Boys' Club of New York's Junior Committee's Celebrate Summer 2004
Tony Cummings and Dabney Mercer
Jennifer Dearth, Matti Antila, and Nicole Hanley
Sasha Lewis, Jimmy Crumpacker, and Zoe Tanabaum
Who needs a house in the Hamptons when you can go to the Boathouse in Central Park? With its waterfront tables and crisp chardonnay, it’s a communal patio for the whole city. As such, it provided a perfect backdrop for the Boys’ Club of New York’s recent summer benefit, where young philanthropists like Elizabeth and Amanda Meigher and Merrill and Nicole Hanley, Stephanie Borynack, Matt Twist, Martin Seidel, John Royal, Ed Smith, Mike Dinger, Melissa Berkelhammer and Mark Fabry admired the view.

Even surrounded by the glittering uptown skyline, we were glad to know that our efforts on the dance floor would help to fund the Boys’ Club’s good works – from after-school tutoring and sports at its urban clubhouses to summer camp in rural New Jersey. As great as it is to live in New York, it’s good to get away in the summer for a splash!
L. to r.: Stephanie de Kertanguy and Joanna Merrill; Frances Durkes (right) and friends; Margot Hill, Charlie Schaeffer, and Paige Beacham.
Shelley Butler and Matthew Mitchell
Elizabeth Pyne, Harry LeFrak, and Krissie Darr
Christina Alger and Jason Kalisman
Ashley and Mark Allen
Reed Coleman and Lindsey Burnett
Daphne Butler, Stephanie De Kertanguy, and Joanne Merrill
Emma Shilling-Law, Harry LeFrak, and Joanna Baker
Keith Davies, Ellie Berlin, Sarah Gregg, and Amanda Meigher
Laura Schneider and Justin Sughrue
Drinks anyone?
Lindsey Burnett, Lizzie Reifenheiser, Carter Kahle, and Gaia Benitez
Heather Lynch and Carolina Gutierrez
Tom Sheehan and Eliza Nordeman
Fiona and Vanessa McDermott
Lilly Bunn, Minnie Mortimer, and Devon Schuster
Andrew Armstrong and Melinda Mettler
Joe Toce and Amanda Meigher
Thorne Perkin and Jessica Vertullo
Melissa Berkelhammer and Josiah Hornblower
Kelly Pilman, Heather Lynch, and Tinsley Mortimer
Joanna Leathers and Gordan Faux
Jessica Almon and Meghan Horstmann
Si Anthony, Megan Cook, and Liza Denny
Elisabeth Saint-Amand
Jessica Vertullo, Joy Grossman, Hilton Heard, and Darlene Liebman

Photographs by Cutty McGill

Chanel celebrated the arrival of Weddings of Style, a guide to the Ultimate Wedding, by Kalliope Karella with a cocktail party featuring Chanel couture wedding gowns and fine jewelry
L. to r.: Mark Gilbertson and Carol McFadden; Jackie Astier and Alex Kramer; Jamee Gregory and Barbara Cirkva.
L. to r.: Kalliope Karella, Emilia Fanjul, and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes; Colin Cowie and Kalliope Karella; Martha Kramer, Kalliope Karella, Rena Sindi, and Lisa Anascos.

Photographs by Tara Todras-Whitehill/PMc


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