American Cancer Society held its Spring Gala 2003 at The Pierre
Judi Leal and friend with Alex Donner
Barbara Taylor Bradford
Frances Shelton and Michael Greeven
Kris and Richard Thompson
Dennis Basso with Kathy Lee Gifford and Frank Gifford and friend
John Heineman and Michelle Marie
Anna Moffo and George and Marianna Kaufman
Fred and Judy Sullivan
Linda Silverman and Michael Levin
Paola Tornito and Joy Rosenthal
The inevitable Joan Jedell
Philip and Trisha Walsh Smith
Carol Holmes, Marc Rosen, and Arlene Dahl
Miss Universe Justine Pasfk
Joe Cohen and Lally Weymouth
Anthony and Lisa Harpel
Cheri Kaufman
Tina Sloan, Grant Aleksander, and Beth Chamberlin
Steve and Tina Sloan McPherson
Marvin Hamlisch and Claudia Cohen
Libby Pataki
Carol Mack and Emily Pataki

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