Associates Committee of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's 12th annual Bunny Hop at FAO Schwarz
Thomas and Gigi Glover
Getting ready for the face painter
A thousand people — 520 adults and 480 children (!!) showed up for the Associates Committee of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 12th annual Bunny Hop at FAO Schwarz at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street. That’s a pretty amazing number for a kids’ fundraiser at a toy store. Or maybe not, since FAO Schwarz is THE toy store and the Bunny Hop is pure dreamland for the lucky kids and even their lucky parents.

In the meantime, they also raised $250,000 for Sloan-Kettering’s Department of Pediatrics. Mort Zuckerman was there with his daughter Abigail, Michael Darling with Annabelle and James, Andrew Heaney, Kevin Coleman with Stuyvie and Avery, Eugenie NIven; Melanie Seymour Holland; Mia Matheson; Alexandra Mandis; Jeanne Callahan; Kristen Clark; Maria Villalba; Courtney Arnot with Hayden; Scalamandre’s Mark and Wiggie Bitter with their daughters Carter and Anna; Debbie and Serena Bancroft; Chappy Morris; Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos with Sophia, Peter and Nicholas Kanavos; Alexia Hamm; Nicole Miller with Palmer; Tory Burch; Jennifer Creel; Bill and Serena Lese; Rachel Hovnanian; Helen and Storey Schifter; Rand Araskog; Kathy and Andrew Thomas with Sophia; Ruth Gruelle; Joanne and Roberto de Guardiola with Roberto Jr. and Mercedes; and Kevin and Madeline McLaughlin.
Mary Darling, Billy Bush, Leslie Coleman, and Leslie Heaney with Raggedy Ann and Andy

The honorary chairmen were NBC’s Let’s Make A Deal host Billy Bush and his wife Sydney, who were there with their two daughters Mary, 2, and Josie, 4. The three chairmen, Leslie Heaney, Mary Darling and Leslie Coleman, were all dressed in outfits designed by Leah Anderson made out of chic fabric from Scalamandre’s sponsor.

Raggedy Ann and Andy were Grand Marshals and adding to the fun, were Michelle Tolson and Sarah Colon from the Radio City Rockettes, the Swarovski Crystal Tattoo Booth, Magic Al, Lea Golde, Kevin Kruger, Party Kidz, Mikey Mike, and special featured characters including Walkaround Cookie Monster, Peter Rabbit, Pikachu, Rapunzel Barbie, Snoopy and Pinkie.

Party Box provided fun foods for the kids, cookies to decorate, as well as cocktails and hors d'oeuvres for the adults served by waiters in aprons made from the sponsor's ‘bunny toile’ inspired from a waistcoat lining from the 1800's. Spring flowers inside and ‘creative carrots’ outside were provided by Craig Kiely.

Nicole Micco, Barbara McLaughlin
and Evie Brown of the SMSKCC produced this gargantuan task of a production. It’s not far off from a major circus in proportions because besides the food and contests, there’s all kinds of entertainment to keep the Wee Ones interested. It’s a lot of work and these girls are major workabees when it comes to getting it done. It’s people like these women who make the community that is New York work.

The Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is the oldest and largest private institution dedicated to the prevention, detection, control and cure of cancer. The Associates Committee was founded in 1984 with the purpose of introducing a younger generation to the volunteer and philanthropic activities of The Society and to raise funds for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Mrs. and Mr. Cornelius Sigety with Ned, Brad, and Nina
Manzie, Cricket, and India Burns with Julie and Lucie Regal
Kevin Kruger with baby ducks and bunny
Mrs. and Mr. Bill Lese with William and Timothy
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gorrivan with Isabelle
The boys and their dogs
Rand Araskog, and Kathy and Andrew Thomas with Sophia
Philip Connor, Henry Newberry, Courtney Arnot, Hayden Arnot, and Nick Henner
Avery and Stuyvie Coleman
The Chairs wearing Scalamandré: Leslie Coleman, Mary Darling, and Leslie Heaney
Mary, Michael, and Anabel Darling
Eugenie Niven
Wiggie and Mark Bitter with their daughters
Roberto and Joanne de Guardiola with Roberto, Jr. and Mercedes
Christina and Anthony Addison with Anabell
Barbara McLaughlin, Alexandra Allaire, and Ophelia Snyder
Jennifer and Lowell Creel
Ruth Gruelle with the Raggedys'
Mrs. and Mr. Sean Smith with Carlin and Henry
Anna Bitter
Clockwise from left: Snoop and fans; Billy Bush; Leslie Heaney with Mark and Wiggie Bitter; Leslie Coleman with Andrew and Leslie Heaney.

Photographs by Cutty McGill and Ethan Kavet.


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