Central Park Conservancy's 2004 Frederick Law Olmsted Luncheon
Linda Cooper and Marilyn Miglin
Joan Penn and Linda Silverman
Barbara de Portago

The overwhelming majority of ladies lunching in the garden today chose big, splashy hats. Everyone looked elegant, but the European trend towards teensy hats seems not to have taken hold yet here.

At the fashion vanguard was Madison Avenue milliner Suzanne Newman, who wore a pink print suit with a contrasting topper of red feathers. Ms. Newman outfitted more than sixty, including, notably, Carol Levin who sported a show-stopping red coil.

Other boldfacers in boldly small hats (purchased in London) included Jane Cooney (in Herbert Johnson’s pink feathered confection) and Marilyn Miglin (in a navy Peter Bettley picked up at Harrod’s). She lunched amongst the Chanel-clad crew at the table of Noelle Nikpour who flew in from Arkansas for the event.

Among the male minority in attendance was milliner Eric Javits, who was pleased to find dozens of his classic straw creations in the sea of hats visible from Fifth Avenue.

And no one could miss Ivana Trump’s pal Princess Ildiko Varga’s colossal chapeau a cascading fountain of shocking pink feathers.

These “air-kiss” crowd did kiss the air today, the brims of their hats too broad and too wide for actual cheek contact. Also, Karl Lagerfeld’s spring collection for Chanel which featured jackets in pale yellow, mint green, and candy pink – all adorned by pinned-on flowers and letters worn by so many ladies that genuine embraces presented a very real brooch-entanglement danger.

— Daphne Matalene for NYSD

Burgi Steiner, Fe Fendi, and Monica von Zadora-Gerlof
Margo Langenberg and Stephanie Krieger
Eleanora Kennedy, Jessie Araskog, Joanne de Guardiola, and Georgette Mosbacher
Kristi Witker and Sam Michaels
Gillian and Patty Hearst
Susan Rudin (left)
Hollywood baby!!
Jung Hwa Milanoski and Marianne Adolf
Regina Peruggi, Helena Pietragallo, and Nancy Paduano
Heather Cohane
Karen LeFrak and Joanne de Guardiola
Tracy Huff and Margaret Cornwall
Cricket Burns and Coco Kopelman
The shoes, don't forget about the shoes!!
Ruth Ann Marshalll and Stephanie Flanagan
Whitney and Carol Wolfe
Evelyn Lauder, Eleanora Kennedy, Jessie Araskog, and Karen LeFrak
Connie Spahn
Alexia Hamm Ryan and Marcia Mishaan
Geraldine Fabrikant and Daisy Soros
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Allison Rockefeller and Eric Javits
Jessie and Rand Araskog with Kathy Thomas
Barbie Bancroft and Allison Rockefeller
Carol Levin
Alex Lind Rose and friends
Karyn Mandy, Jane Cooney, and Fran Clary

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L. to r.: Rossano Rubicondi and Ivana Trump with Princess Ildiko Varga, and K. Alexis Mersentes; Betty Sherrill and Armene Milliken with a friend.
Ellen Sarnoff, Carol Smokler, Etta Zimmerman, Carol Cohen, Erica Zurkow, and Carol Levin
Suzanne, Chrissie, Robby, Lauren, and Bob Cochran
Kathy Blenzak, Mickey Beyer, Ellen Jaffe, and Andrea Stark
Clelia Zacharias, Chata Smith, Bambi Belaguernniere, and Jane Holtensen
Sally Albemarle
Muffy Miller
Jan Sneed
Michele Herbert
L. to r.: Sally Ann Giordano, Alexis Waller, Leslie Heaney, and Mary Darling; Cece Black; Gillian Miniter.
Lou Hammond and Daphne Matalene
Lisa Hoenshell
Blair Husain, Todd Romano, and Mayme Greer
Kristina Stewart and Jill Brooke
Lorna Graeve and Jill Brooke
DPC and Beth De Woody
Toni Peebler and Wendy Carduner
Judy Hart Angelo and Dan Lufkin
Muffie Potter Aston, Grace Hightower, and Judy Hart Angelo
Kirk and Fernanda Henckels
Jeanne Lawrence and Christopher Mason
Simone Mailman and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes
L. to r.: Shirley Lord Rosenthal; Suzanne Cochran and Suzanne Newman; Susan Fales-Hill and friends.
Julia Koch with Denise Wohl and friend
Marjorie Reed Gordon, Sharon Hoge, and Alexandra Howard
Blaine Trump
Susan Braddock
In the Conservatory Garden
Carroll Petrie, Mai Harrison, and Cornelia and Stephanie Ercklentz
Renee Rockefeller and Lillian von Stauffenberg
Felicia Taylor
Barbara Winston
Adrienne Vittadini and friend
Eva Dillon, Melinda Dubow, and Maria Livanos
Anne Pyne and friend
Allison Stern

Photographs by Jeff Hirsch/NYSD.com


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