Richard Weisman held a book signing reception for Picasso to Pop: The Richard Weisman Collection
Susie Bryant, Sal Marciano, and Jerry Jacob
Elaine Hopkins, Richard Weisman, and Najima Beard
The other night down at Boom on Spring Street, Carol Alt, Jay Weiss, Kathleen Turner, and Abby Weisman hosted a book signing for their longtime friend Richard Weisman and his book Picasso to Pop: The Richard Weisman Collection.

As expected, it was a great success. An eclectic crowd, much like Mr. Weisman's art collection, turned out on a very temperate evening in the village. Inside Boom however, there wasn't any breathing room and there wasn't a book left in the place by the end of the evening. Well, except for one, which Joe Armstrong snatched up the next day while running into Mr. Weisman at lunch at "21."

Carol Alt, Richard Weisman, and Kathleen Turner.
Courtesy of
After the book signing at Boom, there was an after party at Theo, which was transformed into Andy Warhol's old studio with tinfoil-lined walls for starters, where Mr. Weisman graciously continued to sign more books.

When Mr. Weisman holds a book signing, he always donates a portion of the proceeds to a local charity. In this case City-Meals-on-Wheels was the benefactor.

If you didn't make it to this book signing, he'll be having a few more in other cities of course, so if you're in the neighborhood, it would be in your best interest to make an appearance and meet the man behind the genius. And of course buy yourself a book. In the meantime go to his web site and purchase one (or two or three), or in Caroline Hirsch's case, five Picasso to Pops.

Here are some of the upcoming book signings around the world for Picasso to Pop: April 10th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bromberg in Mountain Brook, Alabama; April 17th, at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery in Halifax, Canada; In middle May in New Caanen, Conn; In Iowa City, Iowa and in Moscow, Russia (dates yet to be announced).

— JH
Amy Fine Collins
Julie Park and Richard Weisman
Elizabeth Simon (Cousin E.) and friend
Patrick McEnroe and Melissa Errico with friends
Paul Kantor, Carol Alt, and Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Murray
Amy Porter and Annie Graber
Carol Alt
Carl Bernstein and friend
Caroline Hirsch
Dr. Michael Wiland and friend
Lee Ann Westover and Saskia Sunshine Lane and friend
Amy Mullins and Peter Beard
Michael Gross, Joan Jedell, and David Granoff
Richard with his daughter Abby Weisman
Patricia Burnham with Richard
Sarah Stewart with Richard
Barbara Garcia and Alina Cho
Judy Gilbert (right) and friends
Patricia Burnham and Michael Gross
Fans of Richard's lined Boom.

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