Celebrating Safe Horizon’s 25 years of helping New Yorkers in need
Maile Zambuto, John Fowler, and Brooke McMurray
Daniel O'Donnell, Rachel Levine, Robbie Kaplan, and John Banta
Jane and Jack Rivkin hosted a cocktail party at their East Hampton house to celebrate Safe Horizon’s 25 years of helping New Yorkers in need. More than 100 supporters attended, including Safe Horizon Board Chair Brooke McMurray, Vice-Chair Cynthia Lufkin and her husband Dan Lufkin; John Fowler, Susan and Peter Solomon, and Allison and Neil Rubler.

Jane and Jack Rivkin
Among the guests: Law and Order Special Victims Unit’s Stephanie March, Cornelia and Martin Bregman, Ashley Oxenberg, Ruth Vered, Jill Zarin, Barbara Oliver and Zachary, Jonathan Canno and Eric Bottcher, Luke and Maxine Bierbent, Michael Schultz, Anne Keating, Gordon Davis, Barbara K., Florence Anthony, Mark Epstein, Stephen Jacoby and Royce Pinkwater.

Guests sipped Champagne Veuve Clicquot on the Rivkins’ beautiful oceanfront property and enjoyed the steel band music of The Melvin Dean Ensemble. Caterer Karen Lee served grilled shrimp, filet mignon, and spring rolls. Despite the omnipresent threat of rain, the evening turned out to be perfect. The cocktail party even ended with a spectacular sunset.
Under the tent at the Rivkins'
The Safe Horizon volunteers make a big difference. They very often provide a huge hands-on relief in what are often dreadful human situations. The evening’s hostess, Jane Rivkin, a committed Safe Horizon Volunteer who assisted Safe Horizon in providing assistance to victims of 9/11, personally commended Safe Horizon for its ever-present professionalism, sympathy and empathy working with clients.

The gals from Safe Horizon
Safe Horizon is the nation's leading nonprofit victim assistance, advocacy and violence prevention organization. It offers more than 80 programs in community offices, courts, police precincts, shelters and schools. It also, most importantly offers a range of assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, the September 11th attacks, stalking, trafficking, torture, and to those families who lost loved ones due to a homicide. After the catastrophe of 9/11 Safe Horizon distributed more than $100 million in financial assistance to its surviving victims.
Safe Horizon runs the City’s 24- hour confidential Domestic Violence Hotline.

Safe Horizon’s special phone numbers:

Hotline, 1-800-621-HOPE

Crime Victims Hotline, 212-577-7777

Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline, 212-227-3000

September 11th Support Hotline, 1-866-689-HELP.
Cornelia and Martin Bregman
Vered, Jane Rivkin, and Janet Lehr
Kelly Mullens, Steven Rubenstein, Susan Solomon, and John Fowler
Ernie Duff, Maile Zambuto, and Scott Millstein
Gina Zahajko, Alex von Salas, Katherini Miccio, and Jill Zarin
Jen Dalven, Brad Yuan, Stephanie Yuan, Jeff Grayson, and Gary Swidler
Jill Zarin, Alex von Salas, Cathy Jones, and Jesus Ivan Vazzuez
Dan Lufkin, Debbie and Henry Drucker, and Cynthia Lufkin
Howard Oxenberg and Barbara Sloan
Callie Mansfield, Cornelia Bregman, and Ashley Oxenberg
L. to r.: Cynthia and Dan Lufkin; Barbara K. and Zachary; Stephanie March and Maile Zambuto;
Michael Schultz and Anne Keating
J. Josephs and Robert Caruso
Rachel Levine and Robbie Kaplan
James Tiberg and Sara Padob
Luke and Maxime Bierbent
Leslie Rudler, Meredith Verona, and Kim Hovnanian
Camille McDonald and Albert Maysles
Cathy Jones and Jill Zarin
Kent Klineman and Jack Rivkin
Kathy Wickman and Gordon Davis
John and Lisa Hall
Flo Anthony
Meagan de Los Cobos, Emily Kaye, and Ashley Aversano
Barbara Oliver and Carl Tiedemann
Mike and Susan Verde
Julie Walker
Royce Pinkwater and Steven Jacobi
Neil and Allison Rubler
Erik Bottcher and Jonathan Canno
Peter and Susan Solomon
Mark Epstein and Royce Pinkwater
Jonathan Kohana, Royce Pinkwater, and Nicholas Kohana

Photographs by Rob Rich


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