Notes for Thursday
From Dressed to Kilt (l. to r.): Vikram Chatwal; Antony Todd; Forrest Kirby; Elizabeth Kieselstein-Cord.
Cloudy, light Spring rain falling intermittently. Lunch at Michael’s. Afterwards a walk by the Bergdorf windows just to see what’s up. Plum Sykes and her new novel Bergdorf Blondes is what’s up. The store’s devoted three very clever and amusing windows to it, including one which has a tied-back curtain that on inspection is entirely blonde hair from ceiling to floor. Where’d they get that, from Lady Godiva?

Joy Press
reviewing Sykes’ book in The Village Voice called it Sex and the City without the sex.” That’s okay; we’re just about sexed-out anyway (at least read- and view-wise). If the Bergdorf windows are any indication, however, Ms. Sykes book’s a riot. The windows certainly are. Obviously a send-up, light and airy, like the hair (and the heads) of a lot of those girls who worry about their roots and their dermatology appointments and not much else.

Meanwhile farther up the avenue and over on Madison at the Whitney Museum, mid-afternoon there was a line around the block waiting to get into the Biennial. The Whitney Biennial always draws scathing criticism and harrumphs and long long lines waiting to get in. Mostly young people and those who remain so, if you’re wondering.

Today’s Party Pics are devoted to the Dressed to Kilt event which took place Monday night at Sotheby’s. So much tartan and so many bare legs (and hairy ones too); the pictures tell you what the party was like better than I could.
L. to r.: Sean Connery toasts the crowd; E. Jean Carroll; Nicky and Octavia Balestirri; Callum and Cathie Barton.
Rocco DiSpirito and Denise Vasi
Daryl Bowman
Nicki Nez
Daniel Benedict
Robin Austin and Kathleen Brennan
Directors of the show Geoffrey Carroll and Peter Morris
Patrick McMullan with his son Liam
Dennis Basso and Jimmy Rodriguez
David Frank and Kathryn Eisman
Ernabel Demillo and John Muller
DPC with and Sara and Russ Findlay
Valerie Steele, Susan Bodnar, and Chris Royer
Kenneth Lane with Moira, Kip, and Catherine Forbes
Olivia Chantecaille and Andrew Saffir
Hughie Morgan, Amy Sacco, and King
Anne Hearst, Fabian Basabe, and Amanda Hearst
John Bolger
Patrick MacDonald
Hughie Morgan
Dirk Van Stockum
Sir Sean and Lady Connery
Jimmy Rodriguez
Kyle MacLachlan
Cece Cord
Father and daughter Dressed to Kilt
Undressed to Kilt
Kyle MacLachlan and Desiree Gruber
Megan Glennon
Tara and Mark Gibson
Jeffrey Banks
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George Rush with his son Eamon
Bagpiping to Kilt
John Muller and his pooch
Stone Phillips
Kip Forbes
Gary Van Dis
Tony Curran ...
... grabs Muffie Potter Aston
Scott Campbell
Jimmy Rodriguez
Bill McKeever
Stone Phillips and Felicia Taylor
Cece again
Jimmy again
Celerie Kemble and Kathryn Eisman
Euan Rellie and his son Heathcliff
Liz Lind and Christian Leone
Alastair McKenzie
A little Rugby, anyone?
Kyle again
Scottish master chef Gerry Goldwyre
Tom Gold from the NYC Ballet
Raising the roof
Eric Villency
Earl of Caithness
A kilted guest
Brian Andersson and Sir Sean and Lady Connery close out the show

Photographs by Rob Rich/516-676-3939


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