Eos Orchestra's Summer Benefit, “Tiffany’s Does Opera!,” at the home of Jonathan Sheffer and Christopher Barley in East Hampton
Dr. Christopher Barley, Allison Aston, and Jonathan Sheffer
Carlton DeWoody, Samantha Rudin, and Chris Striefel
It was a warm August evening in the Hamptons. Guests of the Eos Orchestra’s 2004 Summer Benefit enjoyed cocktails on the rolling lawn of one of East Hampton’s oldest homes, right in the heart of the Village, and then moved on to the newly renovated 1905 barn, where the audience was treated to a 30-minute program of fully staged short operas.

From Antonio Salieri's brief opera
The program was about 30 minutes in length, consisting of three brief operas, each telling a complete story in only 10 minutes. The operatic equivalent of passed hors d’oeuvres, if you will. There was one by Antonio Salieri, a contempory of Mozart, which describes the flirtation between two women and a man; and there were two by Eos’s Artistic Director, Jonathan Sheffer: Camera Obscura, which depicts the problems of poor videophone communication; and Owl Creek Bridge, a metaphysical Civil War adventure, based on the story Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by American writer Ambrose Bierce.

The Eos Orchestra, now in its 9th season, continues to delight and dazzle audience in New York, on tour, and on PBS and NPR, where it appears regularly. Eos is dedicated to presenting new and unusual kinds of concerts for the widest possible audience, and is doing it to great acclaim. The New York Times called Eos “an important force in New York’s musical life”.
James Marcus and Eduardo Braniff
Suzanne Slesin and Michael Steinberg
William H. Wright II and Maureen Brille
Michael Daube, Mario Polumbo, Trent Preszler, and Matthew Kelleher
Phillip Wharton, Daniel Hobs, and Ken Selden
Jonathan Sheffer and Allison Aston
Liz Walker and Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler
Eos Staff
Marcie Pantzer, Candice Postel, and Allison Aston
Susan Penzner
Rosita Sarnoff and Beth Sapery
Allison Aston and Eduardo Braniff
Vanessa Duquesnes
L. to r.: Christina and Alan MacDonald; Jay and Allison Aston, Jordan Pantzer, Marcie Pantzer, Candice Postel, and Geoff Postel.
L. to r.: Jonathan Sheffer and Christopher Barley; Eduardo Braniff, Jonathan Sheffer, Michael Daube; Beth Rudin DeWoody.
Ron Levin and Shelley Fox Aarons MD
Melissa Gellman
Paul Tsigrikes and Tony Hoyt

Photographs by Patrick McMullan/PMc

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50th Anniversary Gala of the JVC Jazz Festival in Newport, hosted by Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby, Nicole Wright, and David Francis
Ron Carter and Quintel Williams
Dave Brubeck
Jamie Cullum
Ron Carter
Donald Carcieri
James Moody
Francis and Patricia Toomey
George Wein and Russell Floyd
Jim and Debbie Egan
Esperanza Spalding and Laura Munich
Alison and Fred Vanderbilt with Julie Burden
Steven and Daniel Addar
Leo and Laura Orsi
Washington Irving and Bunnie Quinn
Ed and Dawn Tick
Vin Cipolla and Celine McDonald
Paul and Diana Crowley
Penelope Savitc and Camille Daqui
Kate, Peter, and Mary Schmidt
James Kiker and Diana Oerhli
Alison and Fred Vanderbilt
Cassandra White and Mary Liz Casey
Cara MacGilvray, Alex Barnes, and Daphne Wang
Lynn and Doug Chabot
Charles Roberts and Rick White
Roger Maris and Robert Clement
Regis and Laura de Ramel with Guillaume and Molly de Ramel
Dave Brubeck
Dan O'Brien and Colleen McGrath
Charles Bourgeois, Leroy Neiman, and George Wein
Rick White with Quintel Williams and friends
Rosemary Pomzo and Edward Ankudavich

Photographs by Brent Jenkins

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer hosted the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2004 Luncheon and Fashion Show
Fiona Rudin and Helen Schifter
Kay Sheils and Allison Belmore
Kelly Bensimon
Fabiola Beracasa
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer
The back garden of Savanna's in Southampton featured a fashion
show showcasing the Dolce & Gabbana fall 2004 collection, while the front of the restaurant was set up to resemble a Dolce & Gabbana boutique for guests such as Neva Anton, Jackie Astier, Debbie Bancroft, Kelly Bensimon, Fabiola Beracasa, Hayley Binn, Tory Burch, Linda Chodorow, Stefanie Cohen, Katlean De Monchy, Lisa Fields, Natalie Gerschel Kaplan, Jamee Gregory, Marjorie Gubelmann Raein, Jackie Harris Hochberg, Robin Heiberger, Caroline Hirsch, Stacy Hochfelder, Julia Koch, Alex Kramer, Simone Levinson, Heather Mnuchin, Tinsley Mortimer, Roxanne Palin, Helen Schifter, Denise Wohl, and Bettina Zilkha.
Jamee Gregory, Caroline Hirsch, and Linda Chodorow
Julia Koch
Nathalie Kaplan and Bettina Zilkha
Ramy Sharp

Photographs by Patrick McMullan/PMc


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