A Night of Expectations for the benefit of Everglades Preparatory Academy & Glades Academy Charter Schools hosted at Café Boulud by Emilia Fanjul
HRH Maria Pia de Savoia and HRH Michel de Bourbon
Robert, Cheryl, Maria, Raymond Sr., Nina, and Raymond Jr. Floyd
Michael Goedhuis and Cynthia Boardman
Robin and Norberto Azqueta Jr.
Emilia Fanjul and Brian Pfeifler
Pauline Pitt, Emilia Fanjul, and Grace Meigher
Roman Martinez and Emilia Fanjul
Pauline Pitt and Serena Boardman
Helena Martinez and Arnold Scassi
Eileen and Brian Burns with Pat Cook
Virginia and Jorge Dominicis
Jock and Susan Wanamaker-Leas
Tory and Anthony Baker
Lili Monnell and Kate Gubelmann
Talbott and Jack Maxey
Cathie and Andres Fanjul
L. to r.: Emilia and Jose Pepe Fanjul; Lourdes and Jose Pepe Fanjul Jr.; Frank Chopin and Kathleen Ford.
H. Loy and Inger Anderson
Christine and Steve Schwarzman
Denise and Dan Hanley

The Guest List ...

• Mr. and Mrs. Pasco Alfaro
• Mr. and Mrs. Joe allen
• Mr. and Mrs. H. Loy Andreson
• Ms. Julie Aronov
• Mr. and Mrs. Norberto Azqueta
• Mr. and Mrs. Norberto Azqueta, Jr.
• Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Baker
• Mrs. Barbara Waiscott Berger
• Mr. Nicolas Berggruen
• Mr. and Mrs. John Blades
• Mrs. Toinette Boalt
• Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Boardman
• Miss Serena Boardman
• Mrs. T. Dennie Boardman
• Prince Michel Borbon-Parme
• Princess Maria Pia de Savoie
• Mr. Guy de la botiniere
• Mr. Mark Brady
• Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burns
• Countess Cristina de Caraman
• Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Carney
• Mr. Frank Chopin
• Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cleary
• Mrs. Edward Cook
• Mr. and Mrs. Russell Corey
• Mr. Howard Cox
• Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Dillard
• Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DiMaggio
• Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ditizio
• Miss Ashley Dodd
• Mr. and Mrs. John Dodge
• Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Dominicis
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael Donohue
• Mrs. Shannon Donnelley
• Mr. Dennis Emrick
• Mr. Jason Epstein
• Miss Susan Fairchild
• Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Fanjul
• Mr. and Mrs. J. Pepe Fanjul Jr.
• Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Fieve
• Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Floyd
• Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Floyd Jr.
• Mr. and Mrs. Robert Floyd
• Mrs. Henry Ford
• Mr. Gene Garvy
• Mr. Michael Goedhuis
• Mre. Gerald Goldsmith
• Ms. Beatriz Grouchveska
• Mr.and Mrs. James Gubelmann
• Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hanley
• Mr. and Mrs. William Hanley Jr.
• Mrs. Betsy Howard
• Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huttig
• Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Keen
• Dr. and Mrs. Gary Knapp
• Mr. and Mrs. Peter Knudsen
• Mr. Parker Ladd
• Mr. Harry LeFrak
• Mr. Philip Levine
• Dr. and Mrs. Jack Liggett
• Mr. and Mrs. Lance Mahqaney
• Mr. and Mrs. Roman Martinez
• Mr. and Mrs. Troy Maschmeyer
• Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maxey
• Mr. and Mrs. Anthony May
• Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Meigher
• Ms. Judy Miller
• Mr. Felix Mirando
• Mrs. Ambrose Monell
• Mr. David Murdock
• Mr.and Mrs. John Nicolo
• Mr.and Mrs. David Ober
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pappa
• Mr. and Mrs. Howard Parker
• Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pfeifler
• Mr. Ogden Phipps
• Mrs. William Pitt
• Mrs. Berta Pons
• Mr. Tom Quick
• Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reynolds
• Mr. and Mrs. Philip Reynolds
• Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Salazar
• Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Sanchez
• Mr. Arnold Scaasi
• Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schwarzman
• Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio Sevilla-Sacasa
• Mrs. Earl Smith
• Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stewart
• Mr. Leslie Sufrin
• Mr. and Mrs. William Surtees
• Mr. and Mrs. Harry Theodoracoupulos
• Mr. Richard Thompson
• Mrs. Patricia Travis
• Mr. dominico Vacca
• Mrs. Alberto vollmer
• Dr. James Walsh
• Mr. and Mrs. John Wanamaker Leas
• Ms. Kendall Wheeler
• Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Whiteley
• Miss Bettina Zilkha
• Mr. Niko Zoullas

