Last Tuesday night over at the Waldorf Astoria the American Museum of the Moving Image saluted Richard Gere at its 19th annual Black-Tie. Every year the museum honors a personality whose career has propelled the medium of the moving image and has had a profound effect on industry and audiences alike.

Carey Lowell and Richard Gere
Co-Chairmen for the Dinner were Ed Limato, Ron Meyer, Tom Rothman, and Harvey Weinstein. AMMI Board Chairman Herbert S. Schlosser presented Gere with the Museum’s Salute.

Hard to believe, for those of us who first saw him in Days of Heaven that we’ve been watching one of America’s most compelling and popular movie stars for more than a quarter century. From his breakthrough roles in Heaven, as well as American Gigolo, and An Officer and a Gentleman, to his recent electrifying performances in Unfaithful and Chicago – for which he won his first Golden Globe.

Richard Gere’s work is marked by intelligence, versatility and charm. The grace and ease of his acting style belies the irresistible appeal that has made him one of Hollywood’s great leading men, starring opposite Julia Roberts, Diane Keaton, Debra Winger, Renee Zellweger, Diane Lane, and most recently Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez, in the soon-to-be-released romantic musical drama Shall We Dance?

As the 19th Salutee, Richard Gere joins an exceptional group of past-honorees – Sidney Lumet, Elia Kazan, James Stewart, Sidney Poitier, Mike Nichols, Robert De Niro, Barbara Walters, Al Pacino, Steven Spielberg, Robin Williams, Martin Scorsese, Goldie Hawn, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, and Billy Crystal.

The American Museum of the Moving Image is the only institution of its kind in the United States. It houses the world’s most important film, television, and digital media collection – more than one hundred thousand objects. 400 films are screened each year, many accompanied by conversation with directors, actors, scholars, and other moving image professionals. Education programs offer intermediate and high school student’s fresh perspectives on their study of history, social studies, literature, and science. World-renowned exhibitions engage visitors in the Museum’s distinctive approach to screen culture. The Salute raises vital funds for the Museum’s programs.
Rochelle Slovin
Herbert Schlosser
Sharon Stone
Richard Gere and Denzel Washington
Richard Gere and Anita Gillette
Liam Neeson, Kim Cattrall, Richard Gere, and Carey Lowell
Olivia Springer and Gary Springer
Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, and Marty Richards
Richard Gere and his family
Harvey Weinstein
Marisa Berenson
Valentina D'Angelis and Olivia Springer
Matthew and Cari Modine
Hector Elizondo
Garry Marshall
Louis Gossett Jr. and Richard Gere
Elizabeth Porter and Michelle Gainless
Ali Larter
Winona Ryder

Photographs by Rob Rich//516-676-3939

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Nikki Haskell and Richard Weisman threw Ivana Trump a big Hollywood party
Faye Dunaway, Nikki Haskell, and George Schlatter
Tony and Jill Curtis, Ivana Trump, Rossano Rubicondi, and Nikki

Ivana Trump went out to Beverly Hills with her boyfriend Rossano Rubicondi for secret talks about her new reality TV show which some are saying may go head-to-head with her ex The Donald’s hit show “The Apprentice” and Nikki Haskell and Richard Weisman threw her a big Hollywood party. So, as they say, What is Reality?

Reality was Ivana’s hot shot agent Norman Brokaw
by her side as they arrived at La Haskell’s Beverly Hills penthouse overlooking all of L.A. to find everyone out there was thir-rilled to see her and Rossano. Jill and Tony Curtis flew in from Vegas just for the party. Traci Bingham was lighting her way with her new 12-carat diamond, the engagement gift of her fiancé, financier John Yarborough. Faye Dunaway was there, and Robert Evans, the kid who’s stayed the kid and been in the picture longer than anybody in the history of Hollywood was there. He was with Tatiana, his not-wife but longtime girlfriend (six months is a long time in that part of the forest).

There was Richard Perry, George and Jolene Schlatter, Bob and Linell Shapiro, Michael and Pat York, Michelle Phillips, Waldo Fernandez, Jackie Bisset, Ann Turkel, Brenda Vacarro, Dennis Haysbert who plays the President of the United States on the TV show “24,” and Beverly Johnson, the supermodel who is on the cover of Women In Golf this month because that’s what Beverly does these days ... golf ... beyond.

Nikki brought out her new invention that’s everybody’s answer to constant easy, no frills, all thrills exercise – the Star Cruncher – endorsed by stars, celebrities, gyms, trainers and orthopedic surgeons and will soon be available at Saks and better department stores, not to mention Nikki’s web site which you can link to through New York Social Diary.

This wasn’t Ivana’s first trip to LaLa Land but she said she had such a good time (as did Rossano) that she’s already thinking she’d like to be spending more time there.

Bob Evans, Richard Weisman, and Tony Curtis
Nikki with Tatiana Shoan and Bob Evans
Eric Thiele and Ann Turkel
Linelle and Bob Shapiro
John Yarbrough and Traci Bingham
Rossano Rubicondi and Norman Brokaw
Faye Dunaway and Brenda Vaccaro
Richard Weisman, Jacqueline Bisset, and Dennis Haysbert
Bob with the ladies of Hollywood. Above: Jacqueline Bisset, Faye Dunaway, and Traci Bingham. Below: Faye, Ivana, and Tatiana

Photographs by John Sterling


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