At The Frick Collection to celebrate John Loring's "Tiffany in Fashion"

Carroll Petrie and John Loring

John Loring, the design director of Tiffany & Company since 1979 has also written fifteen books on Tiffany style and entertaining, including Tiffany Jewels, Tiffany’s 20th Century and Magnificent Tiffany Silver. All of the books are beautifully published and richly illustrated. His latest, number fifteen, is Tiffany in Fashion: A Study of American Fashion and Fashion Photography, published by Harry N. Abrams Publishers.

Tiffany In Fashion contains 250 fashion photographs from 1933 to the present, and it’s a real treasure — done by the greatest fashion photographers of their day including Steichen, Horst, Hoyingen-Huene, Avedon, Scavullo, Hiro and Skrebneski — of many of the greatest models, movie stars and fashionable women of the 20th Century.

It’s a compendium of fashion, fame and fabulous jewels — all showcasing the great Tiffany designs and a perfect. The book also contains three essays: The American Look by Eleanor Lambert, A Designer’s Overview by James Galanos, and Loring’s Tiffany in Fashion. It’s a feast of beauty and fashion history.

Last Thursday they held a book launch for Mr. Loring at The Frick with 400 invited guests, followed by a dinner for 150 at the Union Club.

From the pages of Tiffany In Fashion (Above, left): Elsa Peretti wearing a slim beige dress by Halston with her ivory pendant necklaces and "bone" silver cuff bracelet in the October 1971 issue of New Woman. Photograph by Chris von Wangenheim.

Above, middle: Winking model with Jean Schlumberger's "Dauphin" (dolphin) clip between her teeth, photographed by Hiro for Harper's Bazaar, December 1962. The piece is often called the "Iguana" clip because Richard Burton gave one to Elizabeth Taylor. In "My Love Affair With Jewelry" Taylor wrote, "Richard gave me this pin to wear for the opening of The Night of the Iguana, which forever symbolized the early days of our marriage when we lived in Puerto Vallarta while Richard was working on the Tennessee Williams film."

Above, right: Harper's Bazaar June 1941 — a navy blue flannel "shawl-stole" dress from Bonwit Teller and a large array of diamond jewelry from Tiffany's. Some of these pieces were made for the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair. Harper's called them "a fabulously beautiful collection of white diamonds — one mass of perfect, round-cut stones, set in floral clips and solitaire chains and worn here with profligate elegance."
Amy Fine Collins and Ann Grauso
Jean Tailer, John Loring, and Marisa Berenson
Carmen Dell'Orefice and Francesco Scavullo
Michael Kowalski and John Loring
Shalom Harlow, Val Selleck, and Carmen Dell'Orefice
Carroll Petrie wearing her Schlumberger necklace

Photographs by Andrew H. Walker/PMc

Kenneth Noland's Contrapuntal, an exhibition on nine new paintings, at Ameringer and Yohe Fine Art
Will Ameringer, Paige Rense, Kenneth Noland, Yun Yohe, James Yohe, and Thomas Britt
Karen Wilkin and Donald Clinton

Paige Rense hosted a dinner for her husband Kenneth Noland to celebrate the opening of Contrapuntal, an exhibition of nine new paintings.

"After investigating new variants of his Circle paintings over the past few years, Noland now turns his attention to another iconic image: the Stripe painting. Starting with an established format structured by color, the artist explores techniques, palettes, and proportions which bring the paintings into a contemporary context. The nine paintings exhibited refelect the cumulative experience of his career, as well as his ongoing pursuit of the ideal of abstract painting."

James Yohe with Mrs. and Mr. Edward Shufro
Mr. and Mrs. Shallat with Kenneth Noland
Delphine and Reed Krakoff
Thomas Britt and Helena Lehane
Linda Farber-Post and Kal Post
Mrs. and Mr. Edward Shufro with Miles McEnery
Jean Tailer with Kenneth Noland and Paige Rense
Will Ameringer, Reed Krakoff, and Harriet Weintraub

Photographs by Patrick McMullan/PMc

At Le Cirque for the First International Auction of Tuscan White Truffles
Drew Nieporent and Julian Niccolini
Julian Niccolini and Jay McInerney
Bill Boggs and Leslie Bennett
Arie and Coco Kopelman
Arlene Lazare and Neil Sedaka
Sirio Maccioni and Joan Collins
Marco Maccioni, Joan Collins, Egidiana Maccioni, and Nikki Haskell
Richard Johnson and Sesta Richthofen
Janis Savitt and Sam Bassett
Anne Slater, Joan Collins, Nikki Haskell, and John Cahill

Photographs by Jimi Celeste/PMc

Lucienne Fragrance Launch at Bergdorf Goodman
Lucienne von Doz and Dr. Philip Luloff
Sandy Fellman and Lydia Fink
Renee Fleming
L. to r.: John Kocum, Lydia Fink, and Joey Palazzolo; Elizabeth Lang and Deborah Krulewitch; Valerie MacCarthy and Maxime Alvarez de Toledo.

Photographs by Perrie Wardell/PMc


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