The New York Botanical Garden's annual Orchid Dinner at The University Club

Dominique Browning, Caroline Cunningham, Carolina Irving, and Robert Couturier
Roger Kirby and Dominique Browning
The New York Botanical Garden held The Orchid Dinner at The University Club a few weeks ago. We couldn't make it but heard it was a blast from the event chair themselves, Dominique Browning, editor of House & Garden, and Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Miller. Decorations chair was Charlotte M. Frieze, Garden editor of H & G. This annual event benefits the Garden's renowned and highly celebrated orchid collection.
Anne and Philip B. Miller
The real treats of the The Orchid Dinner are the dinner centerpieces, created and donated by leading designers from the worlds of fashion, architecture, horticulture, and literature. See for yourself ...

Peter Jones, Anne Miller, and Jacqui Lividini
John McGrath and Norma Dana

Robert Rufino and friend
Philip B. Miller, Dominique Browning, Anne Miller, and Gregory Long

Kate and Andy Spade with Dominique Browning
Kate Spade, Christopher Hyland, Seymour Moore, and CeCe Cord

L. to r.: Kitty Hawks and Charlotte M. Frieze; Stephanie Krieger and Brian Stewart; Lori Burgess.

Sheri Wilson-Gray and Jacqui Lividini
Dominique Browning, Gregory Long, and CeCe Cord
The scene at dinner

Now on to the Centerpieces ...
Andrew Petronio and Kenneth Alpert for K.A. Design Group
Martha Baker Landscape Design and Flowers for Events
Philip Baloun
John Barman
David Beahm for House & Garden
Bruce Bierman Design, Ltd.
Thomas Burak
Fleur and Ron Wendt Design, Ltd.
Sherrill Canet
Robert Couturier, Inc.
Jamie Drake
Scott Salvator for Wild Poppy
Mariette Himes Gomez
Gotham Gardens
Constantin Gorges, Ltd.
Jackson Siegel Aaron
Darren Henault Interiors
Peter Marston, Marston & Langinger
Reed Krakoff for Coach
Naomi Leff and Associates
Brian Murphy, Inc.
Susan Orsini for Orsini Design Associates, Inc.
Dennis Rolland
Robert Rufino for Tiffany & Co.
Scott Sanders for Scott Sanders LLC
Alan Tanksley, Inc.
Paula Hayes for Salon 94
Zezé Flowers for House & Garden
Ralph Lauren home
Thomas Jayne

Photographs by Richard Orjis/PMc

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A couple weeks ago, Women's Campaign Fund hosted 16 dinners in the private homes of New Yorkers, helping to support pro-choice women of both parties
WCF Board Members: Cynthia Strauss, Joanne Davidson, Marnie Pillsbury, Terese Collins, Susan Zises Green, Doreen Frasca, Julie Menin, and Beverly Moore
Valerie Biden Owens and Senator Joseph Biden
Beverly Moore and Jeanine Piro
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Congressional Candidate Stephanie Herseth
Cathleen Black, Karen Page, and Andrea Smith at the home of Barbara Corcoran
Walter Cronkite, Congresswoman Nita Lowey, and Senator Frank Lautenberg
Carol Ostrow and Senator Blanche Lincoln
Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Marnie Pillsbury with a friend, and Nita Lowey
Linda Stasi and Walter Cronkite
Walter Cronkite and Eleanor Clift
WCF supporters dining at the home of Alice Kandell
Doreen Frasca and guests
Senators Joseph Biden, Blanche Lincoln, Frank Lautenberg, and Charles Schumer
Leslie Cornfeld, Cynthia Beerbower, James Kramer, and Darcy Bradbury
Peggy Kerry and Congressman Tim Bishop


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