Photographs by Lucien Capehart Photography

American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra held its annual Vintage Monday
L. to r: Judy Lobel and Heidi Learner; Inside the Apple Bank on 73rd and Broadway.
This past Monday, the Associates division of American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra held its annual Vintage Monday, an evening of wine tasting co-chaired by Lori Freudenberger, Andrea and Ari Lefkovits, Alison and Randall Shaw and Leigh Sherman. This event attracted approximately 200 young supporters in the historic Apple Bank building at Broadway and 73rd Street. The participants sampled wines from Antinori, Koala Blue, Lambert Bridge and Recanati wineries and had the chance to bid on exciting auction prizes.
Joshua Crane, Erica Lowenfels, Jason Hirsch, and Randi Gober
Philice Rosen and Leigh Sherman
Samantha Daniels and Alissa Grad
Sampson Glassman and Linda Goebel
Lori Freudenberger, Alison Shaw, and Andrea Lefkovits
Randall Shaw and Lesley Arlein
Mark Salzberg and Andrea Lefkovits with friends

Leigh Sherman and friends

Alex Hitz celebrates his 35th birthday at Swifty's
Pat Patterson
Nan Kempner and Adolfo with Brooke Duchin and Alex in the background
Robert Caravaggi and Alex Hitz
Alex Hitz gave a birthday party for himself yesterday lunchtime at Swifty’s. Yesterday was also his birthday. He is thirty-five. Alex often gives a birthday party for himself and they’ve been written about here. They are always different. One year he gave a big fancy party for more than a hundred in a big fancy private club here in town. That was certainly the talk, as they’d say down in Atlanta where Mr. Hitz hails from.

Last year he had about sixty or so squeezed into a tiny little notch of a restaurant in the village where he imported his own silver and china (and I think maybe even the chandelier). Really, now. There were some problems with the (chicken) cuisine later on, ahem, or so I was told. That was certainly the talk too. However, Alex is a wonderful host and a very nice man to be around. So it’s always a pleasure to be invited by him. Furthermore, as you may have gathered, he likes to share the wealth. To which I say, let me at ‘im.

This year there were thirteen of us including Nan Kempner, Pat Patterson, Peter Vaughan, Brooke and Peter Duchin, Helen O’Hagan, Ellen Graham, Hiram Williams, Cynthia Kempner, Adolfo, Lisa Fine and of course, our host. We had Swifty’s gravlax for starters, then a salad and the famous Swifty’s cheese soufflé. Then out came the waiters with four large pieces of vanilla merengue cake, each with a long tall candle in it, and everybody singing Happy birthday. The merengue slices, alas only went to the birthday babies. They were: Mr. Hitz, Adolfo, Helen O’Hagan and Liz Smith who just happened to be lunching at a table nearby. All Aquariuses, those. We all helped ourselves to their merengue cake, however and we all felt like kids at a birthday which is a sensationally silly feeling in the world of these days, and therefore all the more welcome.

Happy Birthday Alex Hitz, and many many more just like ‘em for you!
Peter Duchin
Cynthia Kempner
Lisa Fine
Helen O'Hagan, Peter Vaughan, and Ellen Graham
Liz Smith and Kate Coyne


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