If there’s such a thing a femme fatale in New York society, or even if there’s not, the closest thing to it is the beautiful Nina Griscom. Daughter of Elizabeth (Mrs. Felix) Rohatyn; thrice-married – (Griscom, her second husband was from old society), when she divorced her last husband, the prominent New York plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Baker, she was having an affair that was hardly a secret to any and all, with a very rich and prominent (and much married — and Latin) tycoon from Palm Beach. Would she, would they, who who-who and what-what-what, and round and round it went. She didn’t, they didn’t, nothing nothing-nothing never-never happened and it ended (although not as slowly as it began).

Everyone knew when the siren up on Park took up with another very Latin (and this time) young man said to be a waiter at the fashionable La Goulue on Madison Avenue. All true, too true, when it was. Nina’s handsome friend who still may be her handsome friend at this writing, is now in the real estate business and occasionally they take a trip down that South-hamerican way. She loves jewels, they say, and can make emeralds look even better than real and turn some others’ eyes green with envy. She loves a good time too, (natch) and is the possessor of that irresistable smoky-voiced laughter that can get anyone talking, especially if you hear it coming from the next room.


Albemarle, Rufus

Aston, Muffie Potter

Basso, Dennis

Benedict, Daniel

Capehart, Jonathan

Cominotto, Michael

Curry, Boykin

Dahl, Tessa

DeWoody, Beth Rudin

Duchin, Peter and Brooke

Duff, Patricia

Eaton, Phoebe

Fales-HIll, Susan

Fekkai, Frederic


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