Kickoff party at Frances Hayward's for this year’s upcoming American Associates of the Royal Academy Trust Gala
Dorothy Kaufman
Liz Fondaras
Barbara Cates
Frances Hayward
Frances Hayward hosted a kickoff party at Grey Gardens, her East Hampton home, for this year’s upcoming American Associates of the Royal Academy Trust Gala, which takes place on Tuesday, November 9 at the Rainbow Room in New York City. Among those in attendance included Audrey and Martin Gruss, Liz Fondaras, Bill and Kathy Rayner, Thomas Quick, Ambassador Heyward Isham and Sheila Isham, and lots of other Anglophiles on the East End all coming out to show their support.
Elsie Nelson and Bill Finneran
Jerry and Lisa Eastman
Audrey Gruss and Frances Hayward
Kathy Rayner and Shelia Isham

Photographs by Patrick McMullan

A cocktail party at the Rainbow Room to celebrate 22 years of Applevision
Katie Couric and Jack Lynch
Christy Ferer and Amy Fine Collins
Patrick Devine and Lumi Hardi
Two weeks ago, Christy Ferer CEO of Applevision and Applevision correspondents Jeffrey Lyons, Bill Boggs, Mary Alice Stephenson and Toni Senecal, along with special guest, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, hosted a cocktail party at the Rainbow Room to celebrate 22 years of Applevision.

Applevision is, if you didn't know — and if you're an out-of-towner, you just might — a multi media platform with a mission to promote all the great things to do and see in the big apple.  It's a "visitors network" that's  been in existence since 1981 and reaches an average of 350,000 visitors to our city every month. Applevision provides a half hour of programming that plays 24 hours a day in more than 40,000 high end hotel rooms in New York.  It's also seen throughout New York's major transportation hubs such as JFK, LaGuardia and Liberty airports, as well as the Port Authority Terminal at 34th Street via the CNN Airport Network and Hudson News terminals. It publishes pocketsized Smart Guides distributed by hotel concierges which provide a New York City transit map while at the same time providing our advertisers a unique avenue to reach the over 35 million people that visit New York City every year.

It is the great promotional vehicle for visiting New Yorkers about New York and all of its opportunities and advantages. Because 98% of all people visiting New Yorkers watch television at least part of the time they are here, Applevision is their connection to our great city.
Annette Tapert and Marisa Berenson
Christy Ferer and Mayor Bloomberg
Katie Couric and Christy Ferer
Len Morgan
John Whitehead and Christy Ferer
Diana Taylor
Lumi Hadri, Patrick Devine, Katie MacIntosh, and Jack Lynch
Dylan Brown, Beth DeWoody, and friend

Photographs by Heather Cohane

M. Night Shyamalan hosted a private screening of "The Village" and an exclusive after party at Figa Restaurant

Among those in attendance were Adrien Brody with mom, Sylvia Plachy, Sigourney Weaver, Julia Stiles, Josh Hartnett, Brice Dallas Howard, Celia Weston, Michael Pitt, Lydia Hearst, Marla Maples, Anand Jon, Judy Greer, Bhavna Shyamalan, and Jole Rousseau
Judy Greer, M. Night Shyamalan, Sigourney Weaver, and Bhavna Shyamalan
Fabian Basabe and Christian McPherson
Simon Rex
Julia Stiles, Anand Jon, and Marla Maples
Lydia Hearst
Sanjana Rebecca and Marla Maples
Celia Weston
Sigourney Weaver and Jole Rousseau

Photographs by Chance Yeh/PMc

Champagne Veuve Clicquot's 14th annual Bastille Day Pétanque tournament to benefit City Harvest
Mireille Guiliano and Mme. Clicquot
Alyssa Coulson and Laurence Kretchmer
Jean Hoefliger and Shaunna Splaten
Scores East and West with Mark Niven
Mme. Clicquot and Arian Dagnin
Provence and Mme. Clicquot
Winning team: Zinc Bar and Stephen Lewis


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