity”; Child Development Center of the Hamptons' “The Kite Dance.”

3.16.05 - Save Venice held its annual costume ball, Dolce Vita A Venezia; The Associates Committee of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center held its 14th annual “Bunny Hop.”

3.15.05 - Steven and William Ladd. Their objective: to become the world’s greatest handbag and accessory designers.

3.14.05 - Last night at Restaurant Daniel, they held the “Savoring Citymeals” Gala Dinner and Auction for Citymeals-on-Wheels; On Friday night, Kim McCarty had her first show in New York at the Briggs Robinson Gallery.

3.11.05 - Last night in New York was about Catherine Deneuve; Bob Schulenberg's Manhattan Diary.

3.10.05 - They held their annual Founders Dinner last night at the American Museum of Natural History.

3.9.05 - Lunch with a British playwright; The annual fund-raising benefit for the Natural Resources Defense Council; Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York Catholic Youth Organization's Tribute dinner; Family screening of Twentieth Century Fox Animation's Robots.

3.8.05 - Last night the School of American Ballet held its first fund-raising Winter Gala ever – “An Enchanted Evening” at the new Jazz at Lincoln Center.

3.7.05 - The mysterious murder of the mysterious Edouard Stern; Friday night cocktails for Save Venice, dinner at Chanterelle.

3.4.05 - Lunch with "The Harpies"; Schulenberg's Manhattan Diaries; And more ...

3.3.05 - The Young Fellows of The Frick Collection gala “A Dance In the Golden Age”; Bunky's “Valentine’s Tea” in the Greenhouse of the Ritz-Carlton Chicago; P.S. from Hollywood.

3.2.05 - Last night Ron Weintraub opened at the Salander O’Reilly gallery with dinner following the reception at the Stern's.

3.1.05 -
L.A. Social Diary, Part 2: High lunch at Malibu, cocktails at the Bel Air Hotel, Oscar night parties, and more ...

2.28.05 - L.A. Social Diary, Part 1: We traveled to Los Angeles where the rains came and went just in time for the Oscars.

2.27.05 - Back in L.A. and who's the first person we should see? And on a billboard yet? More on Monday ...

2.23.05 - Chita Rivera, Empress of the Gypsies, opened at Feinstein’s last night.

2.22.05 - Un-marriage-go-round; Into the second and final week of Jeanne-Claude and Christo’s “The Gates”; Douglas Hannant's collection for Fall as seen in the Bryant Park tents.

2.18.05 - Central Park, Barbara Carroll, Museum of the City of New York, Ron Chernow, and Bob Schulenberg. All in one diary, whew.

2.16.05 - Cocktails for Tuesday. There were drinks parties all over town last night after a beautiful sunny day (one of the few of this winter) in New York.

2.15.05 - A rainy night, last night in the City. Over at the Waldorf in the Grand Ballroom, the Citizens of NYC held its 30th anniversary.

2.14.05 - The unveiling of Christo and Jean-Claude's “The Gates” in Central Park; Closing out fashion week with Naeem Khan.

2.11.05 - Bob Schulenberg's Diary of Manhattan.

2.10.05 - Fashion Pandemonium. Tuesday afternoon we took in the Michael Vollbracht for Bill Blass Show; Also a look at the Hollywould Fall 2005 Collection, From Russia With Love.

2.9.05 - Monday noontime: under the Bryant Park tents to see and photograph the Oscar de la Renta Show.

2.8.05 -More from Palm Beach: The 2nd annual Palm Beach Dinner for NARSAD at Mar-a-Lago; Lars Bolander held a cocktail party for the opening of the Art and Antique Fair; Dinner at Terry Allen Kramer's.

2.7.05 - We flew down to Palm Beach over the weekend for Palm Beach! America’s International Fine Art & Antique Fair.

2.4.05 - A small birthday party for the Aquarians of some note at The Pink Teacup; Bob Schulenberg's Diary of Manhattan; Centerpieces from the annual Orchid Dinner.

2.3.05 - A visit to Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola; A quick look at New York Botanical Garden's annual Orchid dinner from last night.

2.2.05 - The birthday of the great Liz Smith; Last Friday, we took a trip over to the School of American Ballet in the Lincoln Center complex; More from the Drama League's annual gala.

2.1.05- Last night the Drama League held its annual gala benefit saluting Betty Comden and Adolph Green.

1.31.05 - Mid-winter blues. Or greys. A sometimes sunny, sometimes grey weekend. Cold but not so cold; A weekend of friends’ birthdays.

1.28.05 - From London (via New York) to Palm Beach to Miami.

1.27.05 - Wednesday was one of those yucky not-cold, not-warm grey January days in New York.

1.26.05 - Mica and Ahmet Ertegun, Alem Magazine and the American Turkish Society held a dinner dance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Kim Cermak Garfunkel’s New York nightclub debut.

1.25.05 - Meanwhile down in Palm Beach: It was a busy weekend with guests flying in from all over the world for the wedding of Stephanie Ercklentz and Chase Payson Coleman III.

1.24.05 - A Sunday walk in the park with a couple of icebreakers.

1.20.05 - Yesterday was another cold winter day in New York. Lots of activity all over the map.

1.19.05 - It was a real cold one in New York but it didn't stop us from stepping out into it ...

1.18.05 - A cocktail party for Anu Tali, a young Estonian symphony conductor; To Dye Fore weekend at Casa de de Campo; Letter from an Unknown Woman re: Brad and Jen.

1.17.05 - Tea in honor of Bill Hamilton; A launch party for the newly re-designed Arts & Antiques magazine; Out in L.A., the Arthritis Foundation held its 20th Annual “Commitment to a Cure Gala.”

1.14.05 - Last night we went over to Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center for the Metropolitan Opera Guild Opera News' “Be My Love; The World of Mario Lanza.”

1.13.05 - Lunch with Jill Krementz, the distinguished photographer whose works have graced these Internet pages from time to time.

1.12.05 - Last night over Cipriani 42nd Street, the International Women’s Health Coalition honored Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

1.11.05 - The business of society is business: Our Wedding Scrapbook by Darcy Miller.

1.10.05 - Raining in California, snowing in Connecticut, and just plain grey here in New York City; Reminiscing with the help of The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood.

1.7.05 - Book parties, archival evenings, and hotel openings.

1.6.05 - Yesterday's luncheon at the Plaza Athenee for Michael Moore; More from Aspen.

1.5.05 - “Self-Image Enhancement and Career Transitions” with Dinah Day.

1.3.05 - Aspen Art Museum hosts blockbuster benefit; Chopard's "Happy Snowflakes" in Aspen.


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