Bren and Mel Simon's Black and White Ball at Asherwood
The Simon's estate, Asherwood.
On a glorious spring weekend in Indianapolis, the same weekend as the Indy 500, Bren and Mel Simon opened the doors to their palatial estate, “Asherwood,” for a Black and White Ball. The ball benefited the Indy Festivities. There was art in auction — a celebration of the famous car race — with works by Peter Max and Jim Davis, racing legend Johnny Rutherford and race car artist Randy Davis, a fashion show, a parade in downtown Indianapolis, 400,000 spectators at the Indy 500 race, and the Ball. The Simons, known for the philanthropy and generosity all over the world, underwrote the Black and White Ball, with all proceeds going directly to The Indy 500 Festivities charity.

Former President Clinton flew to Indiana for some of the festivities, with several members of the Clinton Library, including Judy and George Marcus and Vinod Gupta. George Hamilton was there too. He and Bren Simon modeled in the fashion show. He was one of the celebrities in the parade and played golf with President Clinton and Mel Simon on the Simon's golf course at "Asherwood.
The ballroom for the Black and White Ball
The night of the Harlequin inspired ball, Bren Simon greeted her 300 guests in a black and white satin harlequin dress designed for her by Anouska Hempel of London.

Guests included Indiana Governor and Mrs. Frank O' Bannon, philanthropists, business, political and social leaders, Indy 500 race drivers and Hollywood celebrities. Tamme and Mark Eglinton (the Simon's daughter), the artist Peter Max, Muffi and Jim James, Mary Claire and George Broadbent, (Mary Claire was one of the festivities organizers in a black beaded lace dress with white silk), Renee and Dr. Mason Goodman, Jim Mitchell, Janine Smyulan and Jim Budden, Eddie Cheever, the racing driver, David Leadbetter, Dr. Greg Chernoff, the Simons’ children Jackie and David Simon and Cindy Simon Skjodt and Paul Skjodt, Sean Windle with his parents John and Lauren Windle, and a special new celebrity Firestone heir Andrew Firestone and his fiancé. Guests dined on barbequed shrimp, filet of beef, mashed potatoes, a glorious strawberry dessert, and danced the night away to the music of the Road House Jazz Band, a treat for Mr. Clinton whose favorite music is jazz.
L. to r.: Muffi and Jim James; Mason and Renee Goodman; Janine Smulyan and Jim Budden.
Mel Simon with George and Judy Marcus
Cari Smulyan, Eddie Cheever, and David and Kelly Leadbetter
Jen Schefft, Andrew Firestone, and Jackie Simon
Tamme and Mark Eglington
Judy and Governor Frank O'Bannon
Bill Clinton and Jim Mitchell
Bren and Mel Simon with George Hamilton and Tamme Eglington
Bren and Mel Simon with Bill Clinton and George Hamilton
Dr. Greg Chernoff and Bren Simon
Ben and Mel Simon with Dr. and Mrs. Pushpa Sidhu
Bren Simon and Bill Clinton
Mary Clare Broadbent and Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton with John and Lauren Windle
Judy and George Marcus
Muffi and Jim James
Bren Simon and Eddie Cheever


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