The Fitch’s Corner Horse Trial in Millbrook
Ann Henckels arriving at the Blue Jean Ball in a stretch Checker
John Hubbell with Jane Ellebash
The Fitch’s Corner Horse Trial, held at the farm of Fernanda and Kirk Henckels in Millbrook, is a high level eventing competition with 250 horses competing in the three phases – dressage, cross country jumping and stadium jumping. The weekend activities include the Blue Jean Ball for competitors and friends and the Spectator’s Luncheon to benefit the Millbrook Fire Department Rescue Squad and sponsored by Brilliant Magazine. While everyone is up for country fun the spirit is stylish with many hats for the ladies. The courses are designed by Captain Mark Phillips who is the Chef d’Equipe of the United States Equestrian Team.
Cocktails at Fitch’s Corner
Francie Leidy, Kristen Kellogg, and Carter and Marie Louise Leidy
Fernanda Kellogg and Jack Walnes
Sarah Dallaire with Blue Jean Ball cowboy hats for the guests
Mary Cookingham with a Madder Hatter design
The youngest cowboy at the party, Jamie Bush
Kirk Henckels with his mother Ann Henckels
John and Hilary Block
Elizabeth Allen, Diana King, and Beth Jones
Florence Perleongue and beau
Felicity Banford and Timothy Bontecou
Helen Blodgett and daughter Natasha
Peter Hathaway and Marjorie Crodelle
Louise and Marshall Field V. and daughter Chloe
Christy Parsons
Fernanda Kellogg and Lance Morgan present the winning Tiffany silver
Hannah Buchman with John and Hilary Block
Ruthie Bontoucou and Parker Gentry
James and Jane Barron, Michael and Arriane Batterberry, and Barbara and Donald Tober
Kirk Henckels and friends

Photographs by Mary Hilliard


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