Two of the most popular out-and-about men in New York, the team of Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict (or Daniel Benedict and Andrew Saffir) donate a lot of their spare time to a number of New York based charity organizations such as New Yorkers for Children, ASPCA, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, New York City Ballet, Make-A-Wish, Central Park Conservancy and God’s Love We Deliver. In the summer they are ubiquitous in the Hamptons, seen at many events and parties, both philanthropic and social.

Andrew Saffir grew up here in New York, went to Hunter High School and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a year spent abroad in London and France. When I first met him several years ago, he was a marketing executive with Polo Ralph Lauren. Today he is a partner with Vanessa Wingate and Katrina Pavlos in Indyssey Entertainment (a film company) and runs the Grand Classics series here in New York and in Los Angeles, and soon to be in London. The Grand Classics screenings, frequently reported on in the NYSD Party Picture pages, have become one of the most popular private social events among the social set.

Daniel Benedict grew up in Massachusetts and attended Northeastern University in Boston before coming to the Big Town to make his way as a designer. He is also co-author with Jodi Della Femina of the very popular (and controversial with the Hamptons locals) Jodi’s Shortcuts which provides an insider’s knowledge and know-how to getting around the now densely traveled communities of the South Fork of Long Island. It could be called “Life Goes On Away From Route 27” (which is now often the longest parking lot in the world). The book is immensely popular.

What are they like to be good friends? Outgoing, but not overly, hospitable and congenial, always well-dressed, very well-liked, and real gentlemen, courteous, well-mannered and thoughtful. They often travel in threes or fours with some of the most popular women in town. One of the most frequently asked questions NYSD gets from readers is: Are Saffir and Benedict a couple? Answer: they’ve been living together for seven years now.

Albemarle, Rufus

Aston, Muffie Potter

Basso, Dennis

Benedict, Daniel

Capehart, Jonathan

Cominotto, Michael

Curry, Boykin

Dahl, Tessa

DeWoody, Beth Rudin

Duchin, Peter and Brooke

Duff, Patricia

Eaton, Phoebe

Fales-HIll, Susan

Fekkai, Frederic


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